If Your Into Politics And Leo's Channel Then You Will Probably Like The IDW

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@Leo Gura  response reminds of that time one religious group thought Sam Harris was being sufficiently critical of the Muslim religion but too harsh on Christianity. He prepared to clear the air, you could feel the audience ready to be appeased. He says, paraphrasing, "If you think I am too rough on Christianity, I beseech you to listen closer: it is the same complete utter rubbish." The hush.

I chuckled for days.

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This meme pretty much sums up my problem with the IDW:


If any of you have seen anti-sjw videos and titles you'll get the joke. 

"A philosopher will ask me: what do I mean by reality? Am I talking about the physical world of nature, or am I talking about a spiritual world, or what? And to that, I have a very simple answer. When we talk about the material world, that is actually a philosophical concept. So, in the same way, if I say that reality is spiritual, that’s also a philosophical concept. And reality itself is not a concept. Reality is [Alan strikes a standing bell], and we won’t give it a name"


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On 26/10/2018 at 8:19 AM, AstralProjection said:

@Leo Gura Well then what is your solution to our political problems if your so willing to bash anyone that talks of politics? And please God don't say the democrats, and don't give a lazy response such as it's all BS.

On 26/10/2018 at 1:10 PM, Leo Gura said:

@AstralProjection The solution is to do what progressive democrats are doing: running candidates who do not take corporate PAC money and champion progressive social policy like medicare for all and a crack down on corporations, strong environmental regulation, and strong taxation on the wealthy.

Don't turn governance into a culture war as the IDW is doing.

The solution to pathological Orange is Green. IDW is just an egoic reaction against Green. It does not address and serious policy issues.

The solution is to remove all money from politics and stop the culture wars. But of course that will not happen without a lot of resistance and yelling. But that's always how progress happens: thru half the people kicking and screaming like children.

Even better: the solution is to recognize that what we usually label as "the problems" are actually the symptoms of a flaw in the system.

The solution is to fix the system so that it works for the common good. In other words, the solution is to fix the system in such a way that it will get elected representatives that do what progressive democrats are doing, instead of getting representatives to power that do what Trump is doing.

I agree it's better to stay away from turning this into a culture war. It is much more clever to adopt an analytical approach. The solution to pathological Orange is Green, and the solution to emotional Green is Yellow.

The solution is to replace culture wars and emotional responses with sober systems thinking. Therein lies the answer.

"Es gibt die Wahrheit, mein Lieber! Aber die ,Lehre', die du begehrst [...], die gibt es nicht. Du sollst dich auch gar nicht nach einer vollkommenen Lehre sehnen, Freund, sondern nach Vervollkommnung deiner selbst."

- Herman Hesse, Das Glasperlenspiel

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