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  1. thanks for taking the time to read, do you question your beliefs? i found out my how i see myself my subconscious model of my self image, so now ive got something to love. @Harikrishnan also that as well love everything about yourself. @rNOW yes communicating with yourself with love is important.
  2. belief- they are smart( talking about people) is it true they are smart? yes because they are tall. what is it about being tall that makes you smart? because no one can reach you! short people can be smart also, is this not true? not true because short people are closer to the ground. tall people also stand on the ground, they are both feet planted to the ground so, they are both equally close to the ground, I'm talking about legs wise, yes their head is further from the ground but still equally feet planted on the ground. so is it true that they are smart? yes people are smart because they know what to do. what exactly do they know? they know how to be smart. dont you know how to be smart? yes but i hide it why do you hide it? because im gay? are you actually gay? no, not really. what makes you say that you are gay?? because i have doubts if I'm straight?(i dont doubt that im straight, i dont even lable myself as straight because its who i am) why do you doubt if your straight? because my dad didn't love me. is it true your dad didnt love you?? well no but i believe he didnt love me. can we question that? lets list in all the ways your dad loved you? okay. well firstly he bought me soccer shoes, he smiled when i suggested to eat with both hand one by one. he also didn't hit me when i lost the shoes in the ocean or beach, i was surprisingly surprised. he asked me if i wanted to buy more drinks of coke and Pepsi. so you have evidence as to that he loved you? yes. what makes you think he didn't love you or doesn't love you? because he doesn't or didn't let me call him aboy or dad. is it true it means he didn't love you because he didn't let you call him dad? yes because i really wanted to show him that i love him, that's how i show him that i love him. you know what it is, it not that he doesn't love you but he rejected your love. yeah that's is he rejected my love and I'm really mad. do you feel hurt and sad that he rejected you? really sad and hurt, yes because i wanted to show him i loved him! why does it matter that you showed him that you loved him? because it means I'm loved. showing yourself love is enough. is it really enough? yes because its you who really matters! can you show yourself love? how can i do that? well what do you want the most? recognition!!!! and connection, how can i give myself recognition and love-connection. idk but you need to figure out away to do it. okay, thank you. to my reader how do you show yourself recognition and love-connection.
  3. i can see you have found one of your false belief, now its time to question and put them scrutiny(skepticism). you can find the other belief by using the following question. if that's 100% true why is it so bad? or what does it mean to me or about me? these questions will uncover your core beliefs and you need to question them. i also highly recommend visiting the page www.pathwaytohappiness.com and reading the book mindworks by gary van warmerdam its a website dedicated to eliminating thoughts, false beliefs and emotional reaction.
  4. i get tired when i talk rationally...like making videos. i believe i'm right brained. what can i do about it? like talking all in sentences in chronical order makes me tired. should i just keep practicing talk talking out loud? im talking about when i talk out loud by the way. here's a little puzzle for you that came to me. A kid is second best, because his second best he doesn’t want to teach, so he gets a second best person to help with his mental confusion.
  5. skip the starting videos and go straight into the value, strength and life purpose exercise if you have truble watching the videos. what i mean by having difficulty is...getting lazy, procrastinating..etc. you can come back and watch the other videos after you watch what i mentioned.
  6. i can write it out in rational way, when i speak about something that i don't really know about or haven't contemplated then i get tired, it could be that i'm extroverted
  7. as the title says how do i know if i am? i'm noticing i'm identified with the doer and blame my self or guilt trip when i do something or should of done something. i also believe i could of changed the situation. is being identified with the emotion, mean being identified with the body? and being identified with your thoughts, mean being identified with the mind?
  8. i noticed that my mind is lazy and just wants to make videos, and when i make videos i get tired and dont say much because i lack the knowledge and insights! to make the videos. so how long should i do research...like reading books, watching videos and contemplating...ect. inorder to be proficient or pro at making videos and giving insight about self development...the main question i want to answer is "how to stop running in loops and get out of the loop"
  9. my first reaction was wooow... why do you take a whole week from contemplation?
  10. i do see carelessness in my self maybe also stubbornness refusal to believe in self when it comes to quick decisions like a gut feeling and i decide not to do it because of, like i said refusal to believe in myself. i like what you said about burning the loop all together it makes sense.
  11. leo is away on his meditation retreat for a month. "I'm honestly torn between the two".i deeply feel your pain im in the same situation where im taking anti-psychotic. you seem like a strong person and will make the right decision for yourself. trust your self! love yourself no matter what.
  12. this could potentially solve all your problems. its another way of saying you potentially know what your solution to the problem is. be honest with yourself you have a hunch or intuitive feeling as to what you need to do to solve your problem. for me its healing my dull headache which could be caused from confused thinking. so when i saw this question from Leo's video (one note) the answer i gave was use neti pot and something else which im not going to mention as the possible solution to my issue. so imagine you have overcome your problem how did you do it?
  13. that is a powerful way of looking at it...and coming from a different direction. "whatever i think i am, is what im not"...this question could be asked after the answers giving to the question "what am i" even to entertain this question is powerful.
  14. hearing you say...3 months of consistency gave me an ego boost.... yeah your right about small efforts seeming small or pointless, but the key is to start as small as possible and watch it snow ball. you guys should read "compound affect" it talks about every choice adds up and you are where you are because of the choices you made.
  15. Thank god for those wise words.
  16. these are some tips, how have you embodied this?
  17. i totally missed your post when i reading through this forum. it probably had to do with my ego for missing it and didnt want me to reflect that the people closest to me are the one to get hurt if i stay unhealthy. thanks for your post
  18. you can find a books about kundalini awakening on the book list or search:enlightenment through kundalini awakening by Tara Tpringett
  19. so im irrationally minded, noticed this now the thoughts appear on the left side of the brain on the frontal lob become aware to me and now noticed to world values rationalism or so it seems. before i was in my own little bubble and had anxiety and now im and aware of the collective bubble ( collective ego). its so new to me trying to be a rationalist....is rationality above irrationality is this a step up in my spiritual development? is my ego getting stronger? i heard leo say you need strong ego in order for it to break or transcend it. I've also noticed how much people care about survival including my own ego. i do feel more grounded and theirs actually less or little anxiety then before. are the steps of development...irrational-rational-post rational- a rational? i can feel a resistance to this and it actually takes effort being rational i can feel the energy or focus is on my right brain and i need to constantly change it to left brain or sometimes putting the energy in the center. it would be good to get a mix of feedback from mixed levels. everything you do is for survival, from how you eat to how you walk, sleep, shake hands, poop, talk, cry, smile, being good i know the best solution would be to use both side of the brain and be in harmony and not just use one. thanks for reading.
  20. @Leo Gura alright thank you, this gives me hope.
  21. hi, im not really in tuned with my emotions actually their pretty much suppressed due to medication and when it comes to contemplating and questioning your beliefs can real change happen if you don't change the emotion associated with the belief?. my current belief is that its hard to change a belief if your not in tune with your emotions or if their suppressed! so should i continue to question my beliefs and contemplate, will i see changes?
  22. the real cult is within yourself. have a think about that one