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  1. @Key Elements 😞😞
  2. @Shin whats that pic? 😞
  3. @Prabhaker awww. But relationships arent perfect, sure it will bring you frustration but thats okay. It will also bring you happines, connection, love, and etc. We can be both happy alone and still connected to other people who loves you and cares for you. ❤❤❤
  4. @jse based on the pic , id still be looking like 18 at age 50. So 💁🏻
  5. @Evilwave Heddy he has some point though. 😊😊. @Prabhaker you seem very smart. 😊
  6. @Prabhaker ummm. Now im speechless. 😊😊.
  7. @Evilwave Heddy im going to be 24 in a few months. And my pic there is recent.
  8. @Lai haha. Thanks. Looks like i dont have to visit and bring gummy bears after all. 😊😊
  9. @jse im actually way older than i look. Lol. Okay, ill come visit your retirement home if things didnt work out the way i wanted to. 😂❤
  10. @Evilwave Heddy haha. Whuttt? Im sure he's just being nice. 😂😂
  11. @jse well? I hadnt have any luck in relationship. Might end up alone. 😊😂
  12. @pluto whos children? 😊😊
  13. @Shin first of all, im not that cute lol. Well, ive gained some friends but i dont have deep connection with them. I just have really few friends like 3 ,but i lost contact with because i live far a way from them. So its kinda sad. 🙃🙃🙃
  14. @Shin im introvert so i usually have only few friends. I had 4 close friends in high school and two close friends in college which i lost communication with. So i guess, we are on the same boat. Lets be friends lol. 😂. But for me, it usually when you and other people have something in common and both of you are being yourself and accept each other for whoever you are. ❤
  15. @egoeimai yea. For what I know, healthy food can actually make you happy therefore making you more relax? Hehe. After knowing that actually, id switch to more healthy food but i still eat burger pizza and etc but not that often like i used to.