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  1. @Barbarian Number 8 I guess I like the distinction of drugs. Like psychedelics, mind numbing like heroine or cocaine and pharma. Otherwise it's like saying food is bad. But there is a difference between salad and frozen pizza.
  2. The only thing I could say is, I was into RSD but not anymore. When you take a leave and look at the content with fresh eyes a half a year later you will see that indeed they have bloated ego's. They do however know what they are doing in the dating environment. I guess their world view exist of only girls so when you then conquer that you feel like you have conquered the world.
  3. Cool! I like the name but I guess it sounds a bit corny. its hard getting a good name. Sultan I like but smile idk. It feels like putting a serious word with a very non serious word if you know what I mean. A good tip I have is to ask yourself: Would I like this name in 10 years? this really helped me. Looking forward to seeing some content brother! as for advice I would say, just start and do. Your improvement will come along the way.
  4. He has a whole section in his course. A lot of exercises for discovering your personal values.
  5. @Barbarian Number 8 I fear how you call it drug use. seems like you are putting heroine and lsd in the same categories. A friend of mine became much more social and had less anxiety after doing psychedelics.
  6. I personally don't have experience with chakra's but. Yoga is feeling into/awakening your body.
  7. @Ether & @Charlotte I think she was going to say. Start doing yoga and open your chakra's.
  8. @sarapr I think facebook as a platform its so big and complex that the senators don't really know whats going on behind the screens.
  9. So Good They Can't Ignore You says: Passion mindset: What can my job give me? If I follow this job it can give me fulfillment, I can get this and that and so on. Craftsman mindset: What can I give to the world? How can I get better so I can produce more value for other people. I think that is why you should focus on the craftsman mindset. When you focus on the passion mindset it's like looking for happiness. You're chasing it but it always looks like this is not enough there must be something more. As for liking a lot of things. It's not really about what you like, it's about what you can offer. I mean I like internet marketing, personal development, reading, programming, climbing, growing crops, filming, graphic design, going out in nature and exploring. But when you're avarage at a whole lot of things you can't offer heaps of value. So either you find something which incorporate all the interest you have or you choose a thing and deliberately get better at a skill with the end goal of delivering as much value as you can.
  10. Thanks for that exercise of pavlina it got me a step further towards my LP.
  11. @Raymondo Brhu read 2 pages back everybody is saying its like being on drugs but different. How is that no results? I did, you have to push through the fear of not being able to move and the fear of these weird effects. If you continue through these things weird shit will start to happen. I cry the second time started rolling around and shit.
  12. Yes, I use may laptop, main computer and mobile. And I'm not banned. (yet lol)
  13. @egoless Your asking a very nuanced question there is no concrete yes or no. I think the point that @Girzo wants to make and the point that I fully stand behind is that: you should focus more on the niche and quality of content rather than the YouTube algorithm. At least when you're starting from scratch. If you focus on a specific market need aka niche and you create quality content with a good title and thumbnail you will rank. No matter what country your video is uploaded from. Remember that the main goal of YouTube is to keep people on the site watching more videos. If your video keeps people on the site and coming back to the site YouTube will rank you high no matter what country you're from.
  14. You're actually depriving your brain of oxygen lol.
  15. 1. Your reasoning is flawed in this statement. Is there a point in having sex with animals? People still fucking do it. 2. How do you know it kills all these things in the first place? you're taking a default position. The CONCEPTS exist as CONCEPTS. A label to verify a certain behavior. There is only a direct experience of nonduality which I never experienced as soon as you reach it through beliefs or actions you have not found it you just thought you did. The only way to know what “is” would be to ask early humans, but that is lost to us. Early humans did not know what "is" they were too busy surviving.
  16. 1. There is no purpose or point. 2. "nonduality" doesn't kill anything. It will let you see it never existed in the first place.
  17. @Recursoinominado Yes why not, I do it on the floor because my bed is not that big. You must have space tho or you could roll off your bed.
  18. Yoga, kundalini work or SER, probably many other techniques There are a variety of ways to release trapped emotions: acupuncture, journaling, talk therapy or even exercise. But the most reliable method I know of is SomatoEmotional Release (SER), an approach I developed along with biophysicist Zvi Karni at MSU. SER was designed specifically to release trapped emotions and allow the physical ailments that often accompany them to resolve naturally. The powerful results often include improved body functioning, loss of pain, greater mobility and more enjoyment of life. Understanding the Full Range of Responses The release of painful or hurtful emotions can cause clients to react in many different ways. They might burst into tears, curl into a fetal position, curse, shake, laugh uncontrollably or even strike the massage table.
  19. Well I wouldn't recommend it. My hands balded up really hard and I thought I was damaging them in my session. My thumbs are still soar from it. I have not read anyone else who had that experience but it can happen so watch out.
  20. After yesterday I tried it again today because I felt like I could take it a little bit farther. Used shamanic music instead of the Lo-Fi beats I had last time. Duration: I think 20 minutes of breathing 10 minutes afterward of weird shit. Started slowly doing it everything started tingeling again. After about 10 minutes I started swaying by body from left to right trying to get in more of a trance getting myself out of my head into my body. This worked, very well! Sway left breath in, sway right breath out and so on. after 5 minutes of doing that I noticed that I was breathing with my throat a little bit constricted so I started breathing with it wide open. This catapulted the effects, couldn't move or feel my hands they were fisting up to the point that I thought it was not really healthy to pinch them together so hard lol. *Next time I will keep my thumbs outside of my fist.* My jaw was tingeling not as much as last time tough, I couldn't move my feet anymore. When I felt like stopping I stopped, I think I was 20 minutes in I don't know tho I couldn't move its hard to look at you mobile that way. After I stopped I was kind of stressing out that I couldn't move anything, I started crying and rolling around a bit. Then I stopped and everything was peaceful. I don't cry a lot so this was weird for me but it felt really good afterwards. Than I just layed on the ground like a disabled person, when I calmed down and stood up there were 28 minutes on the timer.
  21. Amen to this ^^^^ , and for some context here. I live in Holland and for 20 years I have never been approached by a stranger that has asked me out. So stick that one time in your pocket. I'm a guy so its different for us but still take a look at the bigger picture.
  22. Hahahaha this post cracked me up. So relatable lol.
  23. @thehero Don't become dependent on people, keep your options open. I want to help you but this seems like a more complex problem we can't help you if you just post 2 sentences.