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Poetry about Enlightenment

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A fish in the sea, a fish in the sea.

What do I see?

Could water and coral be me?

Through knowing it seems to just leave

What an ease to relieve a belief.

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i was looking for myself

atop mountains and in valleys

i searched every inch, all pixels of reality

then it struck my like a lightening bolt

brought me to my senses with an electrical bolt

ohm it screamed, no resistance to the volt - no revolt 

i opened my eyes and found myself, never to lose or forget

i realized that I could not remember because I never ever forgot

Love Is The Answer

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Enlightenment! The experience of all experience!

Advaita! Of everything, it is the substance.

But alas! Here i am, posting poetry

Instead of engaging in self inquiry.

Enlightened master by day, deluded pig by night; many such paradox in the spiritual trite

Still, I dream about being Batman on Sundays, when the soul goes through the dark night.

That guru says this, this guru says that

Meanwhile, I am a little bunny jumping from hat to hat.

Like within the jaws of the ferocious lion, its prey gets devoured

Passing my time idly, knowing my days are numbered.

- God disguised as deluded fool, 2k19



Edited by Preetom

''Not this...

Not this...

PLEASE...Not this...''

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Reminds me of something I read those days.


The One.

All this is me.

Fathom I mislaid

this most precious jewel,

and forgot,

my Soul is

forever free —


When I think toward a time 

when I was not,

the mind melts.

When I move within the place

that once contained me,

the body passes through.


My ears are all hearing,

yet I hear silences sing in unison.

My vision is unobscured,

still I see nothing.


Now lost in knowing,

too wise for wisdom,

too holy to pray.

I realize I am again 

the no-thing.


That mad, merciless


And finally, at once,

the nothing,

is utterly me.


So hold my hand,

I shall take you nowhere.

Trace my steps,

I shall lead you toward emptiness.

Listen to my words,

I shall speak in silence.


I sing a freedom song.

I walk a victory march.

I dance naked,

and enter the void.


Follow me—

"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." Shakespeare


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i am no poet

i am nobody

i don't have a will and I have no hobby

i am no human

i am no mind

i am not hidden but cannot be found

try and seek me, you keep spinning around

in circles and loops, hollow and true

you think you coming for me but I AM coming for you

Love Is The Answer

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