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  1. Why the hell do I keep seeking then? If I’m already enlightened, then what will happen when I “drop” the idea that I’m not enlightened. Will my life at least be more interesting and fun?
  2. There is no I therefore there is no one making the choices of my life? What then decides? What am I to do?
  3. The poetry of Hafiz, Rumi and Ryokan is just fucking awesome. Some of their stuff gets to me so much deeper than even a good meditation session. Here is one, hope you guys can share stuff you’ve found and a can all lighten this place up a bit.
  4. Orange with shades of green.
  5. Hi all, Just wondering if we could all perhaps do a little leg work and list some of the benefits of diving into staring at your own hand for 15 minutes a day? I'm starting this topic for motivation to begin practicing again.
  6. I know Leo said he wouldn't list the benefits of this practice, but can we speculate as what those benefits are just for kicks/motivation?
  7. Nisargadatta maharaj Rumi/Hafiz peter ralston eckhart tolle teal swan
  8. I have full understanding of water and all it’s material properties. It’s hydrogen and oxygen in certain proportions, it boils at 100 degrees centigrade at sea level. It can come in many forms and is a necessary component for life. I can look up the density...and so on. You are in a desert and have not had a drink for days, on the verge of death. Will all the understanding in the world be able to quench your thirst?
  9. DO you guys have some guided meditations for opening the heart?
  10. Hello, I think I am struggling with these 3 things, all my conversations and social interactions feel extremely forced at this point in my life. Do you guys have some resources/some Leo videos I could watch on these topics?
  11. I hope Leo does the shadow work video soon.
  12. “Life is a characteristic that distinguishes physical entities that have biological processes, such as signaling and self-sustainingprocesses, from those that do not, either because such functions have ceased (they have died), or because they never had such functions and are classified as inanimate.” From wiki So, yes, animals are alive.
  13. Cut out the porn and go down to wanking once a week if you can. Report back with the results.
  14. I don’t think any human can escape the inherent suffering that comes with getting old, getting sick, and having your friends and family do the same.
  15. I’ve been holding off on this thing for years, I want to set the intention to do this before Ike 35 so only have 3 years left to do so.