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  1. I'm 29. Between age 9-14 all I wanted to do was to play football, and I did. The true passion in my life so far. My passion for football died when my knee started to give me troubles. But still today, when my country plays an important game, I get very excited. I can't explain why. It seems stupid. All you need for football is a ball. Anyone can play. And if you practice really hard, you can make it an art
  2. My favorite so far is the 50 min Kundalini practise. I will do more of his Chakra Kriya
  3. I recommend Jan Esmann's guided meditations. I've had some good experiences with them
  4. I'm new to this, and I can't say i've had any good results with lucid dreaming yet. I recommend Andrew Holecek's book "Dream Yoga". He has some good tips on this.
  5. Depression is a gift. Don't label is as a bad thing. It's a fucking gift. It gave me contrast, and i've never felt such love and lust for life. I see beauty everywhere. I want to thank Leo. He turned my life upside down. I want to thank everyone, i'm so grateful for everything. This has been the best year of my life. I also want to than myself. I showed myself that life is magic.
  6. Watched this last night. Really liked it. Beautiful pictures
  7. When you can't find your life purpose and you practice meditation instead
  8. I'm not sure. Last weekend I decided to take three tabs (300mcg). Previously I've tried one and two tabs. What can i say? I surrendered and "died" big time. Can't say I had any deep insights or anything like that. Previous trips i've had have been very pleasurable. But this was terror, lol. But at the same time I think it was an experience that I can learn from. It was like this dream I had about my life. It was very metaphorical where I had lost my hair on only one side of my head. I couldn't figure out why. But as i pushed my head to my shoulder some of my tension disappeared. The voice in my head slowed down, my hair was growing back. I was like my ego was fighting with my hair. Trying to make me depressed again. In this "dream" i learned how to grow all my hair back, and how i could become anything i wanted, and even god. I could have anything i wanted. I could live forever and do anything. But as I was waking up, I did not want this stuff. I wanted to stay and show my appreciation for what the world has given me. Contemplating death makes me feel more alive. As soon as i could I called my girlfriend telling her how much I love her. I think I showed to myself i'm going in the right direction. It was very humbling. I don't think I've ever felt such fear. My fear och becoming insane has never been so intense. I'm never doing three tabs again
  9. @Key Elements my inspiration for this was a music festival. But it might as well be Star Trek
  10. Removing snow and trees from a powerline