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  1. Self-taught. Read many books, looked at many charts.
  2. Shakazula: I've been deep into astrology for many years. It's useful information, but ultimately it's conceptual, it doesn't replace direct beingness and intuitive knowingness. I can look at your chart and tell you stuff, but you can only use that information upto your current level of awareness, ego resistances, etc. E.g. "life purpose" is the moon's North Node placement. That's "easy" to figure out. But life has been showing you what's good for you (life purpose) since the day you were born. It's just that many people refuse to listen or believe.
  3. They are not about enlightenment per se, because enlightenment is a statistically rare occurence, so why confuse the matter for those who aren't ready for it anyway?
  4. 700s stage. I spent 5 days in it. It's better than the previous stage, but you don't get to experience the glory of Don't Know Mind that you eventually get at 1000. If you get to 700s, you are accelerating quickly, so there's no reason not to say "hi" and be on your way promptly. "Don't Know Mind" is the bees knees; compared to it all previous stages pale by comparison.
  5. It's easier to explain using a metaphor. What do you call a wave on the ocean? The ocean. The wave is separate only conceptually. God = ocean; "you" = wave.
  6. In my experience, it's an inevitable part of the awakening process, so Leo is not exempt or immune from it and neither is virtually anyone else. As long as there is an I-thought (i.e. the little "I"), it will attach itself to thoughts, feelings, desires, etc. and identify with them. Seeking is by nature an egocentric process. The mind usually dissolves in stages, so you are clinging to something all the way to sahaja. Even between 1000 and sahaja there's a deconditioning and integration process taking place which still feels like you're not fully done.
  7. Political ideologies = belief systems. What you think is true. Sahaja = "Don't know" mind. You don't believe any of your thoughts. Thoughts may arise, thoughts may go away, but consciousness remains. You don't get stuck on anything. This is liberation. Freedom. Until you reach sahaja, you are still getting stuck on thoughts, progressively less-and-less hopefully (but sometimes not so noticeably.) So don't feel bad that you still some kind of an -ist. There is still thought stickiness. Keep focusing on essence, don't worry about the peripheral.
  8. I'm l33t, bro. I like the way you're thinking here. Their perceived limited selves do not exist, the infinite Self is the only existence. See, even that sentence will not have the desired effect, because "Infinite Self" is distancing. Direct language simply fails at this. This is why the Bible is full of metaphors and pointers. My favorite analogy is if you're a wave on the ocean, you're still the ocean. The "wave" is an abstraction, language produces a sense of duality, separateness, but the seeming discrete unit is just the whole.
  9. The I-thought is not the Universal-I. It is precisely the thought that, as you said, creates the limitations/separations surrounding the I. When you experience the Universal-I you're not capable of generating the thought "I,I, I me, me, me." That departs at "1000." Another way of describing the I-thought is "any trace of ego." Any trace down to the very core.
  10. It depends. In sahaja you're free from all constraints, so you do what you really want. If Leo wanted to keep running actualized.org, he would, if he didn't, he wouldn't. The only thing that really changes is that you lose any trace of ego compulsions, constraints and conditioning to do stuff you don't really want to do. So the real issue for him would be "how does running it accord with my true desires?" The degree to which it didn't accord with them is the degree to which it would change if it didn't end completely.
  11. There is only The Absolute, The Supreme Self, The Universal "I" Consciousness, The Perfect Peace, whatever you want to call it. There is no world, there is no other, it's all an appearance, a 3d movie or a hologram or a dream or something like that. There is only "I."
  12. I thought so too, Zoey, but apparently it's not about that, it's that pork has lectins which agglutinate blood for ALL blood types. Beef doesn't, chicken doesn't, turkey doesn't, lamb doesn't, etc. Some of them may agglutinate for some types, but none for ALL types. Only pork/bacon. Now, the stuff about seafood may have to do with what you wrote, but not pork. Edit: here's a better answer: Q: Why is pork an avoid for all blood types? A: Pigs (like most non-humans) induce xenoreactive antibodies which in turn upregulate our own anti-ABO antibodies (the isohemagglutinins). This antigen in pigs, galactose alpha-(1-3) galactose, is apparently the target for these antibodies (which all adult humans have.) Though found in many mammals, pig xenoreactive antigens are probably more potent than most, since virtually every human carries antibodies to pork. Indeed, in every patient on whom I've ever tested blood group antibody levels, and who was a big pork consumer, the levels of antibody titer were always elevated.
  13. Once you reach "1000"/The Absolute (i.e. no more I-thought) there is a purification period which can last from months to years. I've been at 1000 for nearly 7 months before experiencing "this state" for a day. I can't control whether I enter into it but people who know say once the purification period ends it becomes permanent. Does it have anything to do with perfect peace? Yes, it is perfect peace. Wouldn't perfect peace be the original/natural way to be? Yes, some call sahaja "the natural state." I honestly think discussion of this highly esoteric topic does more harm than good, and certainly Sadhguru's 90% figure is outrageous B.S. I would guess it almost never happens in reality, especially to Westerners, so for all intent and purpose IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.
  14. The only thing that gets reincarnated is the I-thought. After you reach "1000" (i.e. kill the I-thought) there is no more reincarnation.
  15. Yes, that's been my experience of sahaja (which has not fully stabilized): like you're just watching a 3d movie and experience Only Don't Know mind. I think the third person phenomenon is referred to as non-doership. You seem to have the markers of self-realization/"1000", close to stable sahaja. Again, these are all concepts, but the experience you seem to describe matches mine.