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  1. When you want someone’s affection and love so bad and it’s not reciprocated, but you stand aloof and sure of yourself that’s when you often get them.
  2. Well I think being on your phone/device for that amount of time would be quite detrimental to your retreat.
  3. Please describe what happened. I know doing so may hinder my own awakening but fuck it, share!
  4. @Leo Gura the city in Canada would be Calgary, Alberta. I have no idea of the demand for your tour.
  5. My god this would be amazing if you made it to Canada. I know it might sound like a waste of your time to some people but I’d probably ask you a lot of questions about Game and Pick up 😆 I’m so in my head about it and I feel like if I go on the journey to get good with women under my belt I’ll be in a better position to pursue enlightenment later.
  6. If you don’t need the meat you literally don’t have to explain shit to anyone. Your family will have to accept that and you need to face the consequences of that decision.
  7. Really hope it has to do with emotional healing.
  8. What will happen when I let go of control of doership? What then will I do?
  9. Why the hell do I keep seeking then? If I’m already enlightened, then what will happen when I “drop” the idea that I’m not enlightened. Will my life at least be more interesting and fun?
  10. There is no I therefore there is no one making the choices of my life? What then decides? What am I to do?
  11. The poetry of Hafiz, Rumi and Ryokan is just fucking awesome. Some of their stuff gets to me so much deeper than even a good meditation session. Here is one, hope you guys can share stuff you’ve found and a can all lighten this place up a bit.
  12. Orange with shades of green.
  13. Hi all, Just wondering if we could all perhaps do a little leg work and list some of the benefits of diving into staring at your own hand for 15 minutes a day? I'm starting this topic for motivation to begin practicing again.
  14. I know Leo said he wouldn't list the benefits of this practice, but can we speculate as what those benefits are just for kicks/motivation?