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Let my ego get the better of me today, and boasted about touching nothingness

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@Aakash Without boasting, we wouldn’t know what humbleness is. So there is a lot to thank boasting for, it is a gift, like all of life.

Out of all odds, you are alive right now as a human, with an ego. Only humans judge their egos, but does a bird judge? Or a tree? Or whomever created you and the universe?

You are unconditionally loved just the way you are, if you weren’t, you wouldn’t exist. So learn to see all things as they are, blessings in disguise. The ego is a gift because it teaches us how to accept and eventually love those parts of ourselves (and thus, those parts of the world) that we didn’t before. We learn to hold space for our ego to express itself, knowing that all the ego wants is to be accepted, understood and embraced just as it is. The ego just wants to be loved. 

Love always is. Love is always flowing through you, out into this world. The mind has captivated us, that’s why we don’t feel it, and the more we judge our thoughts or emotions, the more we stay in the mind. If we can’t feel the love in our hearts or the space of consciousness we are, then watch your breathe as it moves your chest in and out, that expands your lungs, and know that the perfect peace the breathe has represented, is who you are. The mind needs to be transcended to truly be unattached to those patterns of thoughts such as boasting in you (which is an expression of love in disguise) , to truly love and accept those patterns, and this is the way to do it, to feel your breathe until you become the peace that you’ve always been, and all has always been. 


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Feel your hearts embrace of this moment of existence, and your love will awaken in everything you perceive ❤️ 

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