How to go about most efficiently healing all your traumas from your body.

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I am realising and being conscious of  how traumas which I had in my Childhood (not going into details) , they effect my quality of my life on day to day basis and hence my efficiency to achieve my goals, I am on my path  to master my charisma, workethics, sales skills( i am in sales) , leadership, my relationship building skills and i am realizing that my traumas are becoming a bottle neck .


When I am in a low mood I can feel that limiting trauma energy in me,

What is the most efficient way or path to become a person free of trauma?

Is it even possible to rid your nervous system entirely of all traumas?

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I am working on that as well. A cold shower every morning helps, meditation as well. Asking your self when in pain, 'Who's this I who feels this pain?' Just compassionate observance. Check out Gabor Mate. He has good lectures on YouTube and good books. 'In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts - close encounters with addiction' is more to this subject.

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Check out the "Completion Process" by Teal Swan. It's a process described in one of her books, but she made a video on it, it should be enough. The process is tough, but it's one of the best solution I found if:

  • you don't mind heavy sessions (I do it almost daily, so you could do it if you want)
  • you can't/don't want to use psychedelics (psychedelics are more powerful, this is what I read in the forum)
  • you want fast results (during one session, at the beginning of my journey with this process, I "resolved" a trauma and the day after my way of feeling in my body changed drastically. So you can see results overnight if you do the exact steps. At least this is what happened to me)
  • you want to go to the root of the problem

There still are some cons:

  • Like I said previously, it's tough, it's physically and mentally exhausting
  • If you want to get rid of all the trauma, you should do it various times, but it's up to you to decide how much to do it
  • It's a bottom-up approach (it means you work with the emotions in your body), and it should be integrated with a top-down approach (therapy, psychologist, ecc.)
  • One session could take more than 30 minutes, it depends on your wounds. Personally, when one session take too much time, I stop it and restart from there during the next session.

This tool is powerful but it's not perfect. And as Teal Swan said in one video, a trauma occurred in a relationship should be healed in a relationship. This means that for some wounds you may want to heal with friends or partners. How? Setting boundaries, expressing your emotions freely, being vulnerable enough to accept the love you receive, ecc.

This is the process I use the most. However there are more tools out there, and I invite you warmly to learn by yourself, and to study books and videos. You can use the tools that fit you the most. So what do you do?

  • Use the search function in the forum and type "healing". You can find some valuable info.
  • Practice meditation and/or Body Scans.
  • Holotropic breathwork is a practice that can be as powerful as some psychedelics, and you only use your breath.
  • Kriya Yoga (well, yoga in general, but Kriya is more powerful as Leo said) is said to remove emotional blockages.

I read these books:

  • The Dark Side Of Light Chasers - Debbie Ford

  • Invincible: The 10 Lies You Learn Growing Up With Domestic Violence - Brian Martin, 2014

  • Emotional Blackmail - Susan Forward, Donna Frazier

You can type on Google "Best books on healing" and read some of them. If you can't/don't want to buy them but still you want to read them, use

Finally, there was a post some time ago. A post about various methods of healing. It was on this forum. But I can't find it anymore. Fortunately, I copied the text, but I don't remember the user that wrote it. Here's it.


Total and absolute self-love. 

This should be done on two levels.
1. You create something I like to call Meta acceptance. That means total and absolute acceptance of yourself in all situations. Practically this means, that whenever you are feeling down, you can accept yourself without judgement, whenever you screw up, you choose to accept yourself, but that doesn't end there. If you screw up, and beat yourself up, you choose to accept your beating yourself up! See why "meta"?
The self-acceptance chain runs a little like this:
You find yourself in a emotionally disturbed state. Your thoughts are among the lines of "I am not good enough". >> "Oh stop, don't think of yourself like that!".
The way you apply meta acceptance is - First accept the thought of "Oh stop, don't think of yourself like that". (If you want something a little tangible for acceptance you can mentally hug the thought.), and once that thought is dealt with, you move onto the other thought of I am not good enough. And you accept that.
2. Acceptance of your body and feelings. - Leo's visualisation works perfectly for this stage of self-love.
Basically what needs to happen is the activation of your heart-center and then spreading the "love feeling" to the rest of your body. 


Hammer it down with a visualization!

Healing is in essence an inaccurate concept. There is nothing wrong with the "unhealed" one. When you decide to take up on healing, you are choosing a different perception, different quality and embodiment of life, and different energetical configuration of your being. It is not better, nor worse, that is why we choose our suffering, as well as we choose our bliss. We choose healing because DAMN IT FEELS GOOD! (And from that standpoint only you can make an argument that the "healed" state is a better one, because it is in the direction of your intuition, which is nothing else but following what feels good).
So every day, you choose to step more into the reality of a better feeling energetical state. Into the blissfulness of being.

Let's assume that there is such you that is fully healed, fully recovered, fully on the bliss side of the emotional spectrum. The you that is passionate, alive, joyful, fearless.
How exactly does the embodiment of these qualities (or any other of your choice) feel?
How does it feel in your body? What kinds of thoughts are you having? What kinds of people do you hang out with? What is your financial situation? What is your family and relationship situation? What does it look like when you communicate with others? What kind of job, or what kind of person are you in a job? How assertive are you? How responsible and sensitive are you? And so on...

Use the miracle that is your imagination, visualize that you are already embodying every single quality you desire to embody. Imagine that you are blissful, joyful and peaceful. 
Every single day, whenever you remember, just imagine this YOU! This YOU that you know you came here to be, and imagine that you are ALREADY living that paradigm.
This allows you to stay motivated, make it number one priority, and will have a healing effect within of itself. 
And through the visualization - Allow yourself to raise your standards. Give yourself permission, that you truly deserve to feel amazing. You truly deserve to have an amazing life, you truly deserve to be the one you know you came here to be.


Pranic breathing/visualization

An exercise to be used whenever you feel an emotional trigger in your body. This usually happens in the stomach and abdomen area, but not exclusively.
1. Close your eyes, and make yourself aware of all the feelings in your body. Identify everything you choose to work on in the moment, anything unpleasant or limiting.
2. On a count of 6, take a deep breath INTO YOUR TUMMY!!!!!! while visualizing All the emotions rising up!
3. On a count of 6, hold onto everything you have been meaning to rise up while holding your breath.
4. On a count of 6, breathe out, while letting go of everything you have been holding onto. Then hold your breath for 3 seconds, and breathe normally for a little while (doesn't need to be more than 2-3 breaths).
5. Repeat the whole process until it feels redundant. I highly recommend doing this practice daily.
Sidenote: It helps if you calm your mind before the exercise through any means you find fit. 


The Wim-Hof Breathing technique

This is for an advanced stage of already initiated healing. I do not recommend this exercise for the initiation of the healing process. If you feel that it resonates with you and fits your needs, then by all means use it any time you deem appropriate.
1. Breathe in the full capacity of your lungs, and breathe out instantly. Repeat the whole process 25-30 times, until your head feels a little dizzy.
2. Breathe out your last breath from the previous step and hold your breath for as long as it feels comfortable.
3. Go back to n.1 and do the whole cycle again. Repeat for at least 3-5 times. 



This is a very simple but crucial part. Get yourself into a habit of making choices based on what feels good in your body, and you can turn your whole life into healing, making the process much quicker, and more intuitive.

IN ex. you wake up, you do your morning routine, and you don't know what to do next. Move your awareness into your body, and ask yourself "what would feel the best to do next?". There might be answers such as drink a glass of water, have sex, go for a walk, masturbate, go socialize, etc.

This can at times get tricky, and that is when we are presented between a dilemma of Egoic vs. Authentic choice. Imagine that you are in a restaurant, and you can either choose to eat a cake or a salad. Now there are instances, where eating the cake would actually be an authentic choice. It is completely fine. But let's say you are trying to shed some weight, and naturally eating a cake would feel good! Right?! Well Then follow this principle. Will it also feel good 5-30 minutes after I made the choice? (eaten the cake..),



How to deal with negative/lack beliefs

First a quick guide to make yourself aware of your limiting beliefs - Let's say there is something that disturbs you. Maybe your spouse doesn't text back and you feel bad about it. So you calm your body and mind, and start enquiring within. 

Why am I feeling bad about this?

>> It feels like they don't love me.

If that is true, why is that so bad?

>> Because with no love my life is meaningless.

If that is true why is that so bad?

>> Because that would mean I am not good enough.

If that is true why is it so bad?

>> I am not good enough


This was just an illustration, your enquiring process will probably be much longer and have perhaps several dozens of questions, you might check out Katie Byron's process that she calls The Work.

So you've got this belief that you perceive as limiting, and decided to do something about it. Great!!! ADMIT DEFEAT.

You cannot win over a belief in your subconscious from the stand-point of This is not true! I will fight this! Because in essence, your subconscious has so much more power than your conscious mind. You can't override it with brute force. So admit defeat. The belief is there. You do not believe you are good enough.

After admitting the defeat there should be (there may be exceptions so don't take this as a rule or confirmation of "I am doing it right") a sense of relief. Because you have been running from this belief your entire life, trying to prove it wrong. But now, when you admit defeat, there is no longer the need to accomplish anything in order to escape from the belief. There is acceptance. There is a little more peace.


Now when you are aware of your thought of "I am not good enough", trace the thought back into your body. Close your eyes, and follow the trail of your emotions. How does that thought make you feel? What are the underlying emotions behind this belief? This might take a while to take an effect, but sooner or later, you should arrive at an emotion that can be worked with.

AND THAT is when your breathing exercises kick in.


What should follow is a lot of release of unconscious emotions. Your most cathartic moments are the ones when you are overwhelmed with emotions. 

 List of cathartic actions/events/situations

Journaling and writing down thoughts in free association

Tingeling or weird sensations in the body

Speaking in tongues



outbursts of anger

panic attacks

unexplainable fear

obsessive thinking

unvolutary body movements

strong urges (such as you have a strong urge to do something, or bark, or run,...)



hyper horniness

hyper sensitivity

feelings of love

feelings of resentment

feeligns of disgust

feelings of victimhood


feeling sick

feelings of stiffness

and many many more :o)







The belief in lack is the source of all suffering.

- Bentinho Massaro


What do you make of this one?

The belief in lack is the cause of all suffering.

Is that clear? Like... do you understand how deep this goes?

When you are born, you don't really believe in that much of lack do you?

You prolly don't believe that you lack money as a kiddo. You probably don't believe that you lack sex, or that you lack comfort (ok debatable). But surely not as many things as you seem to be lacking now.

Desire is the driving force behind all action. Without desire the universe would literally could not exist. What's the problem then?

Lack based desire vs. Inspiration based desire.

All of suffering is an illusion, because it is based on lack. Which IS an illusion. You can never truly lack anything.

If lack were real, happiness would not be a possible state of mind. I can prove this to you! Lack is truly an extremely illusory state of consciousness.


Right now, 

as you are sitting behind your computer screen!

Are you lacking a big shiny red apple in your hand?!


But it is not there? (unless this is a fucking huge coincidence in which case I'm highfiving you)

So how can you not lack it? If it is NOT THERE!

Well you don't... probably. You are not in a "state of lack of the big red shiny apple" that would be driving you crazy.


So how come you can lack anything else? Like money? Or love? Or anything what so ever?

Can you see the illusory state of mind?

Lack cannot possibly rationally ultimately exist. 


Desire is OK!

There is nothing bad/wrong/untrue about desire. The trick comes in distinguishing lack based desires and inspiration desires. 

To be fair, as of now, most of your desires are probably going to be lack-based. And that is fine. It is a great tool for growth and healing.


How to exploit desires for growth

1. Every time you feel bad about a situation, ask yourself "What must I believe that I lack right now?"

And realize that it is a one big lie. You cannot lack anything. And even if you did lack something, wouldn't the most logical thing to do be just straight up getting the thing you think you lack? Instead of reminiscing and feeling bad about it?

Find out what you perceive you lack (let's use the example of companionship)

"I believe I lack companionship."

If it were true, that I truly lack companionship, what would be the most logical course of action?

>> Go out and talk to people

Ok great why don't you do it?

Looads of self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviours probably will kick in.

>> I don't wanna go out, people don't like me, I am shy, I am introverted, I can't make friends, I don't know anyone, I am a loser etc.

See how the perceived lack was what created the suffering? It wasn't the desire itself. It was the belief that you lack companionship.

2. Every time you desire something, even when it is based on lack, follow it. Do NOT SUPPRESS YOUR DESIRES. That will truly result only in self-sabotaging and self destructive behaviours that will lead to more emotional issues down the road.

Every time we desire, we don't in actuality desire the object of our desire. We desire the feeling of having the object.

If I want a car, I don't actually want that car. What I truly on a deeper level want, is a state of freedom, or worthiness, or security,...

Can you activate that feeling of already having that car within your being, WITHOUT actually having the car?

Yes you can!

Visualize, breath-work, mindfulness, breath-work. 

What does it feel like to have that car? What are the sensations in my body?

What kinds of thoughts are coming up now when I have it?

What is between me, and the feeling of having the car?

Is it the feeling of "I am not good enough"? Or the thought of "I am not worthy"?


Once you arrive at a conclusion, healing can start, lack can be purified, and desire will be used to it's maximum to grow you, and to teach you your lesson.


side note: You can motivate yourself through realizing that once you get yourself into a state of mind where you "already have that thing you desire" without lacking it, it will be SO MUCH MORE EASIER EFFORTLESS AND FLOWING to get that thing in the external reality, that it really doesn't make any sense at all to keep believing in lack.



Using your imagination

This is my favorite part. Healing your inner child through imagination. This is where you can go nuts and fucking sky is the limit. This is the fun shit!

And a very very easy principle so listen up.

Every time you manage to tune into your inner child to feel some of its emotional needs, visualize whatever comes to mind to fulfill those needs, and build yourself a world in your head of people and circumstances that are absolutely ridiculously amazing.


Bathing yourself in light and love

Creating whatever guardian figure to hold you (or your inner child, depending whether you choose a separate perspective or not. (I used to use Obama a lot =D)

Being in beautiful places

Being praised by everyone

Being cheered on by everyone

Drinking healing water 

Releasing your emotions as demons from your body

Conversations with people who have hurt you in the past with the intention of closure or forgiveness

and again... go nuts, sky is the limit <3

Been on the healing journey for 5 committed years: traumas, deep wounds, negative beliefs, emotional blockages, internal fragmentation, blocked chakras, tight muscles, deep tensions, dysfunctional relationship dynamics. --> Check out my posts for info on how to heal:


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However I'm still healing, and I'm still having a hard time at healig my root chakra.

......I forgot to mention: learn about chakras

Been on the healing journey for 5 committed years: traumas, deep wounds, negative beliefs, emotional blockages, internal fragmentation, blocked chakras, tight muscles, deep tensions, dysfunctional relationship dynamics. --> Check out my posts for info on how to heal:


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6 hours ago, Leonora said:


Have you seen this:



nope , thanks I'll see it.


Thanks guys really happy to see others on the same transformative path  I'll go through all of the recommendations you have mentioned and get back here.

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Write about it in details. Can be on paper or laptop. 

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