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  1. So I spent 3 years working on the life purpose that I had determined for myself. A very well thought out, documented and rationalised approach. Months of work. I built a course, took on some clients, had some success. Stared meditating heavily and old habits came back. Escapism. I let it all slide. My business, my website... feels like starting from scratch again. I blamed the system I had, the teachers I followed, my lack of money. I blamed my lack of success for my lack of success. But the only thing to blame was misalignment with my true purpose. Do I know what that is? Not yet. But there are some indication. For one, the way in which i conduct my purpose needs to be in full alignment with my authentic self expression. Following other people's methods just isn't going to work. Second, the full and complete understanding that there is no "one thing" I am meant to do with my life. I have many interests, passions, ideas and creative pursuits that cannot and will not be lumped all together, nor any of them excluded for the sake of focus. A very happy and exciting example is my recently falling into a paid freelancing role, in a job I could never have dreamed or imagined would be so aligned with who I am and what gets me out of bed in the morning. This only resulted from letting go of "working hard" to "make things happen". 3 months of "wasting time" (according to standard western definitions) in full pursuit of leisure landed me this dream role. 3 months of saying f**k you to life purpose. Not this, not this... I don't know what my life purpose is. I can't declare it. I can't determine it. I can only discover it. And perhaps only in hindsight.
  2. She has a sexuality of her own. What are some ways you could make her feel good independently of your own sexuality? It's possible. What are some ways you could enjoy the build up to the moment that you/she touches your genitals?
  3. So, you're saying that the only way to please a girl is with timing the release of your ejaculate?
  4. The same qualities that make that person feel fulfilled when they are alone.
  5. @mikeyy Hey mate kudos for getting out there and doing approaches. That takes huge balls. I can't really comment on exactly what's happening, but it's likely that these women are picking up on your discomfort, anxiety, nervousness and/or neediness. As the man, you are the transmitter and the women- they are the receivers. If this is the quality of emotion you are transmitting, that is the quality of emotion that the women are feeling. And that is not a very good feeling at all. But the more you continue to practice, the more that your skillset will improve and therefore the more that these negative emotions will be transmuted into positive ones. Here's why: If we labelled the negative emotions you feel while trying to pick up, we might call them "anxiety" for convenience. Every time you take right action we would call that "courage". Every time you do courage, you convert it into an equal amount of confidence. And that confidence directly negates anxiety in the same amount. When you build up enough of this confidence energy, then you can begin to transmit it to these women that you are interacting with, rather than transmitting the negative emotions. Then perhaps they will be more open to receiving you. Hope that helps!
  6. @saish Your memory of her has 2 components: 1. The data (i.e. the idea/image/avatar of her) 2. An emotional charge The bad news is that #1 will never go away. The data of her in your mind will always be there and will be refreshed every time you see her, interact with her, look her up through social media etc. That is unless your memory becomes impaired in some way, for example with amnesia, dementia, brain damage etc. The good news is that #2 will subside over time, as long as you don't keep refreshing #1. This means that although the idea of her won't go away, how you FEEL about her will fade, along with the emotional triggers she sets off in you. And the less you refresh #1 the quicker that will happen. In other words- if you REALLY want to get over her, ignore her completely. Block her out of everything- social media, social circles, life. Remove every possible image of her in your environment. This will prevent the data of her being refreshed and will allow the feelings to dissipate. This may or may not be practical depending on her integration in your life, but it is the quickest way to get over her.
  7. @BobbyLowell Why do you "really want this guy"? Why are you acting like you don't want him? Do you think he appreciates being kept in the dark?
  8. Hey all So I spun my wheels for some time but now I am finally on full charge and have started pumping out content. I have created some Youtube Videos and a blog. I would love to hear your feedback, so if you have a chance I would kindly appreciate it! Here is my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7P0IG6xs9pGONBOiarV5Yg Here is my blog: http://menwomentruth.com They are both in their infancy, so please keep that in mind. Thanks guys! I really appreciate it.
  9. @Mad Max thanks dude! @Spiral awesome. glad to help
  10. @Spiral Here's my answer to your question. Hope you like it! I'm working on my public speaking skills so please have patience as you listen. @Mad Max great suggestion, thanks. That might need an article as well. Easily done, I know them all too well.
  11. Great question Spiral! Thank you. I will make a video about this tomorrow. Stay posted!
  12. Hey people! I'm in the process of making some videos around the topics of men & women, masculinity, femininity, dating, relationships, sexuality and sex. I work best by answering questions, so I'd like to know what your questions are around this topic? Is there anything you want help with? Perhaps something has been stumping you for a while? Maybe your question just popped up today? Anything! But the clearer the question the better. Throw them at me and I'll get 'er answered. Thanks!
  13. @Shir Your instinct to withhold until you find the right guy is very natural. It is actually a protective mechanism. Keep this in mind: if you choose right, you will be very strongly bonded (physically/chemically) to the first man you have sex with. Even if you part ways, you will always love him and will be emotionally attached to him for the rest of your life. This kind of love is what used to keep marriages together when sex happened within the marriage. Also know that the more men you have sex with the harder it will be for you to bond with subsequent lovers. You will forever remember the guys who gave you the hottest sex while secretly resenting the dutiful nice guy you eventually settle on. You see, marriage used to prevent such things from happening by making sure that you were pair bonded in the most chemically powerful way. This ensured that the highest expression of love happened within marriage, rather than marriage happening being the highest expression of love. At the same time you also need sex! It is healthy, natural, feels great and balances all the chemicals in your body. And the best place to get lots of sex is within a relationship. it is up to you now to decide what you want!