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I am not qualified to talk about this because i am not well educated , but if you are than please enlighten me :)) 

I was thinking about this : Are there enough material resources in the world to distribute them in an equal way to every human so that they don't need more ? I don't say that people wouldn't want to be competitive or to seem superior to each other but that they could do it through their talents and intellect ... not through their possessions of material things.. and if it is so ... could we build robots to replace the mechanical work that people have to do ... and everyone could just focus on each other , on the present moment , on their relationships , on science , on personal development , on art , on fitness , on researching , on enlightenment, on being happy, on leading a healthy life , on studying , on having fun ... without worrying about financial stability , without constantly needing to do stuff in order to survive ?

... Could people build a system that empowers our highest consciousness ? 
Could that ever be achieved ? Could that be a life purpose ? to try and build such a system where open-mindedness is empowered ?

And if so , if it is possible , are people actually trying to achieve this ?

Or ... there always has to be a balance... and there's no such thing as "everybody's  happy" ?

:)I'm 16 so I should probably study a lot first .. cause i know very little about how things work ... but I would like to hear what you think ? 



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Hi, I don't feel qualified either, but there's a few ideas I can give you to pursue in your studies ;)

20 hours ago, Jonson said:

Are there enough material resources in the world to distribute them in an equal way to every human so that they don't need more ?

First, intuitively, there's a lot of trouble with the idea of "need more". I guarantee you that  you have a completelly different idea about what you need in terms of material possesions that someone living in a third word country or even someone living  where you live 60 years ago. Do you need a car? Your own room? Internet connection? Money to eat out instead of cooking your own meals? You can probably see how none of these would be considered necesssary a few centuries ago, but today in first world countries they are not really considered luxuries.  

As society around you grows richer, new "needs" are arising. You don't want to live bellow the standard of your own social group. Actually, a lot of people (given the possibility) will strive to situate themselves above average in their social surroundings, and that's likely how the bar is raised. You won't make people not strive for material possesions by covering their basics. 

Look into the history of communism, how nice the idea seems at the first glance and why it failed so spectacularly. Try to see the limitations of the psyche. 

Having said that, I totally don't want to dismiss your idea. IMHO society is still helped by making survival easy. There are even people contemplating and testing an idea very similar to yours. It's called basic income. ( ) I'm a cautious fan ;), and totally a fan of having a less hours working week as the standard. 

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@Jonson What you're describing is pretty much a communist utopia. Everybody has what he needs, machines do the hard work, people have time to do whatever they want. I used to believe in that a lot and I still believe we would have the resources and knowhow THEORETICALLY, but practically right now it doesn't work, because for this humans have to 
1) Work together and have the same goals (which is practically impossible)
2) Get rid of cultural and psychological differences (which is practically impossible)
3) Be at a very high state of consciousness
4) Solve all other problems we face as the human race, which is a hard enough struggle already. 

I like to be optimistic though and believe that we might achieve such a state in another 1000 years or so. 

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@Jonson that is what’s happening, just so slowly. Where there is oppression of freedom & equality, there are civil wars. Where there is some freedom & equality, there are debates on how to properly label bathrooms. Every country and individual is somewhere in between. There is no experience of nonmaterialsm without the reference of materialism. It is how it’s supposed to be, evidenced by that is how it is. 

The Truth is unbelievable.

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