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  1. instead of writing a giant post, I made this video that I have posted everywhere form FB, twitter, and discord rooms, but I also want to get feedback from my spiritually developed folks as well. Anything feedback is appreciated.
  2. @Galyna lol, you're #1 on the leaderboard right now
  3. @AlldayLoop ah yes I forgot lol
  4. I keep seeing a pattern of complaints that the vids are too long. I don't think there is any going back at this point LOL. If @Leo Gura started putting out 30 mins vids, we'd all be like WTF. I actually expect them to hit 4hr mark at some point. Some of you may or may not known Rich Piana, who was this super-jacked former bodybuilder that became a huge internet influencer. He died from a drug overdose because he was a maniac. Although he looked like a freak, he was one of the 'realer' types who told you most supplements are BS and everyone is on steroids (he had no contracts). THat's what got him famous. It is such a joke when pro bodybuilders are trying to sell you BS supplements that they don't even take lol. He also did have this philosophical side to him and I remember he said the following: "There are people who talk about people There are people who talk about things And there are people who talk about ideas." It's so obvious that those of us who talk about ideas are a TINY minority. The rest are sucked into gossip about each other and talking about cars or sports. Rarely do I see people speak about ideas.
  5. @Scholar haha. its a play on Trump and Hillary Body Count hastags on Twitter.
  6. seems like we folks are a very small minority on this planet
  7. I still never got into spiral dynamics. To me its just another model to has no application to be frank and just turns into more labeling and judging things.
  8. @SunnyNewDay small world
  9. @Truth Addict dump her ass lol. @Serotoninluv nice lol.
  10. Well most people ARE selfish, so you would think that they would certainly want ot watch videos to help improve their life at first, until they realize its better to improve the world too.
  11. Has anyone here actually met Leo? How do we know he is not a holographic projection of alien AI?
  12. Psychonaut > Psychopath lol
  13. I personally found out these truths on a longer journey trying to fix my own issues. So it started with self help and lead to this stuff. I think we have to draw people in by their egos, in a sense... "Look what this can do for you." Once they experience that happiness of change, they will want to share it with others. This is how we all started.
  14. Well I think its important to share videos on social media and timelines as many times as you can. That increases the chance a video may hit home for someone. Perhaps share the more self-help videos he made rather than deep spiritual ones. In this way, once they see Leo's advice can help them personally, perhaps they will wonder what else is true?
  15. @AlldayLoop I just think most people are not driven by seeking