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  1. One of my tunes.
  2. Hey Ragib I've taken LSD several times, and had 1 particularly profound experience regarding my life purpose. I decided to celebrate after I finished composing my first album, and completed editing my first music video for one of my songs (small bets I was making towards my life purpose). After some good yarns with mates over a platter of spring rolls (those little mini ones that are fuckin delicious with sweet chilli sauce), I decided to journey home on what felt like an eternal taxi drive. When I got home, I just indulged in the works I had created. I played through my whole album, and watched the video I made several times. I was truly flabbergasted. My piano playing was majestically perfect, like I had super conscious control over the emotions I put behind every single note. I was where ultimately strive to be as a pianist. I had this profound feeling that this art I had created was not my own, and was just the work of infinite creation, and I was just an onlooker. It was so beautiful, and left me in absolutely awe , wonderment, bliss. From that, I was pretty certain that I had found my life purpose, and in that moment, I was experiencing the very impact I want my art to have on others. In my case, I had already kind of found my life purpose, but the LSD certainly confirmed it for me. As to finding that thing, I think it can be used as a tool. Just creating stuff and doing what feels natural whilst on pshyedelics might very well lead to that thing we can pour our souls into.
  3. Be in that fantasy! You are the protagonist - the FRODO!, and you are capable of walking the heroes journey, to the fires of Mt Doom!. If you don't meditate already, start meditating. You will develop a clear mind, and will be more focussed with the visualisations that you appear to be struggling with. All the best!
  4. Hey Dan, I'm also 20, and was in a similar situation earlier this year. I play piano, compose music, love to write, enjoy making videos, want to be a public speaker, and really just want to travel the world. I had a lot of confusion too. I was originally focussed on being a musician and writing music, but with my desire to travel ablaze, I just didn't see it working out. Not to mention story ideas that I felt needed to be shared with the world were buzzing in my head. The idea that I should choose one thing to focus my efforts didn't sit right with me. I wanted to compose all this music, and write these epic novels in the future, and make videos, and travel. I took the life purpose course to figure out what to do, and it took awhile until I found the answer, but I found it through much contemplative thought. -I contemplated why I enjoyed doing all these things. What did I love about it? What was the purpose behind me doing it? It all pointed to creating and expressing ART that moves people. -I thought about what I wanted to get out these things in the long run. With piano, really, I came to the conclusion that I just wanted to master the piano for the sake of mastering the piano. My thought process was "Man, what would it be like to truly know the piano? What kind of art could I create if I have mastery of this instrument?". I pictured myself at 50 with the ability to fully harness the piano, and the potential of my own creativity. How much fun I would have, how moving my music could be...That in itself was enough to get me practicing piano for 2-3 hours daily. -I held the belief that I could succeed in all these areas of life I enjoyed most, and I knew I would find a way, I just needed to think outside the box. I did, and came up with such ideas as throughout my 20's, I could travel around the world in a van with a piano in the back, seeking inspiration from the most beautiful vistas, pouring it into music and busking to the streets. Such a lifestyle would also cater for my writing, video making, consciousness work, language learning, etc. I thought that I could spend my 20's just cultivating these skills and enjoying life. God knows where this would take me in my 30s. So, through contemplation, I found a vision for my life that encompasses all the things I wish to achieve. I just needed to align my day to day actions to meet that vision. With music as my forefront, I started to prioritise that, and spend most of my energy practicing piano. Writing books is more of a long term goal, so I put less focus on my writing but still practice a little bit every day, and will practice harder in the future. I hope that my experience helps you a little bit! Have faith in the process, and believe that you can achieve your potential. Keep contemplating, you may be surprised by some of the answers you generate within. Cheers! JSC
  5. I was really chained in by this belief that I needed to find my life companion / "other half" in order to fully succeed with my life purpose. For quite some time, I was coaxed by this idea. Frantic in trying to make a relationship work, I was conceptualising all these great possibilities for what could be achieved, yet still sitting around and doing absolutely nothing for myself. I was jostled into action when I realised how hopeless I had become as a result of that belief.
  6. Make sure your habit changes are positively motivated. Cultivate a powerful vision for how your life will look if you successfully tackle a certain habit. Think about how much time, energy, money, health, etc you will gain as a result of eliminating that habit from your life. Reinforce this positive outcome through journalling and visualisations. Also use journalling as you go about tackling the habit. Dissect your thought processes as you confront the desire to indulge in the habit, and write it down. Even if you do submit to the habit, don't feel guilty. Get present, and simply observe how it makes you feel. Over time if you do this you will accrue a bunch of notes on strategies you personally used to overcome the habit in that moment. You might find substitutions for your habit that prove to be effective. Do what works for you. Tackling negative habits is a difficult path to manoeuvre, so don't feel guilty if you fail. Just keep pushing forward diligently, and know of the freedom that awaits! All the best.
  7. Queenstown, New Zealand! If you make it this far south hit me up!
  8. I've got a stage where I very much look forward to the time I spend on deliberately practicing the piano. However this took years of beating around the bush, getting lazy, being unmotivated, and just lacking a compelling vision for where I wanted to be as a pianist. The life purpose course really set me straight, and I really started working on the mastery process, and doing practice every day. Even still, it was labouring and difficult to firmly establish a 2 hour daily practice routine that actually progressed me. The magic happened when I got creative with it. I set up a creative zone, by putting my piano keyboard in the corner with a nice lamp, and hanging up a bunch of photos that inspired my. I put up my ME sheet, my goals, pictures of my idols, some colouring in I did, a picture of my dog, and some cool photos I took. Now I love spending time here. I'm deeply inspired to practice even harder just by seeing the faces of my idols, and by going over my life purpose, values list, and goals. 'If I'm going to spend 2 hours in one place, I may as well make it fuckin groovy!' I thought. It's amazing how such simple little changes can make a world of difference.