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  1. Which means you carry on being an illusory person in an illusory world.
  2. @Nahm thanks for that great long post of yours.
  3. Life is not a matter of doing what you want to do but rather dealing with what is in front of you.
  4. @Raptorsin7 Notice that your emotions, moods and attitudes are caused by what you have been thinking. Notice what happens when you become aware of that thought.
  5. @nexusoflife Are not all forms forms forms of thought. Who you think you are, as you say, being a collection of thoughts. Experiences too, being a collection of thoughts about a collection of thoughts experiencing thought to be matter. Thought being empty, nothingness. Thought making something out of nothing. So the other way you talk of, could it be merely watching thought as it creates things and then lives as/in/on/with them. Is there really any separation (the gap you talk of) between the you you think you are and the world you think you live in/on? All just thought, isn't it?
  6. @Koyaanisqatsi Thanks for taking the time to post this. Very helpful.
  7. Meaning - it's what I create/imagine in order to prevent the realization that I am nothing.
  8. Initially the ego may think that it has had this understanding, but as the understanding goes deeper, it is seen that the ego is just a self-thought (self-image) - ie, not something (someone) that can really understand at all.
  9. I put a soft vertical pencil line (4B) in the margin by what I like and this can go up to 4 parallel vertical lines if I really like it . Then when rereading what I have marked up, I stick a small post-it poking out the top of the book on that page if I want to read more later, and there is a series of post-it colours too. The brighter the colour the more I want to re-read that page (in my system red is the highest). I find with this method I don't need to copy anything anywhere. With this system you can change the ranking of the pencil marks or the tabs easily.
  10. This describes most of the human race. Do self-inquiry on it. Who has this condition?
  11. @kieranperez Its not too late. I am 72 years of age and am currently reading A Course in Miracles. I am about half way through the Text and am getting a lot from it.
  12. Any situation is in mind only. Now, the question is "which mind?" Is it in your little mind or in big mind, and is there really any difference?
  13. Noticing that you have gone unconscious is becoming conscious again. The mind chattering away is not a problem as long as you are aware of it, what is a problem is you becoming involved in it and thus losing awareness.
  14. What do you mean by "totally unconscious"? Do you mean distracted or not aware of anything? After watching breath for a while it is natural to not notice it - nor anything else; this is not that you have gone unconscious it is rather pure consciousness.