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  1. Every action in our life is selfish. Even you do something for others you do it for own purpose -> your values, believe system etc.
  2. I have tinnitus too, so you're not alone. I was depressed because of it, but acceptance is all can do. For me it's not problem anymore. Just dont focus and give any attention to it.
  3. Tinnitus Community, Support, Forum
  4. I also have it. Reason ? Propably Loud music from headphones, club etc ? Most people try to avoid this ,,sound'' they play some music, TV, fans etc, but its escape. It's not a problem itself, but how you see the problem. You have to change your attitude. I know it's easy to say, but its true. There is no cure for it if you demage your hearing (guns, concerts, loud music). Tinnitus is only symptom. Surely, It will be better in time. We call it HABITUATION. After time your mind, brain will stop ,,notice'' this high pitch sound. Trust me. After year of having tinnitus and don't give a fuck about this anymore. Once I released acceptance is all I can really do. There are people who have much worses deaseses, remember. I hope it helps
  5. Leo Anthony De Mello - such a shame that nobody mention about him on this forum ! Sadhguru Vernon Howard Gurdijeff Guy Finley Eckhart Tolle Osho
  6. Affirmations = Mechanicalness = Not Awareness = Robot Life = DEATH.
  7. Sterted when I was 7... now 33.
  8. music/ DJing, personal dev, helping animals (cats, dog etc), engineering. So nothing really change
  9. You're chasing money or passion ? Choose. If you will be good, master at anything money comes to you anyway.
  10. Like U.G Krishnamurti said : it's all about survive and FUCK !
  11. Personally, I quit most of this stuff chimpery stuff after watching this video 2 years ago, because I realized how this things ruin my life, my authenthic self. For example for me being in relationship, love, romance etc is total waste of my precious time because im natural lone, solitude guy