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  1. @Breakingthewall Why are you so concerned about 'remaining' limited when you know beyond doubt that you are direct experience, aware, unlimited. All that is limited is limited by thought and this is not a problem for one that is awake and aware in a thought construct.
  2. @Breakingthewall Do you really know that you are direct experience, or only think you know that? Are you, direct experience, awareness, in control, or is the ego mind in control? There are no real problems or entrapment for direct experience, only for the ego mind. You do not need meditation nor drugs to get out of deception. You were never in it, you only seem to be in it. Clear seeing is seeing that the only way to know yourself is to be yourself. So be it.
  3. @Muhammad Jawad it sounds like you do not want to be who you are (currently).
  4. Ok, so see this as you as awareness seemingly being the experience of Matthew rather than Matthew losing the experience of awareness. IOW stay as awareness.
  5. There is only nothing now. What you are calling THIS is the nothingness. Things only matter to the person (who thinks it is something living somewhere).
  6. Because you think you are a person, rather than there just being nothing/everything.
  7. He is basically saying don't have a self image. Then neither thought or emotion applies to you.
  8. @Forza21 What is resisting, what wants more, what has a conscious level. Look what you have created. Spirituality is not anywhere else, there is nowhere else unless you create it. There is not even where you are or even a you unless you create it.
  9. No, the doer does not exist, it may only appear to. Awareness of illusion does not destroy illusion, There is no illusion.
  10. You do not have to break the illusion. It is an illusion. It does not actually exist. The illusion of the doer is only a belief. There is no one really there/here to become aware. Thus, no insight is required. An insight would only be required by an illusory doer- and there has never actually been one.
  11. So if there is someone there to do these things, it is a believed-in-self, not actual. This is the self you are talking about when you say it can realize things. But is does not actually exist and never has.
  12. If you don't exist, how can you realise that nothing bad can happen to a you that does not exist.
  13. @spiritual memes Thought/belief generates experience. You habitually entertain/believe extremely limited and limiting thought/belief (and hence extremely limited and limiting experience results). Work is required to continually 'pick up' or notice this. And work is required to approach life with a more open and expansive outlook (rather than your current habitual beliefs).
  14. @spiritual memes You don't "get rid of" or "overcome" anything. You are much bigger than your thoughts/beliefs about yourself. You are the love/openness that has room for everything. Love does not exclude anything, love is open to it all. Notice this. Just be the openness. You will probably cry - be open to this....