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  1. Thanks for sharing. I don't know why, but seeing various claims has never perturbed me. I've had what I consider a very mild jealousy when I've wished for the experiences the person mentioned.
  2. I live in a neighborhood in Salt Lake City that has a thrift store with a demographic of donors who read and donate more high quality books than I can possibly read.
  3. @ZenAlex I have only watched a handful of her videos. I thought she was weird, but didn't bother articulating it as well as you did. Doesn't she claim to be an alien?
  4. Listen to this:
  5. @fridjonk I left these out when considering my list. I completely get the car, the tractor, and the building.
  6. The movie "Contact." Rumi Leo's video "What is Art?" Marina Abramovic Robert Smithson for adding his touch to my favorite location in Utah, where I live. This Guy Stevo
  7. I listened to the video on Sunday. That book came to mind and I resolved to visit the forum to see if anyone had mentioned that book. It is neat to see the synchronicity of seeing this mention of it.
  8. Thanks for that insight on The Curch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I was a member from about ages 21 to 42. I had never encountered such an idea. Brilliant! As my understanding grows, I keep seeing things that are taking me full circle. I also consider that it is very possible that there are preachings and teachings that I (and 99% of followers may still yet have to grasp. I used to see zero value in their books, but now when I see one in the thrift store I think, "that isn't for me. I know of scores of other books that have so much more to offer me now." My journey out began with hatred and enmity and now I just see so many examples of all my old criticism being untenable. Many of that organization's actions and the actions of the believers aren't something I want to associate with anymore, but man, they're just tryin! Sort of like I am.
  9. Glad to have become acquainted with this video. Thanks.
  10. As far as mood is concerned, I've been at a 1 to 3 for the past 4 years. The degree to which I project I have the potential to be fulfilled is 1-4. The degree to which my experience is measuring up to my expectations is 1-3. I spend at least a minute most days at a 9 or 10. I sometimes think suffering is underrated. I was at a 3 when I read this but am now at a 3.1 since I was able to tell someone.
  11. What Is The Devil? and All Criticism Is Untenable.
  12. It mostly doesn't work for me on podbean for android.
  13. I've lost so much of my mind that I can't tell if the Maarten intended irony or not. Had it been posted on April 1st I would have been certain that was indeed ironic and that Maarten has lost as much of their mind as I have.
  14. A few of mine: Barry Long, Rupert Spira, Alan Watts, Jeff Foster, Master Chief Eligio The Christ, Sadhguru.