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  1. @Leo Gura @Leo Gura What's your current view on free will anyway? Have your last awakening experiences changed your view on free will? I imagine that in the infinite God state we have free will and prepare our life exactly how it will eventually unfold. That means that when I'm experiencing myself as a human from an ego perspective, there's nothing I can do and everything unfolds exactly as it should be because that's what I wanted to experience. What do you think about that?
  2. @Shaun You will never be able to prove that solipsism is true or false. You can only prove your own conscious experience that you have in this form as a human being. You have to decide if you want to worry about it all your life and eventually go insane or give yourself up to uncertainty and live in peace. All I can say is that I'm here consciously reading about your worries, but I guess that won't solve your issue. I've been constantly asking myself the same question but I've recently decided to no more worry about it because in the end it won't get you any further in your development. Stay strong.
  3. If free will didn't exist, what would be the purpose of intuition then? Even if free will was heavily limited, you could still choose if you either follow your intuition or your ego. It's up to you. The more spiritual advanced you are, the more free will you have. But you really need to accept yourself and live the present moment in order to make the 'right' choice. Besides, it's often the case that people force themselves not to believe in free will just to cope with their past and decisions they made. It may help for some time to accept yourself because it's hard to take responsibility for your decisions. I've been there, too.
  4. @ivankiss Another great contribution from you! I always feel your love and passion when reading your posts. Funny enough, I had a similar vision today. Synchronicity strikes again!
  5. @TheAvatarState Alright then But who are you refering to when you mention the devil for being responsible? Is it meant symbolically? Do you consider the ego to be the devil?
  6. It seemed to me that you did not trust me to understand and apply your knowledge because I 'haven't taken the necessary time, effort, and "skin in the game" to understand it.' Have you? Feel free to enlighten me.
  7. Sounds like you've developed a strong spiritual ego.
  8. @TheAvatarState And even if society or the devil were 'responsible' for making us feel like we have freedom of choices, it could not have been any different, right? I'm not a big believer in free will anyway, I just want to make peace with my ego which is still struggling with my assumption. My main problem is that I can't deal with all the hatred, violence and war in our world. I can't just say: okay, everything is fine, they are not guilty because they don't have free will. How would an enlightened person deal with that? 'Oh yeah, these people are me, we are all one, everything is fine if you rape that woman.'
  9. The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows
  10. I know the video, this time I wanna know the people's opinion because I think the community is quite divided concerning this topic.
  11. Do you believe in free will? Don't you believe in free will? Can anyone convince me whether free will is real or illusory?