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  1. People transform into fucking books on Salvia. That's the next level: you don't gain knowledge, you become it.
  2. Why do you prefer "objective information" over experience in the first place? That's a very sad position if you ask me. What good does it do to a blind person to know every last piece of information about wavelengths from 390 to 700 nm... if they can't directly experience colors? I had dozens of beautiful, stunning moments on psychedelics. Just experiencing those improved my life by margins. On my deathbed, I will have no regrets, I will die smiling and happy that I could experience Absolute Infinity at least once in my life. You might die just knowing the technical names of some brain receptors, heh. Try to drop the stereotype of "drugs frying the brain" though, that's been widely demonstrated as a myth for the majority of substances, especially psychedelics which are basically harmless from a purely biophysical standpoint, as long as you follow decent protocol. Many studies have been done debunking the myths.
  3. He seems to be interested in the whole spectrum of effects 5-MeO can offer, but in the breakthrough over all. I know him well, he will probably be ok to do it gradually, even if the smaller doses won't really do justice to the product. I've explained everything I know about it thoroughly, so he's aware of the huge variety of results this sole molecule can produce, depending on the dosages and the users. Yet he's still very motivated to try it for himself. I think everything will be fine. I guess we'll figure it out soon enough. I won't forget to tell how it turns out if I feel like it's worth it. And maybe even write a TR myself about my own experiences. Thank you for the conversation.
  4. Thank you @zikzak ! I feel reassured to see somone understand my initial interrogations on this. I agree with everything you said. The difference between a regular dose and a breakthrough one is so drastic, and the effects of a small-medium dose being somewhat "meh", I simply didn't see the point to start small. But, after Leo's interventions, I opened my eyes to the fact that it's quite unnecessary to skip steps, because sooner or later my friend will get there. Testing the waters won't harm, after all I did it too. Anyways, thanks to both of you for helping me decide.
  5. But you gave your girlfriend 28 mg and she was almost naive to it from what I understood, why the double standard? You're right though, there's no need whatsoever to rush things. I will first offer him a small-to-medium dose, so he has a preview of the kind of effects it gives.
  6. @zikzak Thanks for replying! I wish I could vaporize it, but as I said a few months ago I don't know how to properly convert HCl to Freebase. So it will be intranasal yes. The only inconvenient of this ROA is that we must use a little bit more. But other than that, I really like snorting 5-MeO, I don't know if you already tried, but it has an epic fruity smell/taste in the nose, and barely burns. I hope that my friend will agree, although it seems to vary from person to person.
  7. I'm planning to offer some 5-MeO to a friend as well in the near future. He is very interested in it because I just keep talking about it as the best thing in the world. But it will be his first time, and I'm not sure which dose we should go with. He has dozens of experiences with psychedelics and other drugs, and he can handle strong doses. He also has a pretty solid willpower when it comes to handling difficult trips, I've seen him be perfectly OK in instances where I was kinda beginning to lose my mind. Anyways, I'm thinking of just giving him the full 30 mg, so he experiences it all right away. What do you think? My problem with doing it gradually is that I don't have that much 5-MeO left, and I don't want him to be disgusted with the substance. Smaller doses are good to get used, but it's not really enough for a deep existential trip and it looks like there is a higher probability to just have an exclusively uncomfortable trip. I survived 40 mg and it turned out to be the time of my life, so I guess my friend could handle 25-30 mg? I don't know, maybe my reasoning is wrong...
  8. Hi Leo! Just curious, are you still using 5-MeO frequently? If I remember well, you wanted to do it weekly to test on yourself if it could lead faster to Enlightenment. Where are you at today with this substance? I hope that your enthusiasm for it hasn't cooled down! EDIT: Nevermind lol. Just saw your blog post about your girlfriend.
  9. No idea, word, or concept, is enough for reality. Including what you or anyone else calls Truth. Calling something true is already giving it a limit, which already enters the domain of duality. Truth begins and ends in our minds, as a concept. Give it enough time and this so-called "Truth" will tell you anything you want to hear.
  10. I think you're right there. Rather than wondering if Truth exists or not, we should first interrogate our words and definitions instead. Words and language are mere imitations, replications of reality. So are our sensory fields, by the way... Truth means different things to different people. Can humans attain a sufficient definition of Truth? Can we elaborate it enough to be truthful for the whole of reality? In my opinion, no. Truth is a word, created by our limited little minds. The idea of Truth is too weak for reality, even if we think of Truth in the most absolute way... still too weak.
  11. I had the privilege to take LSD with a good friend of mine today. I've had a handful of experiences with this substance prior to my 5-MeO-DMT breakthrough, but this one was on a whole new level. To be honest I didn't really believe it when Leo talked about this potentiation effect. But he was straight right! To a small degree it almost felt like 5-MeO. I wasn't expecting that and I was much pleasantly surprised to fall back into this same abysmal bliss...
  12. I think what you are referring to is solipsism. From the ego's point of view, you have every right to believe in this indeed. As long as you believe that reality is fragmented, you'll have no evidence of the "Being of others". But keep working on the dissolution of your ego and you will realize that "your Being" is everyone else's, because there is only one Being.
  13. I'm sure there's a park or a forest where you live! Speaking from experience, these are quite good settings. Nature stimulates the psychedelic experience in a very rich way, and you can always find a nice quiet remote place to sit down and enjoy the sunset.
  14. Say no to LCD! Team OLED unite! More seriously, there's nothing inherently wrong with synthetic psychedelics. I know there's this belief that anything "natural" is supposedly "safer", but that's just not true. It really depends on the molecule itself, not the way it's been obtained. For example, Datura is natural, but it's highly toxic, whereas LSD is (mostly) synthetic but it's proven to be a very clean and safe compound. Synthetic psychedelics are in fact preferable to their natural counterparts, for two good reasons: they are much purer, and we can obtain bigger quantities easier. This is the case of 5-MeO-DMT for example. Do you know just how much plant material is needed to extract an usable amount? A lot. Lab synthesis avoids lots of trouble. At the end of the day a molecule is a molecule. I think the word "natural" is twisted in most people minds anyway. We humans are natural too! What we do IS natural too!
  15. Now that's what I call a poetic sentence... Speaking of number of experiences, how many times approx. have you guys done 5-MeO?