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  1. Couldn't have said it better lol
  2. Damn i reaaaaaally needed this damn just damn its like me and him think alike!!! thanks!!! @Loreena
  3. Woooooooow thanks for this i really needed this!!!!
  4. I dont think that we might ever be able to thank Leo enough for all that he has done.
  5. Wow reading this you really remind me of myself when i was 16 or even 17. Right now i'm currently 18 and if i could travel back in time and tell myself one thing it would be "to start small and be patience." I always ignored this advice when people told me it but looking back at it they were right. I can see this for myself cause i literally got no if anything negatives results and i'm stunned just thinking of how much momentum i could have accumulated if i even just did 10 or 20 minutes of meditation everyday no matter what. If you want to more advice just PM me I'll be glad to help.
  6. To die twice (not including physical death).