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  1. Eventually, and ~fairly~ soon there will be more effective versions of vaccines, and some won't even require a shot--nasal spray forms are the most likely, I've heard. Not here to berate you, but I would encourage you to introspect about the reasons you've listed. Maybe you're just lying to us about your reasons. That'd be fine. This is a forum of a bunch of strangers--you're not obligated to tell your truths on polarizing topics (though you did start the topic). But if you actually believe those are your reasons for not getting it, I have a high suspicion you're lying to yourself. I say this because, at this point, being "slow to make decisions" or "freezing under pressure" really doesn't cut it. Vaccines and their associated data have been available for more than a year in most countries. Maybe your hesitancy is rooted more deeply in fear that you haven't investigated? I hope my post doesn't come off as snarky or condescending. That's not my intent here at all. Just my observation of what I suspect is a post written in good-faith, and seeing an opportunity to, possibly, point out a blind spot for you.
  2. Are people in here really going to pay $1,000 for Leo to tell you to do 5-MeO for 30 days straight?
  3. I've never studied Tantra but a friend from work loves Christopher Wallis and his website https://hareesh.org/ She also recommended me to enroll in a course on http://courses.tantrikainstitute.org -- I think they are offering their 9-week-long Foundations course for free.