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Thanks for checking out my journal ^_^

Any input is greatly appreciated! Feel free to join in and help guide if you feel like it.

I'm not going to take this journal too seriously. It'll have some good insights here and there, but mostly is just for me to see if i'm progressing or not.

I hope this journal inspires you to take action and move forward in your life! 

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Areas I am looking to work on and gain momentum in:

  • Strong Morning Routine (Wake up, workout/yoga, meditate, shower, clean/organize, eat breakfast ---> Deep Work)
  • Building Systems within my schedule so that i can easily go from one area of study to the next
  • Making myself more accountable
  • Becoming more dedicated to my goals 
  • Becoming a better Leader
  • Choosing the emotionally difficult thing to do
  • Developing resilience and a "stick to it" mentality

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Reminded me of:

Enneagram of Holy Ideas


I'm the Johnny Appleseed of A.H. Almaas Glossary excerpts.

Edited by Zigzag Idiot

"To have a free mind is to be a universal heretic." - A.H. Almaas

"We have to bless the living crap out of everyone." - Matt Kahn

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On days where you know you have a lot to do, starting with the easier tasks is often all you need to ease into the harder, more cognitively demanding tasks.
For example, I didn't want to study as soon as I woke up. So instead, I organized and cleaned up my room, just to get in the flow of things.
After that, I put my books in order and made list of tasks I needed to do.

This really helped me overcome the resistance I was facing that was causing me to procrastinate.

There is a a lot of room to improve here... 

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These are the most important habits i will be working on implementing this year:

Daily Meditation (Making it a priority, even if i have a busy day ahead.)

Strong Morning Routine (Taking care of my personal needs so that i can be over greater service to others when i go out into the world)

Deep Work (4 hours of meaningful, distraction free work a day) 

Reviewing and Journaling about my day in the evening (What did i do right? What could i improve? etc) 15 minutes.

Daily exercise (this is quite obvious for me)

Eating lots more fruits and veggies (Smoothies multiple times a week, and other healthy goodies!)

Developing a strong core routine (Who likes to do core? xD)

Self Care/Self Love/Acceptance 

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Getting after it no matter how you feel is important to building momentum in the area you want to progress in.

For me, that looked like getting a 5.5 mile run in after school. I had made the decision that i was going to run hours before hand, and my body was already primed to take action on it.

I'm assuming this works for other areas i resist as well.

I will try it and get back to you! 

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It's important to always have mini projects going on that help you stay focused on your overall big picture goal.

For example, a mini project i'm currently working on it outlining and mapping out the next 2 weeks for school, coaching, relationships, and personal development.

It seemed overwhelming at first, but i put down on paper all of the important tasks that need to get done for the next two weeks, along with daily objectives that need to get met to stay on track with the goals i have set out.

Getting everything out of your head and onto paper takes care of 70% of the stress. 

The feeling that comes with it feels like a pulling force. I'm inclined to work on these things because i'm not procrastinating on them, like i usually would do if i hadn't planned ahead of time! 

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