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@MarkusSweden Relationships are there so you can learn more about others, and yourself. From your take on relationships, you reveal there is more to learn about yourself, specifically, from females. I find there are phases with ages too. Roughly 17-24, not interested in family, looking for who I am, what my potential is, etc. Perfectly fine.    When after 24, having kids, that’ll bring a person right back to family and relationships. Not always, of course. 

You have forever for the solitude, trust me on that.   Explore relationships. Or don’t. 



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Socializing is always fun, at least for me! But hey to each his own. Do what pleases you. You got one life to live so give it your best. Personally, socializing has helped me understand myself better. 

INFJ-T,ptsd,BPD, autism, anger issues

Cleared out ignore list today. 


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maybe this has already been said before, But I feel like putting in my 2 cents, because I also have been having these types of thoughts.  and for sure you have some great points, as far as whats the point of being popular and having friends and all that.  For sure if you treat it as something that fuels youre ego, which is extremely natural and easy to slip into it isnt ideal.  and when u are faced with other people who have thier flasws and those flaws or interactions make you feel pain and sufferring it is natural to not want to be around people.  But lately i have been embracing negative experiences with other people and trying to look inwards to how those moemnt actually effect me,.  and as a result, i feel, like i have been growing significantly in the fact, that these types of feeling seem to become, less and less, the more I become aware and look inwards. When i start to suffer due to what i perceive as others doing stuff that makes me suffer.  instead of viewing the world around you as creating things that actually hurt you because they are on the outside negative and penetrating your inside with their negativity, look at it as the negativity resonating with something that is negative inside of you.  and that's perhaps why you feel like interacting with the outside world is not worth your time.  This is classic Karl jung, introvert vs extrovert personality types.


But on the other hand as eckhart tolle said in, i think, a new earth, if you really think your enlightnened, ie free of the ego, the best way to test these grounds is to interact with your family or close friends.  that is, they know alot of your weaknesses. and you also have alot of deep patterns and ego based stuff related to these types of people.  or perhaps you manifest your own weaknesses in how you interact with them, aka the 5 hindrances will come up alot more frequently, and their effects can be alot more intense.


I do think being on your own is definitely an amazing way to look inwards and grow yourself.  But the problems that will arise with others will still arise on your own. and avoiding people will reduce the potential to progress in these features of your personality.  same can be said as far as your inner game.  if you spend too much time with others, its easy to lose focus of all that as well.


As leo said in a strangeloop video, being too introvert leads you to being and extrovert and vice versa.   this might be because you feel your introverted character traits are strong, the extroverted feels at a significant deficit to it, so you will feel more compelled to being extroverted, ie your ego likes to bring the weaknesses to the front of your attention, through thoughts.  this kind of makes sense because in a way this is the strongest fuels the ego can use.


Perhaps all of what i am saying isnt relative to your situation, Maybe you are deeper in your development than i am, and you have had some significant insight into stuff that is much beyond this stuff i mentioned.  so maybe what im saying is not relevant.  But chances are if you having strong feeling of not wanting to do something, like your case of having a social life. Or perhaps they seem pointless, perhaps you should coinsider these are potentially the best places you can look to grow, and take in experiences that actually put you face to face with the fears or whatever reasons you feel the way you do towards not being social. 


Whenever you feel suffering or strong impulses towards not doing something chances are it has alot to do with the ego fueling itself towards making you more unconscious.  so if you give into these negative feelings and allow them to run their course by making you avoid them, the stronger they can get, and the more they will become influential in your everyday life at the subconscious level.

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