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Could your reaction or experiences on psychedelics reveal the most ideal path to awakening to you?

What I mean is that when I do Magic truffels, which I've done for about 5-6 times by now, I always experience kundalini symptoms: energy moving up through my body, snake-like body movements, awareness of the chakras,  heavy shaking, spontaneous deep breathing and mudra's that happen perfectly symmetrical. After these things happened, the insights start pouring in.

I can imagine that some people experience this as well and others are sitting completely still when doing psychedelics.

Could this be revealing what the most ideal path to awakening is for you? Like Yoga vs. mindfulness/regular meditation? Or which could be more "successful" for an individual? 

Hopes this makes sense

Thanks guys



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@Raf_vd i was actually going to make a post about Kundalini..which i call Being.

That feeling..and it is so blissful..that is the start of the collapse of the ego into Being.

It has to become so strong that it overwhelms the ego.  So most of the time it never gets that strong but just to have the chakras open in you is huge.    Because when awakening happens it will come on spontaneously out of nowhere.  

 So any technique that can stimulate Kundalini or Being for you is what you should do.  Everyone is different.  Love can bring it on too.  If you have music that you love listening to that while meditating can be very powerful.  


We must not cease from exploration and at the end of all our exploring will be to arrive at the place where we began and to know the place for the first time.       --T.S Eliot

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@Raf_vd Makes great sense imo. A fragmented inattention is glimpsed under the spell of the unfragmentor.

  Nonduality & Meditations         

Empty your head, fulfill your heart       


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@Raf_vd If you are conflicted about which path to take, you can take a psychedelic and ask it, "Which path is best for me?" and it will likely give you good answer. But this will only be effective if you're already familiar with many of the paths. It won't work so well if you only know a few paths, as your choices will be limited. It's a good idea to study the pros and cons of various paths. Then decide.

Most people just stumble into one path randomly by accident. They don't shop around.

"Be melting snow. Wash yourself of yourself." -- Rumi

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Wow thanks! meditation combined with inspiring music can indeed reproduce a fragment of my body experiences that I experienced during my trips, which they call kriyas.

Would like to read your post about kundalini/being. Since these experiences started to come up, I've been fascinated by kundalini and the various yoga paths.

@Leo Gura

That's something I'll try, thanks!

 I've been practicing various methods (mostly the ones you've mentioned like mindfulness, concentration, self-inquiry, guided meditations, kriya yoga and psychedelics). Guided mediations from Dr. Joe dispenza seem to most effective to recreate the physical symptoms of my trips but I doubt that could be more powerfull than Kriya yoga. I'm a bit confused about which would be better for long term progress.

Thanks for responding Leo, appreciate it! 

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