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  1. When you can't find your life purpose and you practice meditation instead
  2. I'm not sure. Last weekend I decided to take three tabs (300mcg). Previously I've tried one and two tabs. What can i say? I surrendered and "died" big time. Can't say I had any deep insights or anything like that. Previous trips i've had have been very pleasurable. But this was terror, lol. But at the same time I think it was an experience that I can learn from. It was like this dream I had about my life. It was very metaphorical where I had lost my hair on only one side of my head. I couldn't figure out why. But as i pushed my head to my shoulder some of my tension disappeared. The voice in my head slowed down, my hair was growing back. I was like my ego was fighting with my hair. Trying to make me depressed again. In this "dream" i learned how to grow all my hair back, and how i could become anything i wanted, and even god. I could have anything i wanted. I could live forever and do anything. But as I was waking up, I did not want this stuff. I wanted to stay and show my appreciation for what the world has given me. Contemplating death makes me feel more alive. As soon as i could I called my girlfriend telling her how much I love her. I think I showed to myself i'm going in the right direction. It was very humbling. I don't think I've ever felt such fear. My fear och becoming insane has never been so intense. I'm never doing three tabs again
  3. @Key Elements my inspiration for this was a music festival. But it might as well be Star Trek
  4. Removing snow and trees from a powerline
  5. Some swedish music for your trips. Aldrig nånsin komma ner = Never ever coming down
  6. @Joel3102 The apps name is Brightmind? Can't find it on my android...
  7. I find this chimp reference fascinating and funny. Could anyone recommend any good documentaries about chimps?
  8. I started the course but got really stuck when it came to visualizations, so I stopped. First time i tried psychedelics i was drawing for hours. Finally being able to visualize and be creative again. Alot of mental blocks were torn down. When i started to come down from the trip, tears of joy flooded my face =) So many years passed me without being able to be creative. So, now i'm doing the course again. From the beginning.
  9. I think this is the one. Thank you and love, Waves
  10. Electrician (lineman)
  11. I'm looking for a specific episode that made a big impression on me. I watched it about a year ago, but can't remember which one it was. He is talking about big picture stuff. Connecting all the dots after reading alot of books, contemplating, etc. Any ideas? I've been looking like crazy, but there's sooo many videos