Turning youtube into a monastery.

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Yesterday, I was distracted by youtube, and I turned youtube into a monastery. If it's out of vision, it goes out of mind.

This is my youtube home. All videos are hidden.


This is a youtube channel. All youtube video lists are hidden.


This is a youtube video. You can see that the comments are collapsed into one line called "SHOW MORE" and there is no suggested video.


I achieved this with ImprovedTube and uBlock Origin

  • ImprovedTube extension
    • Appearance -> Sidebar -> Related videos = Hidden
    • Appearance -> Comments = Collapsed
  • uBlock Origin
    • Options -> My filters (This contains cosmetic filters that hide UI elements on web pages.)

      ! Hide annoying "more videos" section in embedded youtube videos


    • You can show UI elements temporarily by disabling cosmetic filtering in uBlock Origin.
      I personally never need to see lists of videos on youtube home page.

  • uMatrix // This adds another layer of protection

    • umatrix-youtube.png
      I can temporarily unblock youtube by clicking the upper half of "1st-party" twice.

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9 hours ago, SunnyNewDay said:

Interesting. So this is to block recommendations and distractions?

The purpose is to hide suggested videos. I only temporarily display video lists in youtube channels because I sometimes need to.

Video lists on youtube home page and youtube videos are traps.

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so we should be searching for our videos instead of just going by recommendation. the recommendation are based on the population and mass of people who watch reandom video and dont have the same purpose as you thats why its best to search for your videos.i dont understand what all the pictures meant but be conscious about what you search! or watch! search for your videos to be more affective at finding out what you really want to watch its like asking yourself questions instead of just listening to memory or mental chatter.

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