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  1. I am a woman and I've studied male psychology as well as their dating tactics and game too. The best advice I can give you in all honesty and from personal experience that will save you so much trouble and heartbreak and awkwardness if you want long term results and u are not shortsighted. Be very good at something. Pick something and work on it and master it, study a lot, devote your life to it and truly love it and try to become successful and known for it, expose yourself and also work with energies and get in touch with your feminine side, study feminine energy and female psychology, everything will make sense. How does this apply to dating? Masters are irresistible cause they are rare human beings, they have discipline and they are not clingy plus women are attracted to men who have the status of being very good at something and also guys that are in touch with their feminine side without being a bitch are super attractive. Never stop practicing game but be super mindful when you do it, notice your breath and your reactions to everything, it helps a lot and stops you from doing evil stuff or being taken over by instincts and hurt ego and wanting quick fixes and validation from others. Hope this helps take care x
  2. My youtube channel recommendations that apply to women, some of them u may not like or you'll resist the stuff they talk about but they have worked for me and helped me a lot. Mindful Attraction 2.0 he has dark tactics and game in some videos which might seem weird but he used to be a dating coach for men, the thing that I like about him is that he teaches how self love and mindfulness help in dating and he promotes meditation. Shallon Lester, you might not like her in the begging, she makes videos for a wider audience but I like how she uses famous celebrities and analyzes their insecurities and she talks a lot about psychology in general as well. Sexy Confidence might seem super basic and you might have the wrong impression at first but he is very legit and has practical advice. Andrienne Everheart's Love Academy is super nice as well cause she focuses on femininity which is good to know how to use. I'm keeping SheRaseven1 for the end cause she is controversial and some of her advice is dark but she is very unique, I don't agree 100% with her views but I think every woman should at least know the things she talks about, it might save you a lot of stress and heartbreak.
  3. Expose yourself to pretty girls as much as you can and do it on purpose. If you see a pretty girl on the street, go up to her and ask her something or compliment her hair or clothing (don't compliment body or face sruff because she was born with it, compliment something that she has worked on), you can ask her out as well. You have to put yourself in situations that pretty girls reject you enough so you know how it feels many times and become comfortable with it, be mindful while doing it. Once you do that to 150 pretty girls, you'll never feel awkward around them again I promise.
  4. Those are great questions! I finally think this whole issue is more about me being attracted to a strong personality or some other characteristics that I can't recognize specifically now, than to someone who is rich necessarily. I now think a person who is financially stable and independent and caring is the result of a certain personality's acts and this appeals to me as attractive subconsciously. I was lost because I didn't contemplate properly this whole question, not sure still but I'll think about it more
  5. Thank you! I was suspicious about this, I grew up an only child without a father or other family members at all except my mother who fulfilled all the roles in the house, I think that has to do soooo so much with my view on how men should treat me. Maybe it's because I saw my mother struggle and that made me think it's because she doesn't have help from a male figure. My mom also is a super strong character and she gave me much knowledge, love and care, maybe that's what my subconscious thinks should be and ideal attractive partner.
  6. Thank you for the reply! I agree in the part of happiness but I don't think connection comes only because of love, to be honest I think everybody is needy in some parts of their life and some people are especially in relationships. Some events have to occur before there is love generally and everybody is different in what events lead them to love someone. I also agree that it's an orange part of me that I just haven't worked on so much. Ofcourse if you see the bigger picture, everything happens because of love and in that part I agree but in the relationship kinda love (eros) I think there's more to it.
  7. I don't think I quite got that tbh, English is not my first language but if I got it right, if I was in a bad situation and had my own family for example I would do anything to bring food to the table, I think the ability to afford a good lifestyle is important and I would focus on that, so I can have other stuff I consider to be luxuries like focusing on self development (self help, spirituality, actualization, education etc) and giving my family that opportunity as well. I don't think I'd be suffering if I couldn't afford that, as long as my family is healthy. Maybe that has to do with survival too much
  8. Thank you so much for the reply! Yes I particularly asked this question because I wanted to see how other people view this. I've been on a spiritual journey from when I was 10 years old, many ups and downs with noticing neurosis but now I'm 21 and I find that relationships is something that I'm not so good at handling. I try to view this in a mindful way and sometimes I think that it holds me back, maybe it's not the wealthy and generosity part, maybe it's something else I see in men and stop feeling attracted to them. A childhood thing perhaps as someone else said in here.
  9. Thank you this is really helpful! Yes I can understand, I just thought it's a red flag that I feel this way, I really want authenticity yes and him being wealthy and generous is not my no1 priority that I look for, I've been with guys that are rich but they didn't have the protector vibe, I find it super hard to respect a man that is not independent and stable emotionally as well not only economically. I know for a fact I can survive alone and be super happy
  10. Thank you for the reply! I don't really want my guy to be rich specifically, I'm more attracted to independent and generous men, a guy can be rich but not caring or interested in providing at all and a guy can be just financially stable but take care of his girl in that way. Maybe it's just preference who knows
  11. @Anna1 Thank you for the response! I think it really is similar to when men are attracted to women that are stereotypically pretty, it's shallow I am aware, I don't think I'm money hungry though, I'm not interested in luxury or having money for that sake of having money and I'm also independent. I just can't be with a guy that does not provide for me and it's weird, like I've been with guys that didn't take care of me and I did not like it at all, not because I couldn't do it myself but the whole vibe itself, I did not like it, it's like I lose respect for the guy and it sucks and I cut him of and I feel guilty for not being attracted to him Maybe it's just in my head and I'll get over it when I'm older who knows
  12. Leo has opened my eyes and keeps doing it all these years, I don't consider myself a neurotic person or a low conciousness so much, I try focusing on spirituality as much as I can but relationships are also important to me. I feel attracted to guys that are economically stable or more, that can provide for me and I find it strange since I can provide for myself and I'm not that materialistic, I just find myself wanting to date affluent men and I'm really turned off when a guy does not take care of me in that way. I don't mind if a guy is not that attractive, I love spiritual guys and a good and pleasant energy and personality but something about him not taking care of me materially is almost repulsive. So I ask myself, maybe I'm low conciousness still and neurotic about money or surviving, or do I have a fear inside of me? Maybe I'm still stuck in the orange stage? Is it normal to feel attracted to rich guys? Does it matter? Can I get over this?