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  1. I tried ginko biloba and it seemed to work. Currently mine is like a 2, from years of going to raves, and not wearing earplugs 100 percent of the time.
  2. Chrono Trigger is the GOAT. RIP
  3. I dog sat for a week over Christmas, and I really loved the dog. Hope I can sort out my life enough to one day have a dog of my own.
  4. All I’ve found is that Arya was at one point a pretty extreme cyclist, and maybe had a bad scrape or two that messed up his spine. Also maybe a strong allergic reaction. I also know at one point half his face was dropping because of some disease. I will miss his guided meditations, some of them were so good, I purchased a bunch a few years back.
  5. Tucker leaving Fox is now the most beautiful news lol.
  6. There’s a video of him and Todd walking and talking for like 2 hours, don’t think it’s available anymore, that video alone is worth like $100
  7. Is he still in jail? Who has been tweeting on his twitter account?
  8. Are your friends going to help you go out and talk to girls? No, they know it’s your responsibility to handle yourself and your business.
  9. Ya and none of them should be president! Too old.
  10. Where the hell is that podcast with charisma on command or whatever pickup dude you talked to. Haven’t seen or heard about it.
  11. Leo can you, without getting into specifics, share some crazy pickup stories, just to get a little inspiration and see what’s possible.
  12. How are you guys dealing with the mask thing doing Daygame? A good number of the women walking around are wearing masks outdoors in my city.
  13. Yes, and I sent you an email through the contact page on your website, I bought the booklist but now can’t access it. Please advise.
  14. I have purchased the booklist, and one title, the science of success by Wallace Wattles, I am only able to find the science of being great. Is there a link to the book that Leo recommends?
  15. I hope you managed to answer the Free Will question fully this time.
  16. He gave minimal suggestions, like go see a movie by yourself or go to dinner by yourself. what are some other things? Like a 30 day challenge type regiment.
  17. I feel like meditating everyday is not good enough, or at least some guidance would be good while meditating.
  18. Seattle is the nearest city. Would be epic to talk game and maybe hit a club with you man lol.
  19. What is the title of the course Leo?