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  1. There is a free will, but not on the ego level. If your ego had free will, it would try to avoid everything that is unpleasant because it hates to suffer and you couldn't experience those bad moments. In your higher form as God you determine everything that you want to experience in your limited form as a human being even if it hurts your ego. So your life is completely predetermined but it's still exactly what you want to experience as God. It's like two sides of the same coin.
  2. I just found this video really amazing and saw the similarities to Leo's teachings. I guess it's more a rhetorical question then
  3. Sorry, I forgot the YouTube link, I just edited it
  4. Honestly, the bald head is even pretty good for him, suits him better
  5. Awesome change but... What happened to his hair???
  6. I think several things are possible, being God is one of them. I approve or reject nothing at all. What I know is that I am one with the Universe and guided by a higher power and therefore my ego and will are an illusion. I could be this higher force myself as you say. But I have not had that experience before, although I think it's very plausible.
  7. When did I say that Hitler is NOT God? Please tell me. My question was neutral without any assumption, I'm very open-minded and unprejudiced. Sorry, if you misunderstood that. Regardless of what's true or wrong, you would get in trouble in Germany. That's what I was pointing to.
  8. @David Hammond I don't know what I am, but what I know is that I'm definitely not a Christian lol lol lol I think I might have sold my soul to the devil in my last incarnation
  10. What about people like Adolf Hitler? Are they god, too? Am I god, too? I live in Germany and if I tell people Hitler is God I will go to prison lol
  11. @Inliytened1 https://www.wisdom-of-spirit.com/spiritual-ego.html 'For many seekers of spiritual awareness, this specific type of ego we attach to our spirituality, is borne in the first moment it is perceived that a rather profound spiritual realization has arisen. It is that part of self that feels it has accomplished something very special and it causes us to feel superior in relation to others because we believe we have attained something that sets us apart from the masses.'
  12. @Vinnie okay, nice ??
  13. Who would admit that he has a spiritual ego? Do you sometimes catch yourself when your spiritual ego comes to light? Or are you so spiritually advanced and deny it in any case? I gotta be honest, I often catch myself but I think it's important to reflect on it. It's so sneaky that in most cases it wouldn't even consider that it exists. It is one of the toughest hurdles during the spiritual journey to overcome in my opinion because it's harder to recognize.