How to become a sex god (request)

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38 minutes ago, Naled said:

Oh my God, i'm new on this forum and I can already see some gold here...

Thanks for this magnificiant answer. I thought it was a man but looked your Youtube channel and see that you're a woman haha!

So for me also, I think being TRUYLY PRESENT is so attractive. If you read many material on internet, lot of stuff go the same way : presence.

Being present means you're not in your ego, you just are... no thoughts going on, just looking deeply in her eyes.

If you feel insecure, you cannot be present, thought of inferiority etc... of not being worthy of her etc...

It's a lot of work but once you feel comfortable around women or people in general, you WILL BE present.

I can be a combination of several work, meditation, spirituality, letting go of your limiting beliefs, energy blocks, changing your worldview, nofap, stop looking at porn, which for me, got me results.

Great, I agree with you.

Welcome to the forum by the way.

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Association with the wise is the root cause for obliterating all misery. -  Tripura Rahasya

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I mostly agree with everything above, especially Shin's post

I'll add that doing yoga or any other practice whose point is to raise your feeling-awarness\energetic body is good for sex

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On 6/28/2019 at 6:14 AM, Shin said:

The most important part is not a technique, it's your state of mind.

If you're not needy (internally) with women, if you are not addicted to masturbation/ejaculation and if you have a sense of purpose/direction in your life
Then you can become a sex god, otherwise it really isn't possible, because a woman get most of her satisfaction from his mind, not her body.
They want to be penetrated by Shiva, the embodiment of genuine masculinity in this world
Not some random dude who has no drive and personality.

Of course you could, in theory be a sex God just by being technically amazing, but even if you do manage to do that, it will feel forced, because a technique is a technique, it's by definition forced and not genuine.
If it's forced, then you won't enjoy it as much as you could, and you won't be able to give as much pleasure as she could receive if you were a full grown man.

So my advice would be to not focus on becoming a sex god, but to become Shiva
Not only this will make your life amazing in general, but this is the only way to actually become a sex God.
Otherwise you'll have to force yourself all the time, when you actually have better things to do to grow as a man.

Love that book!

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Surprisingly a book called "The Sex God method" is the best there is on this topic. Basically there are 4 things that are necessary for mindblowing sex. 1. Domination (or submission, to feed the polarity) 2. Emotion 3. Variance 4. Immersion

Every perspective has at least a piece of the truth in it.

No one is capable of being 100% wrong.


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