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  1. @Inliytened1 Wow thanks! meditation combined with inspiring music can indeed reproduce a fragment of my body experiences that I experienced during my trips, which they call kriyas. Would like to read your post about kundalini/being. Since these experiences started to come up, I've been fascinated by kundalini and the various yoga paths. @Leo Gura That's something I'll try, thanks! I've been practicing various methods (mostly the ones you've mentioned like mindfulness, concentration, self-inquiry, guided meditations, kriya yoga and psychedelics). Guided mediations from Dr. Joe dispenza seem to most effective to recreate the physical symptoms of my trips but I doubt that could be more powerfull than Kriya yoga. I'm a bit confused about which would be better for long term progress. Thanks for responding Leo, appreciate it!
  2. Could your reaction or experiences on psychedelics reveal the most ideal path to awakening to you? What I mean is that when I do Magic truffels, which I've done for about 5-6 times by now, I always experience kundalini symptoms: energy moving up through my body, snake-like body movements, awareness of the chakras, heavy shaking, spontaneous deep breathing and mudra's that happen perfectly symmetrical. After these things happened, the insights start pouring in. I can imagine that some people experience this as well and others are sitting completely still when doing psychedelics. Could this be revealing what the most ideal path to awakening is for you? Like Yoga vs. mindfulness/regular meditation? Or which could be more "successful" for an individual? Hopes this makes sense Thanks guys
  3. Advice to everyone practicing Kriya yoga: I've had been practicing for about 6 months and started to become frustrated for the very same reasons i've seen coming up in this threat. not being able to believe in prana, chakra's, kundalini ... and consequently not feeling anything happen. Just when I wanted to give up, I decided to combine some guided meditations from Joe Dispenza with my kriya practice (to hopefully get the benefit from both) Joe dispenza has some amazing meditations for learning to sense the chakra's (blessing of the energy centers 1, 2 and 3). The combition of kriya yoga with those chakra meditations have proved to be working extremely effective for me! finally, after 4 years of nothing but frustration by the lack of results, I start to experience some glimpses of what's possible!! For everyone who is already familiar with Joe Dispenza. Do not underestimate his spiritual knowlegde. He downplays his knowledge to reach a wider audience but once you really dig into his work he combines various spiritual traditions into extremely powerfull practices!! Hope this helps for those craving for a new boost in their practice. Lots of love everyone! And keep fucking going! <3
  4. The last few weeks/months I have these extreme urges to re-experience moments from my childhood: going to certian places, listen to music from my childhood, wanting to take up the hobbies I used to do and so forth ... It's like I'm being bombarded with these intense urges to go back to my past. Could it be a kind of ego backlash? A way to reassure my identity? And most important: Should I give in to these urges or resist the temptation to experience these feelings? Thanks!
  5. David Icke is an interesting example! yes, he is an ideolog, but he's coming from a place of care and love for humanity. I followed him for years and still admire his work and courage without clinging to his ideas or beliefs. Many people put him in the same group as Alex Jones and other conspiracy theorists, but he is the only one who talks about non-duality, consciousness, enlightenment, even psychedelics... and is a geniune, friendly man. But he's still an ideolog curious about what others on the forum think about David Icke.
  6. I have some questions as well regarding the yoga practice: 1. I have a naturally very short frenulum and during the talabya kriya I can't feel any stretch in the frenulum. Should you be able to feel the stretch when doing it correctly? 2. Om japa: Do you focus on all chakra's (1;2;3;4;5;6) during one Om and 6;5;4;3;2;1 during the second Om. Or you chant Om on each separate chakra? Or just a separate Om for the Muladhara before proceeding to the next chakra's in one Om? Thanks!
  7. When you read the whole theory behind it, it's not THAT crazy. offcourse when you describe it in one sentence, there is no way that the theory can be defended. Imagine describing enlightenment to a person who has never heard about it ... it may sound ever weirder that the reptilian story
  8. Yes exactly, and it are these insights and wisdom that convince me to believe him. But on the other hand ... there are so many "enlightened people" that would call him delusional. (I think of Martin Ball for example) And why would he be the only one "connecting the dots" like he does. Would like to have Leo's opinion on David Icke. There are so many similarities between both their work, yet so many things Leo hasn't spoke about and doubt he would support.
  9. For example what he says about the moon and saturn. That they aren't natural phenomena but are constructed to distort human perception and awareness. Many old religions and stories talk about this, but also mainstream scientists seem to confirm that there are inexplainable facts regarding the moon or saturn.
  10. I was wondering who is familiar with the work of David Icke? His theories sound totally obnoxious, but when you delve deeper into them he has some very strong points and he really did a ton of research to back it up. What do you guys think?