I'm going to become an asshole

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@Schizophonia so you claim


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The devil is in the details.

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That tactic is not going to work for you and it will probably be detectable for miles. Only being natural works, the problem is when being natural means being unbalanced, lacking, insecure, with fragile masculinity. then....nothing works. First you have to create a solid structure, then share that structure.

In your friends case being natural means being an scammer, because he is. In his case it could work, even in business. There are psychopaths, but you can't become one. 

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I used to envy people who would be toxic and still get results. Then I realized it's just traumatized people entertaining each other. Do you also envy drug dealers and pimps who date the hookers that they hangout with? I would say that would ruin any peace of mind and enjoyment of life you have. They are all miserable using temporary dopamine and fucking each other over. 

Maybe your type of woman doesn't hangout in nightclubs? 


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