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  1. I think what you are referring to is solipsism. From the ego's point of view, you have every right to believe in this indeed. As long as you believe that reality is fragmented, you'll have no evidence of the "Being of others". But keep working on the dissolution of your ego and you will realize that "your Being" is everyone else's, because there is only one Being.
  2. I'm sure there's a park or a forest where you live! Speaking from experience, these are quite good settings. Nature stimulates the psychedelic experience in a very rich way, and you can always find a nice quiet remote place to sit down and enjoy the sunset.
  3. Say no to LCD! Team OLED unite! More seriously, there's nothing inherently wrong with synthetic psychedelics. I know there's this belief that anything "natural" is supposedly "safer", but that's just not true. It really depends on the molecule itself, not the way it's been obtained. For example, Datura is natural, but it's highly toxic, whereas LSD is (mostly) synthetic but it's proven to be a very clean and safe compound. Synthetic psychedelics are in fact preferable to their natural counterparts, for two good reasons: they are much purer, and we can obtain bigger quantities easier. This is the case of 5-MeO-DMT for example. Do you know just how much plant material is needed to extract an usable amount? A lot. Lab synthesis avoids lots of trouble. At the end of the day a molecule is a molecule. I think the word "natural" is twisted in most people minds anyway. We humans are natural too! What we do IS natural too!
  4. Now that's what I call a poetic sentence... Speaking of number of experiences, how many times approx. have you guys done 5-MeO?
  5. The most awesome thing ever... But only if you surrender. Many people would fail to do so. So in a sense,15-30 min. is preferable to 4-6 hours all things considered. I don't even allow myself to imagine the hell it would be for someone to endure the "hard pard" for several hours without ever being able to stop resisting. That could lead to dementia. Not to say I wouldn't go for such a long trip myself if I could! Oh well. Time itself is all over the place anyway during the experience, at least to me.
  6. Yes, from your perspective. It either isn't carved out yet, or it's already carved out but disconnected from your perspective (for example, too far from you in space and/or time, or in a different plane of existence altogether). By the way, time and space don't mean anything from the absolute point of view (meaning, for reality itself in its totality). Unicorns have already been, and yet to be, and are right now! Of course, if we abuse language and call them unicorns, because in itself a unicorn is just a concept, it does not actually exist as an individual object (just like what you call "I/me"). But the content of reality is not relevant at all, honestly. The omnipotence of its substance (Being is the closest world we can use) is already much more interesting to discuss and admire.
  7. The way I see it, reality is absolutely infinite potentially. It can be anything and everything, which doesn't mean that it should be anything and everything at a given point in space-time. Nothing could stop reality from containing actual unicorns (there are things much more crazier that already exist right now in the universe). Unicorns are just absent in your current field of awareness, which doesn't mean they don't/can't exist in reality. Leo explained it pretty well with the sand analogy in his video.
  8. @JustinS Well, my first two trials were of 16 mg and 20 mg respectively. Both were inconclusive. I think I would definitely do 20 mg again one day just to compare. What you suggested seems plausible.
  9. To those of you who have done 5-MeO numerous times: does it gradually become easier to handle? I'm planning to trip again soon, I think I've fully processed my previous one. But man, gotta be honest, a part of me is a bit apprehensive to go through this again. Of course I will do a much smaller dose this time, probably 25 mg which seems to be the sweet spot. What do you think? Does it ever get easier or is every experience so heavy at the beginning?
  10. 5-MeO-DMT can give you a pretty good foretaste of Absolute Infinity. Even a 20 min. temporary glimpse will deepen your understanding and relationship with reality to degrees you can't imagine. Of course that's a decision only you can make, but this is a very serious option that you should consider, if you really want to see it for yourself.
  11. This is exactly what I said to myself during the peak. "Oh my god. This will change everything. For ever. How could life possibly be the same after that?" I had this deep, real, certitude of crossing the point of no return. Unbelievable feeling. Also quite frightening. But actually... I was quite surprised to see how fast I came back to my default headspace. It felt like the realest thing ever, but now, I must admit, as days go by, I find it harder and harder to remember the details of how it was... I can definitely see the importance of doing it on a regular basis. To circle back to your question @Big Ajax I think that small-to-medium doses used regularly would be better in the long run. Let it flow slowly but surely... and don't worry about the breakthrough. When it happens, you'll know it 100%. It will feel like all of your existence builded up only for this very moment.
  12. @Dodo 5-MeO does not only induce spiritual openings. There is a wide variety of physical, cognitive and visual effects, specific to the fact that it's a psychotropic chemical substance before everything else. The trip is a step by step process and I had to go through a fair share of undesired things before attaining this temporary state I was looking for. So when I was speaking of intensity, I was referring to those effects as a whole. I just speak from my own personnal experience there. Meditating never made hysterically scream for my life. It never made me lose consciousness or projected in some hyperspace... You know what I mean? As far as I know, our brains producing 5-MeO-DMT is only a hypothesis. I don't know about that, but I think you're the one spitting out beliefs there though. I hope I explained myself better.
  13. A brain is a window and consciousness passes through like the light. If you close or remove the window, the light can no longer illuminate the interior of the house. Some people mistake the light for the window and that's a huge mistake. There is at least one other (mysterious) factor than the brain responsible for consciousness, otherwise you would have the awareness of every living creature of the universe at the same time, which is not the case. A brain alone cannot generate his own identification and separate himself from the other brains. There is something else at play, which leads me to think that the brain is only a vehicle, although one that is deeply linked to the thing that drives it.
  14. @Real Eyes I don't think it is possible to get to the same intensity only with meditation. We are talking about world-shattering, explosive energy, that obliterates the ego in a matter of minutes, and then leaves room for a deep, selfless ocean of bliss and infinite gratitude. This kind of intensity I believe can only occur with the influence of a chemical. During the second half of the experience, after the destruction of the ego, you get in this state of absolute peace and love, that manifests through the present moment. In this state, it becomes crystal clear that all is one, all is the same, and all is now. What was only a knowledge becomes an actual feeling, or rather, being. So what I meant is that this fusion with the present moment stays with you after the trip like a new sense, and you can choose to "get back" in the same kind of state with meditation. Not as deep, not as intense, but of the same kind. You now have the power to see this new color, that was invisible before, although always present. Because you can now distinguish it, as you've already seen it once.
  15. There is no better or worse. Everything is the same. In any situation, be it in a "normal" state or an "altered" state, you can always find that one thing that matters: the present moment. This is the only thing that will ever matter. There is literally nothing else. 5-MeO-DMT helped me to see this fact, and now, what I found during the experience, I can find right now. You seem to think that there is truth and illusion, or right and wrong. You should try to drop this way of thinking. Everything is both at the same time, and neither. Everything is totally meaningless! Anything that you have right now, is already the best thing that you can have. Look around and see it. It's just that 5-MeO-DMT can grab your head and brutally point it in the "right direction" for you, so there's nothing else for you to see but that.