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  1. Nice "holier than you" attitude, bro Not judgemental at all. @bazera Be careful. By judging other people you are feeding your ego and thats bad, mmkay? Not everyone should be smartass, all people has the same value, as you.
  2. That's cool, but PLEASE make sure you're not procrastinating, trying to postpone the inevitable. Resistance comes in different ways.
  3. 1) You don't know who you are to begin with, how you supposed to be something you don't know? 2) You can't just be confident, it's deep inner transformation, how exactly to do that? It's common shallow advice "naturals" are giving, and it's more irritating than helpful. "Oh, you're suicidal? - Just don't be suicidal". Yeah, right.
  4. @Sen no disrespect, but this guy is crazy. Have you seen his video on how to remove pain through hipnosis? It's hilariously stupid. I believe you can't control your emotions with thoughts and language, those are on completely different levels. That's why I'm asking if anything was working, maybe i'm wrong.
  5. @Sen Does NLP even work? Looks like set of restrictions, making you inauthentic. What's your experience?
  6. I feel you, was in your shoes couple years ago. Nothing external will bring you peace. You will lose your virginity (notice, how much value you are giving to this silly thing), and next day you will wake up with the same hell in your head. You can be the manliest man without fucking anybody, Leo mentioned it because in the process of doing so you will aquire emotional intelligence and character strength, necessary for being "masculine". Your mind is completely neurotic. Check Leo's video about this topic You should eliminate all "shoulds" (Lol), "must" etc. You have inner conflict between real you and image in your head. And image is just a thought! Find the core of your negative beliefs. It might be low self-esteem and you're trying fill the gap with unneccesary shit, but it's like feeding the abyss. The key here is complete self-acceptance and self-love. You don't have to be anything- life is pointless and we all die. Be mindful of negative thought patterns and let them go. The purpose of meditation is to raise awareness and see thoughts as they are - just sensory phenomena without indulging in their content. Have you read power of now? Absolute must have. When you eliminate all neurosis and accept yourself and reality as they are, you will be so much happy and at peace with yourself. Those external achievements won't even bother you, you will aquire them just for fun, life is a giant sandbox. And from this healthy place you can do whatever you want, without neediness and resistance. P.S. When you become authentic and at ease with yourself, you will become sexy motherfucker without need to overcompensate your lack of masculinity.
  7. @DanoDMano I didn't mean it to offend you, I just didn't understand the purpose of the story and what conclusion it holds. It looked like fighting with non existant enemies, although I might be too fast on making judgements.
  8. Wow, you really had a harsh background. And in spite all of it, you still seem positive, looking forward to improve your life and self actualise- this is inspiring Wish you luck and patience! I'll definitely try to follow along your journey
  9. You've made 4 caricature characters, why did you become friends with salespeople in the first place!? =) Replies in the story were weak and why did you allow them to give you patronising back slaps? I can't connect it with ego, it's more like main character was pussy to convey his true values. And I see more ego in your comments, demonising characters you made up yourself and proving your righteousness over them. @DanoDMano
  10. @Zephyr Are you sure you didn't confuse feminine woman with just beautiful one? In order to be truly feminine you have to get in touch with your authentic self and be confident. Drama queens usually seek attention for themselves as a ego gratification, therefore we can't say they have healthy self-esteem and high consciousness. I knew one girl, she wasn't particularly pretty in classical sense, but how she was handling herself... You could literally see feminine energy glowing from her, carefree attitude and emotional intelligence was seen through her eyes, she was giggly and naughty when needed as well as understanding and compassionate in other situations. She didn't have to prove anything to anybody and enjoyed her own presence. Sure girls are more emotional, but it doesn't mean they are hurricanes of insanity.(although sometimes they are)
  11. 22, currently in mid- life crisis.
  12. Free will vs Determinism - I've watched it three times and immidiately without hesitation started meditating for 1h per day.Was walking couple of days like lunatic, reevaluating everything. A lot of videos were my influence, but that's probably the most crazy for me.
  13. @Phrae What do you mean? Of course he is sharing his perspective, based on his knowledge and observation, but I've found most of his stuff to be true personally. If you are afraid, that he forces you to be some way or another then don't worry- he goes pretty meta. If you can survive his dramatic over the top poetic style, then you'll find good piece of knowledge.
  14. "The Way of Superior Man" by Devid Deida, talking about feminine and masculine polarities, interconnection between them, understanding initial psychological drive of both sexes.
  15. @Andess I believe girl on girl action is intended by mother nature- something so beautiful can't be a coincidence... =) Jokes aside I also think you've already liked women, you was just unconscious about it. And it's not bad, but perhaps I'm brainwashed by porn too. Porn is the effect, not the cause of being child molester, rapist etc. It's just giving fuel to already existing deviations in my perspective.
  16. Like it's something awful. It's beautiful story about true love, compassion and little pain.
  17. Still better plot, than 50 shades of gray.
  18. It's okay, some people like to play in the jungle.
  19. @The Alchemist yeah, I've googled it afterwards. The power of stereotypes, I guess. And he was hairy unlike Leo
  20. I can't worship him as Buddha, he is not fat enough. Although he is bald, it helps a little bit.
  21. Case closed, we can go home now For a mutual friendship you seem too clingy. Doesn't seem like love, more like neurotic attachment. Looks like he wasn't getting something from your relationship and he realised that. Have you talked to him about that? Who are you to decide what's best for him? What's the easy road and what he should do? That's just incorrect. Define what being "themselves" is. You can't.
  22. Well, men are creating rules because they lack confidence. These rules are really poor generalisations, but since they can't be authentic and think for themselves, rules create false sense of security and righteousness. It also applies to women. We are playing games with each other, wasting time and energy. I'm getting butthurt just thinking about it! "Don't answer her immediately on the phone, she will think you are needy. Wait couple years", "He should wait 99 dates before sex to prove me he is worthy of attention" - what the fuck? It's all ego games. Normal people don't even think about this shit, they are doing whatever they feel of doing, without fear and dissapproval. Slut shaming and provider frame doesn't help this situation either. This!
  23. In a sense, self-acceptance is also form of self development, they merge into each other. To accept yourself is to eliminate all "shoulds" and judgements, making you less neurotic and more authentic- it's still moving forward.
  24. Please don't leave. What would I do without you on this forum...