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  1. @Pernani Thanks you very much, wouah what a list !
  2. If you take take time to reflect on those questions, you might come up with answers that will help you to see how you can add value to others. What is unique in you ? How can you mix up a passion of yours on your content, your style of speaking/ writting ? And most importantly, from a scale 1 to 10 how much do you love yourself ? With myself, I have noticed that I don't always accept myself. So, I felt like I am not unique, I can't help others people ,... and the more I raise my self-esteem and accept my emotions and the I feel "legitimate" to be myself and to sharte it with the world. I am not perfect, I don't always 100 % feel worthy to have success and help people but I have puted it as a priority in my life : You can check the shadow work post on this forum, it has inspired me a lot as well to work on my shadow. I wish you all the best !
  3. I tried and I found it very liberating ! The kundalini version was also great ! I am including others form of dance meditation like the 5 rythms dance daily in my routine because it is an approach that helps me both psycholigicaly and spirtitualy to let go. ( In bonus, no need to do fitness any more )
  4. I find it very interesting, is it like mindfulness therapy or it is still another kind of therapy ? Thanks for sharing !
  5. Thanks for all your sharing everybody. Personnaly, what helps me is to use the label technique from the mindfulness méditation ( Leo shoted a video about it ) : So, during my day when I am walking, standing, working or so, I am using the label "feel", it helps me ! And also guided dance meditation, I love this guided dance meditation : I noticed that I am very often in my head and I need to connect with my body, since I have watched the video of Leo yesterday, I am already feeling more relax and at peace during my daily life. Much love <3
  6. Yes, there is a starting point everywere and it's proabably not random thing from the universe. I guess we are so lucky in our era to have access to knowledge and positif influence so easily.
  7. Yes, the same for me, when I heard it in your video, I was like "Maybe he is right ? " and then I thougt about it and I think we can create a true, sincere and deep connection with our audience even virtually. It's very human, like you have helped me so much in my life and at the same time I Have seen you so many times in differents videos, it's like if I knew you personnaly. lol So same for me, I love you <3 and I am very grateful also for the values that you provided with your life purpose.
  8. Personnaly, I am not opening the mouth. But everybody can have differents experiences, try and see what works the best for you. I try to follow a bit more my intuition on the details as Leo mentionned it because we are all differents beings with differents resonance.
  9. I very like this idea that we can meditate even while working. It make it more practical for pursuing a life purpose for me ! I am doing mindfulness meditation and while I am on my computer or doing anything I try to be connected to my thougts, it helps to be in the flow as you said. Evenso it's not always easy while talking or with too much stimulations or motions for me.
  10. Hello, I can say for my experience as I am pursuiing my life purpose for now 1 year that the more I deepen in the the spiritual path and the less I care about achievement and success. EVen the passion ! It was not easy to swallow for me because my life purpose is to motivate people to take action and to live a passionate life lol. So now, I am clear about my priority and I want to do my best to put enlightement/ awakening as my 1st priority in my life. I also try to be as mindful as I can during my day. It motivated when I lose motivation to advance my my life purpose to see it as an opportunity to be mindful. Every moment of my life are an opportunity to be aware and more conscious. Even now when I am writting this, I can choose to kind of meditate while doing it or just stay completely asleep while writting. At least I am doing my best :). Anyway, what helps me a hell lot in my spiritual journey thoses last weeks is to practice mindfulness of my mind during everymoment of my day ! I am constantly vigilant and asking my self "what was I thinking just now ? " or "Oh yeah I was thinking about what I am gonna eat for lunch" . It's kind of mindfulness meditation but focus mainly in thoughts and pictures. Maybe others sights will resonate more with you or the breathing awareness. So if it can helps to incorporate more that spirtual side even pursuing your life purpose, I'd be delighted for you. Good luck in your life and awakening, little by little, day after day we can see a little bit more the light shining throug us !
  11. Hahah I liked the funny style of the video, so simple right juste need the discipline to apply it hein ? ! But for the moment, I stopped intermetting fasting because I have somme issue with hypotension, they recommand to not skip any meal in this case. Thanks for sharing !
  12. @Lynnel I already had this kind of symptom. They it vanished. I also had some slight hurt in my neck a bit during my meditations but then it vanished as well. So do your best to be mindful if it come back in your next session
  13. Yeah great opportunity to grow here, I have experienced once recently this year. Keep going
  14. Thanks for the time you dedicate to that, looking forward for your findings