Leo, how do you deal with the boring aspect of Entrepreneurship?

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Life is feeling like shit when you have to do the boring parts. I have always did the things that are intellectually stimulating throughout academia, often with spectacular results and that's no longer effective in the real world.

It's a lot more boring and I don't get that vitality I had towards life, especially in my work. I need to keep finding ways to make it intellectually stimulating, and sometimes it doesn't even work. 

I remember Leo talked about always being ambitious and motivated all the time, in the video he uploaded after resuming from the break. 

I wonder how much you can do that how sustainable it will be in the long run.

Embrace the Grind and monotony?

Is even more ambition the solution to the monotony and boring grind?

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Posted (edited)

There are aspects of running a business which I hate, like all the maintanance work.

I don't have a solution for it other than outsourcing, automation, grinding, and motivating yourself with the other parts which you love. It is easier to do the grind if the core business is actually something deeply meaningful to you. Which is why LP is key.

Grind is just part of making your dreams come true. Which is why most people don't do it.

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@Bobby_2021 You gotta plough through it sometimes. If it was easy everyone would be an entrepreneur

I’ve reached a critical point with my business. We need investment or I cannot do this. 

The hardest thing for me is actually having to keep a job down as well as be founder of a start-up. Sometimes this is not feasible 

Lucky for Bezos who had half a million from his parents to start Amazon. Probs a million or more in today’s money. Or trumps small loan of a million dollars in the 70s 

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