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  1. As a musician, I find deep deep fulfilment from deliberate practice. It has become effortless in the sense that I don't need to force myself to do it - I will always find myself practicing. Of course undertaking more advanced practice can be challenging and frustrating, and no doubt requires mountainous effort. But practice is an art unto itself, and must be respected. My deep passion for my instrument and mastery are what cultivates this. Cultivating the habit of practice should come before the practice itself. Do it mindfully, creatively, strategically, and it might not be as difficult as the article proposes. It can become a meditation, and not a mechanical routine that bores you. Certainly, I have found this to be the case in my own experience.
  2. I would say that it is indeed important to discover what your passion is (or even better, what your life purpose is, and how your various passions assist that cause). I see passion to be the language of the heart, and if you are undertaking work from a very passionate stance, you are not only fulfilling your hearts desire of ultimate self-expression, but people will be really connecting with your work, and be truly healed/inspired/motivated/whatever effect you want to have. Such is the difference between a musician like Mozart, and, say, a typical mumble rapper of today's day and age. However, as Newport points out, don't blindly think that because you have your passion, you will sky-rocket your way to the stars. It has to be cultivated through determination and discipline, through deliberate practice and strategy. You might say an ultimate expression of your passion must be earned. On the flip-side, this isn't so difficult, because if you are really honest about it, deliberate practice should become effortless.
  3. You've just returned home with the most genius, beautifully crafted MMORPG game that was ever made. The game designer of this one remains anonymous, and 10 days prior to release, he said "there are no limits to what you can do in this game. Have fun!" You enter the game. What do you do? Explore what the world has to offer? Master a set of skills that compliment the class you chose? Undertake quests? Go on adventures? Make your character look sick as fuck? Build a legendary legacy for all proceeding players to benefit from? Do some role-play with your buddies? Realise you are the game designer?? Or, of course you could just stay in the tutorial zone... but that's kinda boring. It's all up to you
  4. My domain of mastery is piano performance / composition and writing. I like this idea of 'sage mode'. I'm just imagining, after 50 years of consciousness work and piano mastery, would it be possible to enter 'sage mode' during a performance, and play with a level creativity never seen before? That touches people like none other? Only one way to find out. And then writing mastery to be able to share the journey there through blog posts, stories and novels, much like Leo is sharing his journey through videos.
  5. Got up and went to work . I work in a little food/drink caravan on a golf course. The golfers ask .. “what do you do up here all day? Sit on your phone ?” I just laugh .. they don’t understand. There’s so much to do out here! Read, write , meditate , contemplate ... the list just goes on. If I didn’t take on these disciplines , likely I would suffer from boredom.
  6. I encountered a similar issue whilst taking the Life Purpose course. I wanted to pursue writing, film, and mainly music, yet was also confronted by this notion of picking one thing and honing in. What I ended up with was a life purpose that encompasses all that I wish to achieve, and I'm flying with it so far, the impact statement being "create art that inspires people to purse self mastery". You say "pick one thing and grind it out until you see success". I think this is a reasonable strategy. For me, I'm primarily focussing on music by putting the most time/effort/dedication into it, and then writing second by putting half as much time/effort/dedication. As I see success in my music path, I've essentially paved the way of how I can achieve things regarding my life purpose, and I can fly with that with my writing. For example I discover insights into the mastery process, how I learn, how to train/practice efficiently, and how my creative spikes work. I can draw from these insights when I want to get more serious about my writing. Also, the idea is to see such success with my music that I will be granted more time and more income from that so that I can better leverage my time to also do my writing, and perhaps film and any other pursuits. In this regard, I can fully achieve the impact I want on all fronts. Hope this helps!
  7. Yeah I get that feeling! For me, my 'work' at this stage would be busking on the waterfront in town. It's absolutely thrilling. I've only done it a few times now, but every time I decide to go I get such a rush just leading up to it. It's because, for me, when I busk, I'm self actualising myself as a musician. I'm able to fully express myself as a musician, share the art that I've written to the world, and create magical moments for people. And that's an amazing feeling. I have a full time job in a restaurant, and I'm good at this because I actually studied Hospitality management. But it's not THRILLING. Busking jabs right at the heart of my life purpose! And that's the most satisfying thing there is! Furthermore, I'm beyond excited to really pursue this gig full time, spend hours working out a better set list, training to become a better performer, etc.
  8. I discovered a link between the life I live and the art that I create, after contemplating the tunes I wrote and the corresponding time of my life. I concluded that if I, say, continue to do adventurous missions such as epic hikes into the mountains and the bush, then the music I write will reflect that. This reflection effect also seems to happen with big life events. For example with the passing of my dog recently, out pops a song that captures her life so accurately, and the meaning it had to me. I didn't sit down and try to compose a song. It just came. That's pure inspiration. I think these artists you mention are drawing their inspiration from these tragic or unfortunate life events. But that's what seems to fill their cup. If they fill their cup with fruitful experiences, then perhaps their art might reflect that. And then everybody can have a sip.
  9. @Nahm Haha I appreciate your comment so thank you! I think I need a bit more time to fully explain the rest - I'm still experiencing the story as it is and trying to understand it for myself! But the main points go something like this: A profound sense of familiarity was showing up very frequently in my life. More frequent cases of De ja Vu were happening - almost every day. And a deeper sort of De Ja Vu that I find very difficult to describe. The best was I can put it is, when I met somebody - I knew them! I knew this person, I had met them before, yet, I had never met them before. I made an important discovery for myself recently regarding the sharing of information. The Celestine Prophecy states that every chance interaction has a purpose, and that if we pay attention, open ourselves up, and express ourselves authentically, then important information shall be shared that will benefit both individuals on their journey. After really integrating that, I found myself sharing to people the right information that will benefit me and them - for example telling them I am a musician. With 2 hitchhikers I picked up not 1 week ago - just before they got out of the car they told me they were also musicians and have jam sessions every Thursday night in town. Well fuck me, I just went to my first one last night - I've been in this town almost 2 years, and this was a little hidden gem, a buzzing beehive of the most talented musicians in town, jamming out in a little hidden party! I was flabbergasted to tell the truth. The implications of such a discovery for me... I can't even begin to fathom.. Also was chatting with a guy yesterday who openly mentioned his interest in Non-duality. I've literally never heard this from anybody I've just met, and was very excited! He shared with me his youtube channel - Rupert Spira - and I shared mine - Leo Gura / . We proceeded to have one of the most stimulating discussions I've had in a while. So that's just a few more points I've discovered! Very happy to share it on here!
  10. @Nahm Yeah absolutely! I'll try briefly tell the story of how I realised the 1st insight. I had just finished college, needed a job, but left it at the back of my mind as I spent the week or so chilling with friends down in a different city. I get a phone call - "Hey mate, this is Jimmy, do you want a job trial at ______ restaurant on monday?" I respond: "Heck yeah I do! Btw, what restaurant is this? I didn't apply for any restaurant!" Just like that, I got a job. Boom. I was with my friends at the time, and we were just heading into a second hand hospice store. I'm never really a big fan of these stores, but I decide to go in anyway. My body is randomly directed towards the dusty bookshelf in the corner. It looks very un-satisfying in the way of anything interesting, but my eyes continue to browse, and eventually pick out "The Celestine Prophecy!" A very spiritual friend of mine one year prior casually mentioned it to me, so I knew it was worth a grab and a read. I purchased it for $1.00. Now, the first insight talks about coincidences happening in one's life - situations that feel destined to occur to assist you on your path. This can be the starting point of a spiritual awakening, when an individual realises "Okay, something deeper and more profound is happening in the works there". In the first insight, Redfield also states that these insights must be experienced individually and not just read. It felt so ridiculously coincidental to me that this book just appeared, literally minutes after getting this new job, rendering the job very meaningful. Therefore, that in itself had already defined the first insight for me, which made me believe in the 1st insight, and consequently get excited about the following 8 insights. I started working the job, and it's literally a fucking paradise. I couldn't have landed a more perfect job for myself, even if I did try. The most beautiful spot in the whole area, with the most amazing team, lovely relaxed customers to serve, amazing food, etc etc. I was in that job for a reason, and I knew that. It's been 2 months now, and I've integrated a few more of the insights from the Celestine Prophecy, and now have a very profound grasp as to why I landed that job, and how that plays out in the life of not just me but also the life of the place I'm in - Queenstown, New Zealand. Fuck, I might need to just write a book or blog about it! I'm just glad I started journalling heavily this year, otherwise all this experiential gold would be lost forever!
  11. Behold Jeremy Soule~!! (One of my personal favourites of his) I'm sure many of you have been influenced by this man's amazingly beautiful, soul touching music. He composed the soundtracks to the Elderscrolls series, Skyrim, and Guild Wars/ Guild Wars 2. Take it to an awe inspiring environment, or meditate on it. Add it to the soundtracks of your life. It was originally designed to enhance the richness, great beauty, and adventurousness of the worlds you get to explore in Skyrim, Gw, etc. Take it out to the real world, and it will have the same effect, if not FAR more profound! Cheers! JSC
  12. Find the money to purchase Leo's life purpose course, and then go for it! Make it a priority. It's the biggest investment you can make on yourself - and trust me, it will pay infinite dividends lol.
  13. Interesting stuff huh. For me, the law of attraction defines the natural flow of how my life is moving. When I get closer to my most authentic self, by embodying the truths I discover through consciousness work, and actively pursuing my life purpose - it feels like the universe is assisting me on my path by offering me circumstances, conversations and people that are very aligned with the direction of my life. From how I see it, these offerings are happening for everybody every day, except most people cut this natural flow, and lack the awareness to understand the implications of such chance encounters that have them saying "Man, what a coincidence!" In my example, now that I've really set myself on my life purpose/music career by actively pursuing it, I happen to be experiencing chance encounters with other musicians, consequently being invited to more jam sessions, and learning ideas and concepts that help me a great deal on my path. It's become almost effortless. So, to me, the law of attraction just feels like a natural by-product of being on the path to enlightenment/self actualisation/true self. My 2 cents. (A great book that helped me understand these ideas is The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield).
  14. @ajasatya Thank you! I appreciate your comment
  15. Latest song. Trying to express the 'Ladybug', otherwise known as 'oneitis', through the piano. I suffered from this, and it really held me back from self actualisation. Or, just picture a ladybug coasting through it's existence - upon a wish, like a dandelion flower. I hope you enjoy!