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  1. Seriously? Listen to yourself. Stop everything. You seem to be on the right track. Make life more simple
  2. I'm not denying that. Sorry to say you seem very condescending. In his last video he said that I need to read at least 300 hundred very, very important books. Hardcore technical books. Everything is relative. And books is just people talking in letters, just like this forum. There are different ways to relate to people. And fiction books can be just or even more important to some.
  3. That sounds fantastic. Now i'm going to watch the 4(!!!) hour video to get my pleasure! Doing the real work. Thanks for your guidence. I was lost but now I'm found
  4. I rather watch porn for four hours than Leo's face. Real masturbation > mental masturbation Hope you have reached nirvana lol
  5. Inspiration, energy and guidence. The kind when you know you should sleep but just can't wait for tomorrow to arrive
  6. Hmm... I remember when i watched my first video with Leo. I was drinking heavily (still do some times), and I found the video on addiction. It flipped my life upside down. I watched a bunch of videos and i started to meditate for a short time every day. Eventually my mind became quiet, and I was stunned. It remained unusually quiet for a day or to and I will be forever thankful to Leo for his videos and contribution here on the web. Everything YOU say, you say MOSTLY to yourself. So... videos are getting way too long and boring in my opinion. I feel like Leo is getting more and more lost. I thought a two hour video was to much. But four hours? C'mon...
  7. Guided meditation part 1 was useful for me. Make more pratical videos
  8. I'm 29. Between age 9-14 all I wanted to do was to play football, and I did. The true passion in my life so far. My passion for football died when my knee started to give me troubles. But still today, when my country plays an important game, I get very excited. I can't explain why. It seems stupid. All you need for football is a ball. Anyone can play. And if you practice really hard, you can make it an art
  9. My favorite so far is the 50 min Kundalini practise. I will do more of his Chakra Kriya
  10. I recommend Jan Esmann's guided meditations. I've had some good experiences with them
  11. I'm new to this, and I can't say i've had any good results with lucid dreaming yet. I recommend Andrew Holecek's book "Dream Yoga". He has some good tips on this.