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  1. Hey, All sincere love to you. Dont beat yourself up too much. in all thruth nobody truly knows what they are doing but rather gives you this imagine. (some of your friends might have thought: Oh, shit, He got it figured out, he wants to be a teacher. What am I doing with my life?) With all respect in this stage in life it is either about growing your character and getting tougher OR learning more to be able to give more value to the world and hey dont suffer from the Messiah complex. You dont need to have a big vision for knowing it all. P.S. I live in the netherlands too (Tilburg) I would love to meet up with you. Send me a message as soon as you read this.
  2. Thx, I saw these already but they are only masters programs. Would that mean that for undergraduate/bachelor they are most basic so therefore hard to determine wheter actually applicable to this specific kind of question about a course ?
  3. What is in your opinion most meaningfull to pursue in life? In this era? What is most neccesary to be worked on? For black people back in the dark ages of slavery, mating luther king found his purpose. And what is it nowdays in your opinion. Something that holds the most meaning to our era from your perspective?
  4. Hey Guys, I am taking a Gap-year from school to start Uni next year. Do you have recommendations of what meaningful to pursue. I am seeking advice as to how simply the year in a meaningfull sense
  5. Hey Guys, I am wondering wheter you know of university programs that delve into high-conciousness material with a new approach to learning. Area of study should be more adequat to life and not just academia. Things that hold validity, and are not just a huge abstract concept of thought history. Any help would be great, thx
  6. You have a victim mindset and all these responses are all just feeding your ego. Dont fucking think about what your life purpose is, just do something. Go out of that freaking state of thinking. Thinking, thinking, thinking. What have you actually done? You are not at the stage where nothing is interesting any more, that stage fucking exist. You misinterpret what is actually meant. It is your ego that tells you you dont want these things because you are so spiritually evolved because all these things are fucking hard to achieve. Dont think, just take the route most likely in your interest and go. Thinking and reflecting is a luxurious problem to have and is a manifestation your ego to stay where you are and not get into the unknown. Ego seeks comfort and you have comfort in your mind space. Eat shit and dont be a pussy.
  7. Many claims can be made that what this article says and what you take from it are both highly diverse. In fact there are many details left out that imply your direct interpretation of the facts. I. E. The death of the child might not have been due to a conscious raw vegan diet but rather because the parents left out neccesary ingredients which could have also been included into a raw vegan diet. Please reflect more consciously on threads you create since this one does not indicate the actual fact that a raw vegan diet is wrong but rather one comes to.the conclusion that the parents left out neccesary parts for the newborn which could have been substituted in a raw vegan diet.
  8. @SirVladimir that is great. I see it now from a slightly different perspective than I did when I wrote this comment. It doesn't matter wheter this is your most authentic voice. Just do it, give it a try and gain new skills. In thruth nobody you ever heard of who pursued his life purpose and created something knew there were creating this at the time. They only connected the dots looking backwards.
  9. Hey Guys, I am finding myself in a rather difficult situation. I dropped out of University last month, disillusioned by the workload and uncertain what the purpose of me learning this would be. I wasnt too sure about my life purpose and figured it would be best to simply follow a course which would allow me to explore more deeply what it is that I am there to create. And jet as if my situation would not be enough, I fell in love with a women 9 years older than me. She lives in England and works as a Lawyer. I am in Germany. I still need to figure out in what field I can get into. She wants to commit to me and jet i fell like i there is nothing i can really give to her. So if you were so kind to give me some advice how to handle this situation that would be very great. How to explore new fields of work And how to make it work with this women I love so much
  10. @DivineSoda i share your interests. do you have a recourse for the 10 week course you did? and how it went for you and how much it did cost? Thanks
  11. Looks great. What about another interest of yours that can be mixed with caligraphy? That would be a great way to find a field of mastery + niche
  12. @Dimi for free you mean the course or the place to stay? Thanks by the way for making the effort
  13. Hey guys; I wanted to hear your opinion on what the world needs most (of course only your personal perception and thought) and what actions for me or for the world would still matter 100 years from now.
  14. Very interesting. I think the hardest part to jet figure out is how much this is your deepest authentic purpose. I view it as the most authentic thing inside of you. Maybe that is enlightening others maybe it is not. In truth I see too many examples of people doing the LP and grasping on the first thing that comes to their mind (focus on in their thoughts) so you see a lot of examples like: i want to become like Leo/ I want to do what Leo does. Fact is that this might not be your authentic higher self but rather you ego-mind grasping on the first simplest thing. And for example the idea of teaching and enlightening people might simply come from the state of an ego idea which suits its own survial in predicting its own future. What i mean by this is, you sure have to pursue truth but maybe you dont have to give value to the world by "standing on stage" and being admirred by people. In the end it just boils down to how much of this is your deepest authentic purpose, that what your heart tells you. And at the same time dont confuse your heart vioce with the voice of your ego. Maybe your Ego Survival Mechanism does not correspond with your hear voice but it sure as hell can go the other way. Dont be fooled by this. Hope this add something in your reflections.
  15. You purpose is your mission which is your search for your purpose and that will go on as long as you will live. You have learned so many things and you know what you do not want. There is something coming and it is very close.