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  1. But of course I couldn't hold this state of mind but since then I'm acting as if I had free will but my intuition tells me that I don't have to worry because I'm not in control of my decisions. I've got a heavy monkey mind by the way, I can't even meditate.
  2. @Inliytened1 I once had an awakening experience when I realized that everything in my life had to unfold exactly as it did. It was this sudden realization out of nowhere which eventually got me into spirituality. So yeah, I felt like my whole life was guided by a higher force.
  3. The funny thing is if you believe in free will, you are always on the right track because if free will was an illusion, you could only have this belief because you didn't choose to believe in free will. If you don't believe in free will and free will was real, then you are fu**ed up. Besides I don't really believe in free will but my ego is not ready to give it up. For some people it is better to believe in free will whatever the truth is. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. If you force yourself to believe in no-free-will, you will usually catch yourself acting as if you had free will to reach this state of mind. That's what I can tell from my experience.
  4. @Hellspeed Follow the white rabbit.
  5. @kieranperez If there was a highest degree of enlightenment, you would achieve it.
  6. Alright, I know it's impossible to be happy and contented for the rest of your life but this is just a hypothetical survey as you all know Another interesting question would be: Would a person be happy and contented for the rest of his life if he was enlightened? Some answers might suggest that the person then knows that the ego doesn't exist and would no longer identify with emotions like satisfaction or depression. But is that really what you are looking for?
  7. @Preetom No, if you chose the blue pill, you could literally be anything (except for enlightened). You could change your age, gender, look, wealth, etc, whatever you imagine.
  8. @Mikael89 lol I have expected an answer like that. Since I am not enlightened, you are probably right. I still like to play the game of existence.
  9. Just a thought provoking question: Imagine you had a free choice between two options. If you took the blue pill, you would immediately fulfill all of your wildest ego dreams you've ever had and be contented for the rest of your life. If you took the red pill, you would be where you are now but you would immediately be enlightened for the rest of your life. Be honest to yourself. What would YOU choose?
  10. @whoareyou @whoareyou Oh yeah, that's another good example which made me sceptical.
  11. @whoareyou Yes, you are right. I'm not trying to hate on Leo but in my opinion he has evolved a big spiritual ego. If one reads his comments here on the forum, it gets very clear that he somehow feels superior now especially after his last enlightenment experiences. It almost seems as if it is not allowed to question or even criticize his insights. I've noticed many times that he does not respond correctly to some questions and prefers to teach people and reproaches them that they can not understand him because of their ego that stands in their way. One time he even made fun of some guy, laughed at him and called him a sheep. Noone except for him personally knows what he's been through but that doesn't sound like a wise man to me.
  12. @Truth Addict Mate, no need to take my message too seriously
  13. @Truth Addict @David Hammond @mandyjw As long as you guys keep on fighting each other and playing your ego games, you will never awaken to the universal oneness and love. PS: This message was delivered by my enlightened spiritual ego.
  14. Just don't jerk off everyday while watching porn, then everything is fine. Masturbation is a normal natural and especially relieving habit if it doesn't become an addiction.
  15. First of all, we have to define what free will is and how it works. What would be the basis for having free will? It would mean that I make a decision one hundred percent independent of all influences. Is that possible?