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  1. As far as I can see, a thing (any thing) is a thought.
  2. P. S. Also, when you have made progress, on no account go back. Once you have agreed on anything, stick with it like glue. She has to learn that what she has agreed is now part of your ongoing agreement. And would be best to do all this via email so that there is a record - and help you to take no notice of emotionality.
  3. My experience with divorce: There is a time when talking to each other must end. Then it is time to start conversing via letter/email. Then there is a time that that must end. Then it is time to converse via a lawyer's letter. Best wishes,
  4. Meditation is what I am, being someone is the addiction.
  5. @RolandM Have you read Paul Levy's book "Dispelling Wetiko"? He had experience not dissimilar to your's. He has a very dim view of psychiatrists and mental hospitals. He also has video's on Youtube. I think you are undoubtedly sane. And welcome to the forum.
  6. @Thanatos13 Ok, just trying to help. Best wishes to you.
  7. Let that die too then you will be free. Do you not see that that is the very thing that you take to be yourself. It is just thought clinging to the idea of itself. You are already free. You are nothing - beyond the idea of nothing. Yet this world goes on just as before without the idea of you.
  8. I would follow that drive. It seems like you need some sort of structure around you to start/keep you on the path. If you went to a monastery or ashram it is my understanding that you are not committed to staying there for overlong. Could you not just see it as a start of a more directional path? Perhaps at least more enquiry into that? Or as a start, committing to frequent meditation and instruction at the Zen Centre that I recall you saying was near you. Recall you also saying something against that Centre; you could go round that, ie, I imagine that you know that all your objections are just mind resistance, nothing that cannot be overcome/ignored. But whatever... start, or follow something that will keep your vision alive. This is Most Important. This is your aliveness, your excitement, your path. No wonder you are experiencing fear - how wonderful - fear of the unknown is your own deep excitement mis-perceived; keep this manageable by following it, your own deep knowing, your authenticity, your true happiness. With best wishes,
  9. @Feel Good Please do not dredge up too much at a time, otherwise I may bet bored.
  10. I would be interested if you have some helpful comment, conveyed in a helpful tone. My posts have always been open for comment.
  11. I'm taking the forum seriously. But even if I am taking myself seriously it's none of your business and you should learn when you are triggered and offering you pseudo advice. When you actually learn how to communicate with someone without an agenda then I'll gladly be open to your advices . @Feel Good What exactly about yourself are you taking seriously? Only a thought/belief? There, no advice, only questions. Ok?
  12. @Feel Good You take some posts very personally. Look at why that is rather than reporting. Look at your triggers. They can be very revealing.
  13. Oh not another one. Suppose you kept running to mommy when you were a kid too. Grow up!
  14. Enjoyed reading your long post @Nahm . Lots of brilliance in there.