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  1. I have found it more beneficial to shift mentally. Physical shifting is an interim measure until you get that all shifting is actually mental shifting. Due to any strong mental positions about your current situation it may be easier to change physical location to a more neutral place, but you will still need to work on any situation the mind (still thinks it) is in. Changing physical location does not change your mind. I sense that you are strong enough to overcome any 'nasty' thoughts about your current location. In any event, one way or another you will need to deal with the toxicity of the other parent in relation to the child. Is the toxicity largely due to your past relationship to with him? Is he ok with the child? Just because he may have a different worldview than you does not necessarily mean that he is toxic. Perhaps more explanation of how you are using this word would help... With best wishes,
  2. I recall a realisation that I had a while back - that I was not really living as a physical being in a physical realm, but as more of a mental being in a mental realm. And so as I changed my mind, the way I experienced the mental/physical world changed.
  3. Ok, so you have a great intellect, but this does not necessarily mean that you have intelligence. Others may have way more intelligence - as you acknowledge by asking a question. Acknowledgment of not having intelligence is acknowledgement of humility
  4. Open mindedness is suspension of belief. Fear of death is the result of a belief in being someone located somewhere.
  5. If 'certain' is taken to mean 'unchanging', then when you are in the ego mind/thought-system nothing is (essentially) unchanging - no 'unchanging ground' is found. Whereas in higher consciousness all there is is the (essentially) unchanging - ie having no attachments, needs, expectations, desires - being witness consciousness (ie effectively being the utterly still mind) - and seeing the (essentially) unchanging from and as this stillness. In my experience, this does not happen suddenly, it is more like a slow 'changing of the guard' so to speak. There is a revelation, then a realization (or many at intervals), and the slow change from one consciousness to the other (if and as 'you', ego, 'allow' it) or a flip flop. You have access to both consciousnesses - but you know which you are in truth.
  6. What is aware of the experience is the real you. It is only the false you, the ego-I, the self-image, that is fearful. 'Move' into the 'undefinedness'; it is wonderful - and you do not lose anything you really want to retain.
  7. Well, you could make a choice, or try to, but that would auto put you back into fear consciousness. Then no alternative but surrender. It is a wonderful feeling, and you do not lose anything that you really want to retain.
  8. Good intuition. I learnt that I never had, nor could have, enough info to make a proper decision, so I now don't try. I surrender and trust. Good/bad, right/wrong are symptoms of the fearful mind. True/false is starting to move into the loving mind. After moving into the loving mind/consciousness, there are no decisions to make as they only seem relevant in the fearful mind/consciousness - this, as you said, is trusting and being clear.
  9. We as individuals are moving from fear consciousness to (unconditional) love consciousness. This is enough. To think it is not enough is coming from fear consciousness.
  10. I would say that it is an expression of your beginning recognition of the full power of the truth.
  11. I as a person could say much the same thing, but I know that essentially I am not a person, I am awareness (or the absence of the ego-I, the self-image). Knowing this, there is no need to get rid of the past as in essence I am not in time. The full realisation of this appears to take time, but that is just the fading of the attachment to time. With best wishes,
  12. I suggest more meditation to quieten the mind.
  13. Whenever I have been 'going round in circles' in my life I have found that the number one priority is to quieten the mind.
  14. @rush You can still lead a 'normal' life and be detached; still have a family, friends, etc. However you are not mentally attached to anything as you are in a higher consciousness, a different mind, another dimension - whilst still appearing here on Earth. You can move to this dimension gradually by mentally discarding attachments; you do not need to physically discard them. Detachment is all about what you value. Start with what you least value. If you value peace the most you can mentally discard everything gradually. I am working through this.