The Joy of Being

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The continuous recognition of your own being generates joy. 

When asking the question "Who am I?" one does two things: 1) One has a silent recognition of one's own being (+1 Happiness) 2) points directly at the formlessness/unanswerableness of that being if no thought/image is used as the answer.

This formlessness seems like nothing to the mind, but that doesn't matter, because you still get the recognition of "I AM" no matter what that I AM is. 

What makes one unhappy can only be something in addition to that I AM. If the I AM by itself remains, that's when wholeness/completeness begin. When something is added to the I AM, like an image of yourself, the I AM becomes divided and the wholeness lost. 

Remaining in this wholeness, even just for 30 minutes at a time brings the joy of being to the practitioner. The Human needs to learn how to draw joyful energy from the formless source of No Mind.



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