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How true is this statement: "How you do anything, is how you do everything" ?

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HI, I have seen this statement :  "How you do anything, is how you do everything" ? 

Use a lot recently in personal development.

However, I personally find it conflicting with the Idea from the book - THe One Thing by Gary Keller. He talks about counter-balancing and that we should focus on doing only few - just ONE thing with excellence. Rest we have to try to balance.

Even Robin Sharma talks about focusing on the "Major rocks" and letting other things take less priority.

For example - Some rockstars are amazing musicians/singers but there health is crap or there relationships are very bad. I feel it's not necesary to do do all things with Excellence.

I hate cleaning and cooking. SO, I have hired a cook and cleaner do that for me. So, this statment confuses me even more.

Any thoughts are welcome.



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@Rohit N

For me personally, excellence is only important in terms of making a living.

I have to be excellent at my job because it's essential for my survival. Same thing goes with health and relationships. Other trivial things have less impact on my life, so I don't waste my time and effort on perfecting them.

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The excellence of the depressed but technically proficient rockstar is one-dimensional and relative.

It's fine to hire people to do tasks you don't like.

I think the statement refers to things like observable tendencies that transfer across activities and levels of self-awareness or consciousness.



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On 6/21/2019 at 2:18 AM, Rohit N said:

"How you do anything, is how you do everything"

It’s a phrase pointing at deeply discovering one’s character, intentions, and behaviors & their relationship to one’s life experience. Life is created of these, completely, by each one of us. “Objective material reality” is so very convincing, that we unfortunately miss this entirely.  It aims to cut the monkey mind concerns of ‘how I’m seen’, ‘what people think of me’, to transcend some penny suffering with intense emotional intelligence & awareness. The rising above the thin life of pleasing others and pleasing an idea of one’s self. The phrase “what you do when no one is looking, speaks volumes” comes to mind, and then putting the true self, and expression of love and authentic honesty, in all you do. 

More deeply still, there is literally no difference between anything and everything, one thing experienced and all things experienced. In truth, you appear as anything, and you appear as everything. Within the forgetting, the dreaming, the appearing -  your vision, mentality & attitude create your life experience. 

One goes to a party in hopes of having some fun and connecting. While another knows there is no fun in a party, I bring the fun - I am the creator of experience.  Infuse that into your life, take this experience into your own hands, and you bring that into anything & everything you do. It becomes the life, and the experience returns it to you, because you were never separate to begin with.



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@Rohit N I've heard the same statement used often in personal development as well and I can agree with it. Although, I find it to be true only in certain contexts. For example, how you treat people is generally how you tend to treat everyone else. Or how you handle certain situations is generally how you would handle every other situation. But of course you mentioned that this statement is conflicting with another idea, in which that idea seems agreeable as well. In your personal development journey, you will end up finding that many ideas are partially true and that they often conflict with another. Its because many ideas come only from a certain perspective.

Although, we can't just say that this statement is false or conflicting, there are other things to take into consideration. Such as time, likes & dislikes, and skill. In the example of amazing musicians and treating their health like crap, there's a possibility that they've allocated all their time into their music, that they have no time at all to work on their health. So we can't say that just because this person is a good musician, it means he's also a fitness expert. No its because he's put so much time into his music since 10 years old, and he's reached a point where his music becomes second nature. A point where he doesn't even have to try. If he's at a point where he doesn't have to try with his music, then maybe the statement is true in this case and he does the same with his health.

You mentioned you hate cleaning and cooking so you hired someone else to do it for you. I'm going to assume that you're excellent at certain things, but not cleaning and cooking which is why you're probably asking this question. There are several possibilities here. You don't have the time to work on cleaning and cooking, you already put all your time into other skills, and/or you just don't like cleaning and cooking. Obviously we can't take the statement, "How you do everything is how you do anything" to the extreme. Just because you're a great programmer or an NBA basketball player, doesn't mean you'll treat cooking, cleaning, and everything else in the entire world the same way, that's just not how life works. There's only a limited amount of time to work on certain things, and your attitude towards your favorite thing in the world won't be consistent with everything else.

There's also the idea that we as humans have an inclination to take the path of least resistance. In the musician example, let's say the musician loves music and its easy for him, so in this case he's still taking the path of least resistance. But when it comes to health, working on your health is something that is difficult for most people. Let's say this musician has never been healthy before, so he would rather just take the path of least resistance and sit on the couch than to care of his health. In your situation with cooking and cleaning, you hired someone else to do it for you so there you go, you took the path of least resistance.


"Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death." - Albert Einstein


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On 6/21/2019 at 2:20 PM, possibilities said:

Very black and white.

Totally agree. I see partial truth in both statements.

If you are a thorough and careful person, it usually shows up in most of the things you do. If you do things in a rushed way, you usually do everything like that.

About The One Thing, I see it like having a purpose in life and that's good. But you have to take into account, that to excel on that One Thing, you usually have to take care at least a bit of other things like health, relationships, money, etc... because they can hold you back. Bad health and lack of money is pretty obvious how can it hold you back. Relationships could be not that obvious, but a bad marriage can ruin your life, and most careers need good connections to raise to the top.

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