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  1. This video was quite a mindblower for me. I always thought that people want more or less the same things
  2. That is a limiting belief Leo You may well underestimate the number of people who are willing to host you in their cities. Welcome to Almaty, Kazakhstan! We have unique landscapes and mountains
  3. I guess Osho was talking about communes of some enlightened people. Otherwise all sorts of negative scenarios of interactions with other people that could harm the immature psyche of a child come to mind. I was thinking more about what family is and its future and I am not sure whether living in a commune is something that should be recommended to the modern day society.
  4. Here is what Osho said about families: A year or two ago I would have dissmissed statements like: " And with the family disappearing, nations will disappear, because the family is the unit of the nation" as insane. However now I understand that he sees a family and a nation as lines of separation.
  5. Leos recent video about raising the rockstar kids was great. In the final part of it he said that he himself is unsure whether he wants to have kids or not. This is because children either follow and embody the influence of their parents or react against it. Both reactions are often neurotic. Apparently, the problem lies in social conditioning and institutions. I wonder if family is to blame. On one hand, the institution of family just as the institution of marriage is simply a social concept and therefore could be questioned. On the other hand, having family is a human evolutionary instinct with mother and father of a kid coming together to raise her/him. Osho said that the marriage is a source of most of human suffering and children should grow up in the commune. He sees family almost as a root cause of all duality in the world. I have not found any opinions of other enlightened people such as Leo or Eckhart Tolle on that matter. What do you think?
  6. That was very helpful video. I would also recommend videos by Eckhart Tolle on awareness. They really resonate with my inner feelings and senses. While videos of Leo appeal to the rational mind. I find those two guys complementary for the self development.
  7. This is interesting insight. I think I was only trying to shine awareness on the parts of my self image that I consider dysfunctional and undesirable.
  8. After studying materials on enlightenment and meditating, I came to realize that dropping ego is not only about foregoing the negative story of me. I have many habits such as the repetitive thinking (positive) and external stimulation (in the form of movies, reading news and chess) that I enjoy. I also realized that many of them serve no purpose and are simply distractions of the mind. That made me anxious and restless. I must have judged myself. So, I decided to continue with my old habits as usual and only be more aware of what I am doing. It helped. However I also realized that I cannot enjoy my habits in the same way I did before. It is quite unpleasant feeling. I must also say that watching videos of Leo, Eckhart Tolle and Rupert Spira have changed my life for better. They helped to unwire many of my neurotic beliefs and behaviors. I became more grounded and peaceful. I wonder if the juicy side of the ego is one of the reasons why so few people follow enlightenment and non-duality teachings. Some people may be happy living life on their own terms and on the terms of the society they live in. Their “story of me” could be a positive one rather than a negative one as it was in my case, for example. You may say that truth is better than any delusion but it is hard to argue that they could have lived a happier life following spirituality. What do you guys think? How do you define the juicy side of your Ego? Was it hard to let it go?