6 Pillars Nathaniel Branden- Any Good ?

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22 hours ago, Huz88 said:

Started reading it. I am 30 pages in and already my world view of myself has complete changed. It has brought awareness to most of my issues in my life and the root cause of them. And how my self-esteem was subtly sabotaging without my awareness being aware of it. Really shows how little control you have over life. And feel soooooooooooo much better - haven't event founded and built the 6 pillars yet! :D


If you think you've got to the root nad you're only 30 pages in, you're in for a shock when you do the sentence completion exercises! ;)

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On 2/28/2016 at 7:25 PM, nima said:


these are realy good,but these are not self-esteem.

I think self-esteem is only one thing :Believing I  Can do.



The book explains that the pillars are not a definition of self-esteem itself, but are practices which are required in order for a person to experience a high self-esteem.

Although believing 'I can do' is an essential part of a healthy sense of self, it is not all that is required. A person can have 100% faith in their ability to, for example, run their own business, yet may be held back by a feeling that they are not worthy of success and they are not meant to be rich. 

to paraphrase Nathaniel Brandon:

'To have high self-esteem is to experience oneself as worthy of success, love and happiness and to see oneself as fit to cope with the basic challenges of life.'

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do people do the sentence completion exercises on multiple pillars at once or go through and work on one pillar and then the next?

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