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  1. @Process , it is a property of consciousness that as you focus on, or spend time dwelling on, something, it will become more evident, more of an issue in your life. So the swings from high to low experience will become more evident as you focus more on the hype of the high or the depression of the low. If this is not done, or diminished, then the swings will, in due course, moderate around a pleasant slight undulation of experience with no extremes. Likewise, focusing on insecurity only heightens or prolongs it via the same mechanism. Don't take my word for this, but closely watch or focus on what happens. Become a self investigator. IOW using the focus mechanism, focus on what is causing the issue, or what is making it bigger in the mind, rather than the content of the issue. With best wishes,
  2. Well spotted and expressed @lucas_darby . Could it be that you are intending to love... to be loving to yourself, everyone, everything... Love could be called "vague", or "easy to lose sight of" as it does not 'keep', or 'hang around' unless you are living it, giving it, extending it, or keeping it alive, living, palpable - in other words, making it manifest.
  3. @Spence94 , do what you find enjoyable, and build on that. What is most enjoyable is authentic love - for oneself, everyone, everything. But you will not be starting here. You start by giving yourself love/understanding in all situations or as much as you possibly can, so much so that you are (in due course) overflowing with it. So much so that you start giving it away and it gets bigger; eventually you start seeing it reflected back in your environment; you start making a life living on and in authentic love. Just try it for a spell. And the spell will 'catch' and as you 'keep at it', it will transform your life. But, at least initially, you must keep at it, ie, giving it, as love does not 'keep' if it is not given. With best wishes for a lovely life,
  4. Be aware that this is only your current mindset, nothing more. If you wish to stay with that, then a bit of mind management is in order. IOW, you have decided to carry on and do physics/math at Uni. That is your decision, so you disregard all thoughts of other alternatives until the course is completed. You need to be ruthless with this. Once completed, then you could take a 'mind numbing' job which gives you time to contemplate and also undertake meditation and 'spiritual' study outside work hours. Alternatively you could join some organisation that will feed and house you whilst pursuing 'understanding'. Best wishes,
  5. Reality is only what happens this moment. Imagination then takes over and imagines it is the experience of someone (yourself) located somewhere. What you are calling imagination is only that of an imagined person imagined to be somewhere.
  6. As you go further down the path of enlightenment you progressively cannot force yourself to do anything, It either happens or it does not. Fears also diminish (as long as you are not forcing any actions).
  7. When I was a youngster I recall being afraid when seeing blood from a tiny nick in my hand. Much later I had surgery to remove a cancerous kidney; I was very afraid at the thought of this. Then at a still later date when I required another significant surgery I noticed that I was hardly fearful at all. I noticed that after each 'fearful event' that I had realised something worthwhile - in fact to such an extent that I am now grateful for these events for teaching me that I am essentially not my body - that I cannot essentially be defined nor located. The severe diminishment of fear means that it is known that there is essentially nothing to fear - that everything that happens is in my own best interest. In appreciation,
  8. Just look at how you are driving yourself to achieve. The fact that you are not achieving tells you that you do not really want to achieve what you have chosen. So what if you do not become a real estate sales person, or a world class athlete - both of which would be really stressful if you are not really into either - and by your actions, you aren't. You even go 'to extremes' over contemplation, meditation or time out saying "I'm not in a luxurious position where I can just sit back all day and introspect either." Why all day, why not just an hour a day meditating say? Spend some time just looking at your drive - and acknowledge it. And also time looking at your other insights and acknowledge them. The human is not intended to be a machine that just latches onto something and then goes for it. I know some people do that but in my observation - at quite some cost. Learn to appreciate all aspects of life and not just a goal. After sufficient balance in your life is achieved, you will naturally be doing what you want to do. This may even include sitting exams or running races - and then if you have natural ability that will show without any self imposed drive. Best wishes for achieving a lovely balanced enjoyable life. And this takes no time to achieve - if you are not into driving yourself to achieve.
  9. Sorry to hear of your situation @MiracleMan . This shows that you recognise that you are simply aware of experience as it happens, ie, not actually experiencing experience. Do you apprehend the difference? Is it that experience as it happens is real/actual, but that the act of experiencing it is the act of not just watching it, as you stated, but the act of being someone, something thought-to-be or believed-to-be experiencing it? Do you see the difference? I am talking of subtle distinction here that may well need some contemplation to more fully apprehend.
  10. No one is actually experiencing experience; there is only the immediacy of experience - and then thought/belief believing it is experiencing it. The body, world and mind are all thought created; separate them and notice how the mind (thought) influences body and world; and notice that the body and world are just distinctions of interior and exterior in mind (thought). Other than experience as it happens, it is all mental - belief.
  11. These two lines do not add up. You are not acknowledging that there are some things that make you upset/emotional on the irritable to rage scale. It makes no difference how big/small they are - you are just plain not acknowledging them. Become aware of them, look at them, acknowledge them and they will sooner or later disappear.
  12. We are living in our own imagination, and the experience of this feels extremely real. Some are working their way out of this imagination/belief, ie becoming more conscious, aware. Some are totally unconscious of this, ie, that they are living as a belief in a belief. And of course this is only happening in your imagination.
  13. The point is to have experience and through that gain understanding, ie, expand your consciousness/self-awareness. You have experience by imagining (thinking, believing) you are located somewhere, in some situation. This is only imagination but is experienced as extremely real. So what you are essentially doing is working your way out of your own imagination. How mind blowing is that!
  14. Observe that pressure is self applied. Pressure means that you think (believe) there is a problem or that something needs changing. (And even if you think that you don't just believe that there is a problem, that there really is one, that is still you believing there is a problem). Two solutions: change the world or change your mind. In general I find the second one easier - there isn't so much heavy lifting . But that's just me.
  15. Suffering does not come from any given situation. It comes because of your thoughts about the situation. Therefore take full responsibility for all the suffering that you experience.