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  1. Hey guys, How to become a sex god? If you know, please answer my questions about exercissesor eductainal recources or any of that kind in the subject. Thank you very much
  2. BUT have you gotten into Sadhguru? he says that it is a common misconzeption that rest equals sleep. so therefore he says its even possible to just sleep 2h a day ( not talking about polyphastic sleepin). what he says to have done for many years
  3. Hey guys, Im planning a solo retreat. 5,7 or 10 days. Do you know anything that is helpful in preparation? Thank you very much
  4. Hey guys, do you have any experiances with out of body experiances. Please share how you did it, im curious
  5. I want to start to dream lucidly. Any recources, special plants or techniques you can share ?
  6. Hey guys, Do you have any experiances with a raw food diet? What is the main focus, benefits and peticular foods? Thanks
  7. Wow, thanks. What are the fundamentals of your diets? Any experiances?
  8. Hey guys, I'm curious what health hacks or unconvential methods are you aware of? ( such as coldshowers, NoFap, intermittent fasting or superbeneficial foods etc.)
  9. Buy "Rules of the Game"by Niel Strauss. It contains a 30 day period of daily challenges.