How much meditation is too much meditation?

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16 hours ago, kieranperez said:

Meet the people who've actually done that and see the results of that. The last thing you're going to see and think of them as is unhealthy. People devote their entire lives to pursuing truth. This term "unnatural" is a meaningless label. The quality of your pursuits matter. First off, I was making a bigger point here. Not suggesting that he needs to start meditating 20 hours a day. I was pointing out that the very last concern people need to have is whether they're meditating too much. However if he built up too quick that's a different case. 

Interesting, amazes me how anyone is even mentally capable to meditate for that long even once. The most I could ever meditate for in one sitting is probably 1 hour and a half if I really try as hard as possible.

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never stop meditating. All day, every day constantly bring your attention back to the present moment.

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