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Ok here is the UK it is exam season. I have had a lot of people coming up to me and stressing the fuck out by exams, asking for help. From my point of view I see no reason for them too. It espically touching for me, because I used to be in the same position. I just thought I would share my feeling on this here.

I like to think of it like this. Exams are unpredictable. You could have a bad day, or a bad paper, or a bad marker. This ain't in your control. It's in realities hand. So no point stressing on the results you wanna get. Don't focus on the results. Focus on the work you put in. That's the only thing in your control. And it's really not about the grade you get. Or your ability to do well in exams. It is about the experience, about the resources you have, the university you are at, the information you study, the people you meet. What are results anyway? Just a number or letter you attribute meaning too. To much emphasis on society is put onto the result. Irconically my results have got better when I care about them less. 

My dad taught me this lesson last year. He is 65 now. When I was revising for a set of exams, I was stressing the fuck out. He told me, "Once you get to my age, you realise how pointless the stress you create is". This hit me deeply. All this stress is pointless. It doesn't help in one bit. See it AS the form of procrastination you have (and love that, it's funny ?). What it does it that it actually takes the beauty, and "interestingness", out of the subject you are studying. Making you want to study it less. Then making you actually stress out more. See this game, chill out, and enjoy studying your subject. 

The thing that counts in your heart is that you know you gave it your best shot. So deep down the result you get doesn't matter. Also, realise you are a complex being, living in a complex time. It is common to experience to self-deception and resistance in your work. Sometimes we procrastinate, sometimes we work hard. This is natural, so even when you do find yourself slacking off. Give yourself compassion, its common for everyone, it is probs part of our mechanism. So be aware of that, then move forward back into work. I used to beat myself up for procrastination, because I was fearful of getting bad results. The more I did this the more difficult it would be for me to work. A less harsh-on-yourself-mindset, less stress, and more compassion to yourself during these FUCKING hard exam periods is what is needed. I have taken this approach this year. 

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I do not care about grades in school. Its such a silly game. The whole thing with exams is it is like a mouse disguised as a bear. The results do not effect your life unless you let them. I focus on learning what I want to learn and I learn things that will be some use to me.

Fuck giving your best shot to school, give your best shot to your own interests and things to do with your life purpose.

I am going to take a quote directly from my meditations.

"What has the state done to deserve my best? After all, they aren't trying their best on me to make me successful in my financial persuits. No, they are trying their best to make me a robot they are producing these robots in their billions off a production line. There purpose? To serve and obey the state until the day comes where we become unfit and die and cannot serve and obey the government machine no more. Born to be wasted , by the state, and for the state.

I am not a machine or robot. There are those among us who are cyborgs, that is, outwardly obedient, but inwardly rebellious. It is only a matter of time before our inner selves will allow use to become outwardly rebellions.

When the opportunity presents itself"

Educate your self, be a glitch in a system, be a cog that does not fit in the government machine, not a slave to the methods of the state. Put your best efforts elsewhere, your life balance diminishes day by day. It would be a pity to waste your best efforts in serving the state.

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