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  1. @spiritual memes Thought/belief generates experience. You habitually entertain/believe extremely limited and limiting thought/belief (and hence extremely limited and limiting experience results). Work is required to continually 'pick up' or notice this. And work is required to approach life with a more open and expansive outlook (rather than your current habitual beliefs).
  2. @spiritual memes You don't "get rid of" or "overcome" anything. You are much bigger than your thoughts/beliefs about yourself. You are the love/openness that has room for everything. Love does not exclude anything, love is open to it all. Notice this. Just be the openness. You will probably cry - be open to this....
  3. @spiritual memes If you look closely Nahm has given you a practical example and method in his paragraph.
  4. Read anything by Paul Levy. What he thinks of Psychiatrist and Psychiatry is illuminating. His experience with Psych ward and yours sound similar. Stay away from it and them. They are still in the dark ages. I have read Paul's "Dispelling Wetiko."
  5. Vibration - movement between here and there. At high Vibration here is there.
  6. @Gabith When there is full acceptance of what is - which includes what is not-liked, even the not-liking - there is no negativity, and no words that can fully capture this, but positive sounding words like 'beauty' are often used.
  7. @Exystem Thanks very much for this and the post you referenced. I recall E Tolle talking about "frequency holders" Thanks to your posts I now know what he means.
  8. Which means you carry on being an illusory person in an illusory world.
  9. @Nahm thanks for that great long post of yours.
  10. Life is not a matter of doing what you want to do but rather dealing with what is in front of you.
  11. @Raptorsin7 Notice that your emotions, moods and attitudes are caused by what you have been thinking. Notice what happens when you become aware of that thought.
  12. @nexusoflife Are not all forms forms forms of thought. Who you think you are, as you say, being a collection of thoughts. Experiences too, being a collection of thoughts about a collection of thoughts experiencing thought to be matter. Thought being empty, nothingness. Thought making something out of nothing. So the other way you talk of, could it be merely watching thought as it creates things and then lives as/in/on/with them. Is there really any separation (the gap you talk of) between the you you think you are and the world you think you live in/on? All just thought, isn't it?
  13. @Koyaanisqatsi Thanks for taking the time to post this. Very helpful.
  14. Meaning - it's what I create/imagine in order to prevent the realization that I am nothing.