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  1. @Terell Kirby Were you already quite interested in you're tech role ? Or is this something you managed to cultivate over time ?
  2. @aurum How would you reconcile the information in that book with more general advice such as follow your calling, etc ? It seems like he is not in favour of people doing what they find interesting in life, but more just grinding through any Job/Role until they become passionate about it. I'm sure there are many people that regardless of how well skilled they become in a certain field, they would still have their eye on something more suited to their natural personality and interests ?
  3. Hi all, What are you're thoughts on this book as the advice is very different from follow your passion etc. Its more about being a craftsman and becoming great at anything which eventually turns into a passion
  4. Hi guys, How do you reconcile having a meditation habbit and it's associated benefits with the fact that we are social creatures and should socialise with others ? It seems as if these are at odds with eachother and don't necessarily intersect. For e.g surely meditating all day means you are lacking that social contact needed?
  5. In a lot of maintstream media, the importance of relationships are widely accepted as needed to be a happy individual, e.g friends, marriage etc. Was wondering how this intertwines with the more monk/ meditative lifestyle people willingly choose to pursue? Are we not hard wired to be social creatures ?
  6. Hello all, Iv noticed that despite meditating and being aware of my judgements, comparisons, thoughts in the moment, this doesn't necessarily make these things subside. can you actually remove the underlying judgments, envy etc that you feel in the moment, or is this something you just have to be aware of knowing the same emotion will occur in the future if the same situation occurs.
  7. Hi guys, How did you decide upon what career you should embark upon ? I studied accounting however feel more compelled towards business consulting and general business roles. However, I just can't seem to make a concrete decision. My issue is questions I ask myself such as "what if this job doesn't pay well long term" "If I get qualified as an accountant, I could move into this job in the future".. "What if I don't enjoy it as much as I think I will".. How do I deal with this self doubt and confusion ?
  8. Hi Guys, I am going through the life purpose course but one nagging thing that I cant seem to get rid of is the idea that the market doesn't care what your passionate about. I feel some natural hobbies or interests, for e.g making jewellery can naturally lend itself to a business or career but being passionate about for example, collecting key rings is not something the market would pay you for. Is this explained later in the course and how do you deal with struggling to monetise any potential passion ? At the end of the day, a life purpose, given the amount of time that would be spent on it, would need to give you an income.
  9. From what I see on this forum, results from meditation vary greatly, so what makes a good meditation session ? How do you know when to change technique and what do you specifically do ? I want to maximize the 25-30 mins I set a side to do this important habbit.
  10. @aurum hmm I do agree that it is highly unlikely I fit into the 9-5 category if i am completely honest. However, if people are not working a standard 9-5 in the corporate world to pay their bills, then the alternative is becoming an entrepreneur. Does life purpose = becoming an entrepreneur ? As you need a way to create a stable income and becoming an entrepreneur is by no means an easy task for most people to achieve.
  11. From the way most people live their lives, it seems as if a 9-5 job is just something to do so they can enjoy going on holiday or having a great life outside of work. In this case, is a life purpose really necessary ? Why is it most people are happy to climb the corporate ladder even if it involves doing a job they don't really enjoy ? How many of you genuinely enjoy your day jobs ? As someone new to the world of work, I'd be interested in hearing different perspectives.
  12. @aurum I see your highly motivated ! When you say "how amazing meditation can be ", what has happened for you ? How has the practice helped you
  13. @ajasatya I get home about 6 30. I do think I can make time for meditation its just the quality and energy levels of the sit are not as strong as before. I think it will come down to making this work a priority.
  14. Hi guys, Ever since starting work I feel I haven't been taking self actualisation work seriously and in particular haven't found the time to meditate at the same duration as before or with as much motivation. How do you manage full time jobs with this work ? I would be interested to hear how you plan your day to account for this work ?
  15. @phoenix666 What did your silent retreat involve ? How long was the retreat and how long did you meditate for during it ? Do you use any specific meditation techniques that you prefer ? Its always more motivating to hear others journey !