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  1. I suggest more meditation to quieten the mind.
  2. Whenever I have been 'going round in circles' in my life I have found that the number one priority is to quieten the mind.
  3. @rush You can still lead a 'normal' life and be detached; still have a family, friends, etc. However you are not mentally attached to anything as you are in a higher consciousness, a different mind, another dimension - whilst still appearing here on Earth. You can move to this dimension gradually by mentally discarding attachments; you do not need to physically discard them. Detachment is all about what you value. Start with what you least value. If you value peace the most you can mentally discard everything gradually. I am working through this.
  4. In my experience, in the ego mind (lower mind) there is no free will, there is only thought to be - however there seems to be free will when in this mind. In the higher mind there is no need for free will as there is only (self) awareness/observation. Thus there is no paradox as you can move from one mind to the other. This is true free will and taking responsibility.