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For those of you who are interested in Ken Wilber's Integral Theory - most of his books/body of work is highly theoretical and descriptive. This program is supposed to offer a practical component to his integral theory. 

It was originally released in 2006 (5 DVDs, 2 CDs, 3 booklets) but is available online (details below). 

In 2008 they turned the program into book format with: Integral Life Practice: A 21st-Century Blueprint for Physical Health, Emotional Balance, Mental Clarity, and Spiritual Awakening

Here is an excerpt from the book that also applies to the Integral Life Practice Kit:


Integral Life Practice is not just a new approach to self-development and higher awareness, but a way of making sense of—and making best use of—the existing treasure trove of insights, methods, and practices for cultivating a more enlightened life. It offers a uniquely adaptive approach to awakened living that's suitable for everyone: people with busy careers and families, college students, retirees, even hardcore athletes and yogis. It's geared for devout—and irreverent—people of any religion, or no religion! 

This highly flexible system will help you develop your physical health, spiritual awareness, emotional balance, mental clarity, relational joy, and energy level, within a framework that integrates all aspects of your life. Combining original exercises, vivid examples, cutting-edge theory, and illustrative graphics, Integral Life Practice is the ultimate handbook for realizing freedom and fullness in the 21st century. 

There are 4 main components/modules to the program:

  • The Body Module - which has 3 components - gross body (developed through physical exercise), subtle body (developed through "energetic" exercise - yoga/breath work, etc) and causal body (developed through awareness/meditation practices)
  • The Spirit Module - the spiritual/consciousness work component
  • The Mind Module - the practice of increasing the capacity to take more nuanced, complex, and accurate perspectives and organizing them through the AQAL Integral Framework - you could call it the cognitive/mental component
  • The Shadow Module - psychotherapy, shadow work, and practices that address emotional mastery.

Now these aren't techniques or practices, they could be described more like actionable areas of human growth and development. They teach that there are many different practices/techniques/stuff that you can do that address one or more of these four large areas (I will attach a picture where you can see some examples), but they claim that each of these four main areas have to be worked at in order for individuals to develop integrally.

I cannot offer a rating yet as I'm still in the middle of integrating the modules myself, but I find the whole concept very interesting and intuitive. 

The course itself can be accessed on the internet by following this link I found on Google while looking up details regarding the course:

I am not sure why or how this is free. I am not sure if this is "piracy". If that is the case, let me know and I will remove it. Again, I found it on the first page of Google results while looking up the course itself. I tried looking up the main site and it seems to be some sort of Amazon storage site? The course itself is a bit dated (I know that Ken Wilber has a new one called Superhuman OS), so maybe they gave up on it or forgot to make it inaccessible? That would be pretty funny. Maybe someone can look into it and let me know. Whichever the case, it's worth checking out. 

ILP matrix.jpg

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Lovely! Thanks for this. I have accessed the link and will let you know how I get on. 

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This is wicked - cheers.

After I finish Leo's life purpose course, I am really motivated to move onto Ken Wilber's courses.


Have you done Full-Spectrum Mindfulness? If so, can you share how it was for you?

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have you done the course via the link? Is it legit?
I dont want to get hacked by downloading stuff from unknown sources ?

much love and appreciation ❤️✌?

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Sorry about reviving the thread, but has anyone checked if this is legit?

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