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  1. @kieranperez Its not too late. I am 72 years of age and am currently reading A Course in Miracles. I am about half way through the Text and am getting a lot from it.
  2. Any situation is in mind only. Now, the question is "which mind?" Is it in your little mind or in big mind, and is there really any difference?
  3. Noticing that you have gone unconscious is becoming conscious again. The mind chattering away is not a problem as long as you are aware of it, what is a problem is you becoming involved in it and thus losing awareness.
  4. What do you mean by "totally unconscious"? Do you mean distracted or not aware of anything? After watching breath for a while it is natural to not notice it - nor anything else; this is not that you have gone unconscious it is rather pure consciousness.
  5. In a nighttime dream that is made of thought/imagination, ie 'psychology', there is no difference between psychological death and bodily death. Thus, in the nighttime dream ALL death is psychological in the sense that it is all happening in and via thought/imagination. And the daytime dream is essentially no different.
  6. Unless I am mistaken, I was addressing the situation that KP thinks he is in. I was trying to say something more fitted to 'the situation of KP' rather than some absolutist jargon. Awareness already knows what it is. It is thought that can hide this.
  7. The motive is always coming from the situation thought thinks it is in.
  8. You wake up to the fact that this is a dream, it exists in and via thought/imagination. You can go into (be in) the dream consciously ie, you can consciously think/imagine you are here rather than unconsciously, ie, unconsciously think/imagine you are here.
  9. You are seeing this as an all or nothing scenario. IME this is not the case. You rather find a way that does not force (manipulate) yourself to do things that you do not want to do, nor be what you do not want to be. This is essentially moving away from fear/anxiety to love/authenticity, from manipulation of yourself (falsity) to being your natural self (authenticity) - via small steps. Vigilance is required. Now, you may not know quite what you are moving to for quite a while, but that does not matter. What matters is the direction, what you are moving away from. You could say this is moving to a sweet spot similar to the one you mention.
  10. How can you/I be mindful 24/7, ie all the time, when true mindfulness is prior to time. As far as I can see, if you/I are in time that means you/I are not being mindful.
  11. Mind wandering does not perpetuate the I-thought. What perpetuates it is thinking about yourself. Watching the mind go where it goes and not getting involved is being mindful aware. How do you know it wanders if you are not aware of it? I think you mean that you get involved in the mind, in thought, and thus you get lost in the wandering of thought. And yes, that is not being mindful, aware.
  12. Emotion is caused by specific thought. Eg, if you persistently think negative thoughts about yourself that thought will keep making you depressed. Or if you keep thinking of a rejection you will naturally continue to feel rejected. Same with loneliness. Watch what you are thinking.
  13. The gap in your thinking is the answer.
  14. The I that thinks it can find peace, the I that stops thinking, the I that feels threatened - That I is also a thought and thus part of the loop you talk of. That I is only what you think you are, it is not what you actually are outside the loop. You are not a self-image, a thought of what you are. You as you actually are cannot be defined. The stress, the tension, is the very splitting (fragmenting) or defining of yourself via thought. And once you (undefined) go into thought it is endless - you find yourself in endless situations - all situated IN thought. No it is not all thought and no belief is not the answer. Only everything other than awareness/nothing, ie true-you, is thought/imagination/belief. Stay as this nothing and observe the world of thought - the world we all think we live in. You are not actually in that world, you as awareness/nothing are merely observing it. This world happens by itself.
  15. @kieranperez Your real desire has been granted, you are nothing. Now, don't spoil this by thinking - thinking you are something somewhere. This is surrender - there is no practical level left to surrender - the world is now unfettering, surrendered, set adrift, not involving you as nothing - it is all going on and you as nothing are simply observing it happening as it happens. You were trying to get to this unsuffering 'place' via thought. That would never work - as you can see now that you are not anything. That world (the world we all think we live in/on) is composed entirely of thought/imagination. One step out of that thought/imagination and now there is simply awareness of it, not involvement in it. Oh the loveliness of this. With best wishes,