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  1. Yes, awareness does not need belief, thus awareness does not have a perspective. Perspectives only apply in duality. Thus, in non-duality there is no I, no difference and no opposites. Perspectives only happen in thought, ie, in and via a mental construction.
  2. You are awareness, like when you said "It’s as if I’m just witnessing everything happen from a perspective of nothingness," you are also apparently the action figure. Whatever the action figure is doing, you as awareness are aware that you are awareness (this is deeply known, understood) and at the same time the action figure continues with the task at hand. As awareness, you are everything, so nothing really to be anxious about. (It's like when worried in a night time dream and you wake up, you see there is nothing to worry about). You as awareness are everything so whatever state action figure is in, that is awareness. Thus, worry is just another form that awareness can take. Keep practicing being awareness until you fully assimilate the knowledge that you are awareness.
  3. In the initial stages meditation is contemplation to the extent that you are focused on something. Focusing on something is easier than focusing on nothing. However once you start 'seeing' or intuiting that your essential (true) nature is nothing or more correctly no-thing, then meditation becomes just being that. The form of meditation one 'does' depends on 'where one is on the path'.
  4. The next stage of evolution is seeing that the absolute and relative are not separate.
  5. Could you please substantiate what I bolded.
  6. This is low consciousness politics.
  7. As consciousness evolves it becomes more caring and aware of the consequence of its actions
  8. That was just paraphrasing your post.
  9. I have. And that is the whole story. Very well put in Ken's book.
  10. Just ending duality is not the whole story.
  11. The assumptions you are making apply at a certain level of consciousness, but not at a higher or deeper level. Suggest you read "A Brief History of Everything" by Ken Wilber.
  12. That's funny, I play hide And seek, not hide Or seek. Great First post @WindInTheLeaf . Welcome.
  13. @StrivetoThrive Detachment does not mean dissociation, you are still associated with all that is going on in your life; you shut nothing out, all is experienced/allowed/accepted, even loved. You know that all that happens is just a play of form, meaning essentially nothing (we put our own meaning on everything). Hence there is essentially no judgement, no good/bad, no right/wrong - you are living at and as the intersection of the opposites; a good practice is to stay there ; this is what I understand your therapist means by presence.