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  1. @ashashlov thanks. ❤.
  2. @Salaam aww. Thats sweet. I mean like i was single most of life because i feel like the people i met is shallow. Not awake if you know what i mean. But i am also afraid that maybe i am being judgmental, but no matter how hard i tried i always lost interest. Is there something wrong with me? 😂
  3. @Michael569 waa. That's sad. Aside from sexual attraction you could also have deep and meaningful relationship with other person.
  4. @Shin haha. Not likely. Theres not a lot from PH here.
  5. @egoeimai what about the intimacy?
  6. Has anyone find their "one" yet? Was it always magical like they say? Immediate connection, sparks , etc. etc.
  7. @Seed how to fight depression i guess. Helped me a lot. 😊
  8. @Key Elements 😞😞
  9. @Shin whats that pic? 😞
  10. @Prabhaker awww. But relationships arent perfect, sure it will bring you frustration but thats okay. It will also bring you happines, connection, love, and etc. We can be both happy alone and still connected to other people who loves you and cares for you. ❤❤❤
  11. @jse based on the pic , id still be looking like 18 at age 50. So 💁🏻
  12. @Evilwave Heddy he has some point though. 😊😊. @Prabhaker you seem very smart. 😊
  13. @Prabhaker ummm. Now im speechless. 😊😊.
  14. @Evilwave Heddy im going to be 24 in a few months. And my pic there is recent.
  15. @Lai haha. Thanks. Looks like i dont have to visit and bring gummy bears after all. 😊😊