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  1. Ok, so how do you frame that so that it is of use to @UDT ?
  2. @UDT If you step back behind the scenes and go into observer mode (ie not thinker mode) you see that all the show (display/appearance) is driven by emotion and thought - and thought drives emotion. And you can carry on in observer mode watching how thought/emotion drives/does it all.
  3. My mistake I thought he was concerned about the dog
  4. He is NOT concerned about the rat but the dog.
  5. Cannot view your videos here for some reason.
  6. Call pet poison hotline or equivalent for advice in the country you live in. What country are you in?
  7. A Vet will know what to do. They may be able to pump the contents of the stomach out by putting a tube down the throat.
  8. Take it to a Vet
  9. Yes, so doing a job that does not make you happy is good practice is it not? Isn't it only your attitude, your thoughts about the job that make you unhappy? No circumstance makes you unhappy, only your thought about it can do that. Then isn't it a good practice to stay where you are and watch the thought that arises that causes annoyance and hate? Isn't this already a reasonable way? Isn't the way you were proposing an avoidance? As above, no circumstance makes you unhappy, only your thought about it can do that. ---- Not telling anyone to do what they do not want to do.
  10. @Dino D Thank you for this equivalence of perception and direct experience.
  11. Good perception. Yes. It seems that by just allowing (and not cluttering) the 'action of intelligence' to complete it's full observation and appreciation of it's own creation allows it to 'move on'.
  12. Yes, that's basically it. Not complicated as no one is actually doing it. It is just a matter of belief.
  13. Extract from "Living Deliberately" by Harry Palmer PDF here:
  14. @Hardkill each of us imagines s/he is a certain way in this world. If we experience ourself as in some way inadequate, then that is because we imagine we are! Hence we can imagine ourselves some other more capable way! There is no substitute for confidence and courage. If you think, ie imagine, you don't have much of this think/imagine again. Live as you imagine you can - and you can and do.
  15. Not disagreeing @Monkey-man but how can you tell whether Leo has or has not done that in his own way? I mean if someone looks unsurrendered to you is that not your own perception so it shows where you are rather than the other doesn't it?