is there a right time to heal?

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hi guys, is there a right time to heal or should one heal as soon as possible? i feel myself getting pulled into victim mindset and feel like i shouldnt heal because god will punish me for healing myself or that its not the right time to heal. i feel like im in a bubble and just cant seem to get out of it. i believe im in stage blue of the spiral dynamics thing because of a sudden i feel like i i need to suffer or i cant be healed because im just not supposed to heal just yet....but i really want to because i want to contribute to the world and help man kind and do what i love....it makes me really happy just thinking about it. will god punish me if i heal or is that just a stage blue thing? i believe the kingdom of god is within so it means heaven is a mind state and im currently living in hell because im in a victim mindset and it feel real my thought because i dont really challenge them. so what should i do? im voting for healing....i just need you guys support?

im thinking of doing the liver and gallbladder flush.

im being really open here guys and just putting it all out there because i dont want to live in fear of something bad happening to me instead i want to take full responsibility and want to be open to the world and experience the wourld im feeling like its the right move as soon as im typing this out....holding things in just suppresses it and it even makes it feel bad.

okay thanks for reading guys i appreciate it all and would like to hear your responses! and even hear if you healed yourself from any diseases?

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23 hours ago, daniel695 said:

i feel like i i need to suffer or i cant be healed because im just not supposed to heal just yet

I’d ask myself “Why is that?” or “What makes you think/feel like that?” If you want to get rid of that feeling, you need to find the source. It’s much easier to fix it when you exactly know what’s going on in you mind.

And it’s great that you still decided to heal, the earlier you start, the earlier you can get on with your life and enjoy it. :)

I have an opinion on everything :D

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I've had a very similar experiences before. I'm starting to come out of this way of thinking... know two things. 1 It's a way of thinking and 2 you are always able to, allowed to and gifted the ability to heal no matter what you've done, what's been done to you, some combination of the two, whatever! Everyone is able to rise above and have peace and creation in their life. All that negative thought patterns, delusions, etc isn't you. It may come counterintuitively, facing the feelings and fear and take giving yourself forgiveness and learning from what happened and making changes in your life in the present moment so you can start following your good feelings/qualities to take you up. Take responsibility for what you consciously can and gently turn the pain into peace. Never forget to breathe and always gently move yourself to the present moment. Having a journal helps as well. You can write anything you want and feel totally safe in doing so. You can burn anything you write down after if it is something you don't want others reading because sometimes looking under that car hood of life can bring up some painful stuff. From there start feeling how you feel and not letting it pollute your thoughts and accepting everything as it is in the now. 

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