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  1. There are more and more living creatures as times goes by. More and more opportunities for experience. It happened to you once. There's no reason whatsoever that it won't happen again. You are already inside of reality. There's nowhere else to go. Death of body is not death of experience.
  2. @Schahin 5-MeO-DMT can be pure heaven just as it can be pure hell. I've experienced both in one trip. And you never know in advance how somebody will react to it. Nothing in this world feels like 5-MeO, it's 100% alien. Even perfectly mentally stable persons often struggle to integrate it, in the case of mental illness chances are it would only exacerbate it. Of course I wish your brother all the best and I hope he will heal. But I highly doubt 5-MeO could help with that. It's way too risky even for regular people.
  3. The floor you're standing on is an illusion.
  4. To me it is. I find sub-breakthrough trips very nasty. You need a bigger dose indeed.Try 20 mg vaped. I promise you that a breakthrough feels absolutely nothing like what small doses give. You'll know when it happens, until then, just increase the doses until you're there.
  5. Psychedelics are not about hallucinations. For example 5-MeO-DMT offers virtually no visual distortion. They show you how far it is possible to go with this thing called consciousness, which is why they are useful tools for spiritual work. They reveal facets of existence that are almost impossible to get in baseline sober state. You can then remember those insights after a trip and apply it at all times, if you're dedicated enough. Right now all you need to understand is that there is no such thing as objective reality. All experiences are true, all experiences are equal. Basically you're asking what's the point of seeing colors, because hey, colors are just reactions in the brain. That kind of reasoning amounts to nothing and resolves nothing. Yes there's brain activity, but there's also the experience of the color. And with psychedelics you can experience infinity. It doesn't matter that it's just brain reactions. You still experience infinity. What else is needed?
  6. @Leo Gura You're not gonna believe how great it feels. You will love every second of it. 6-APB is a nice alternative, it lasts even longer and the comedown is easier. Worth considering as well.
  7. I kinda abused MDMA & other empathogens in the past, and the quality of it decreased over time. I also definitely encountered some noticeable cognition & verbal memory decrease, as well as depression. The good news is that even after a long period of heavy binge, it all mostly goes away after a few months of sobriety. Right now I feel great and have no problem articulating myself or doing intellectually challenging work with good results. Use, but use very carefully. It's worth trying though.
  8. @Leo GuraHow did you stumble upon 5-MeO and what exactly convinced you of trying such a radical psychedelic? Was it your first psychedelic?
  9. @Joseph1599925 Those were much more than mere thoughts, they were rather like epiphanies. As I've written a bit earlier in the report, they were like "beams of unprocessed truth." They didn't have the construction of a regular thought, because they felt more spontaneous, much more powerful, and also undeniable. Which is why it would probably be more correct to call them feelings. But even then, "feeling" is not enough. In this state of complete non-duality, really there is nothing else but raw being. So I wasn't thinking or feeling that I was in the perfect place and at the perfect time. I was the perfect place. I was the perfect time.
  10. Good report, thanks for writing! Those are monstrous dosages however. I find it odd that you need that much. Maybe test the purity of your 5-MeO if you can?
  11. Absolute Infinity is like a big yes.
  12. @davissuitdanielle Plugging has one of the slowest onsets. So yes it's probably going to be much more challenging than smoking. You're being slowly taken apart: it starts with the body, then with the mind, etc. But a minority of people find this whole process soothing so there's that. Can't say I'm one of them. 5-MeO has always been very nasty with me before entering non-dual state.
  13. @Shin There's nothing inherently wrong with "chasing experiences." As long as psychedelic trips fulfill you, then by all means continue to do them. The only real trap is in forgetting that existence is but a game.