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  1. @RichardY Where it comes from is irrelevant, as long as the product is chemically pure, which is easily testable (and should be). Synthetic 5-MeO is mostly made in chinese labs.
  2. Do not. You will be traumatized. 5-MeO-DMT is one of, if not the strongest psychedelic substance in the world. It produces 100% ego death. Which means that it feels like dying. Your brain is still growing, and psychedelics can alter its development. Mature first. Get more in touch with the theory of spirituality. Wait until you're in your twenties before trying psychedelics. Start with common ones and only consider 5-MeO-DMT after you're experienced in & comfortable with being in an altered state of consciousness. If you rush any of this, it will bitterly regret it.
  3. Oh God... OP I'm actually sorry that your topic hosted this.
  4. @fabriciom Which drugs exactly? Also, in what context? With what intent?
  5. That was powerful. Thank you so much! Spiral out. Keep going.
  6. @fabriciom Well I'm afraid you are wrong because for me and so many others, it has worked, and actually worked really well. You have the right to have an opinion and I respect it. But I'd encourage you to have at least a little bit of experience before stating anything definitive. Your position might change.
  7. @fabriciom 5-MeO-DMT is not addictive, it's not something you get hooked to (good luck with that lol). One solid trip usually is enough for a lifetime, for most people.
  8. What your vendor says doesn't mean anything. Unless you've tested the purity of the product yourself, you can't know. By the sound of it, your 5-MeO isn't very pure. 34 mg should obliterate you. Dark purple is not the color it's supposed to have. Please test it!
  9. And I love you too, random citizen!
  10. Keep calm and consume the tryptamine.
  11. Yes, and not just one dream. An infinity of dreams one into another like matryoshka dolls, dreams dreaming of dreams dreaming them.
  12. Haven't you heard? It's just the evil demon bro.
  13. Thanks for the report, it seems to be in line with what most people experience. I have personally never tried it but my curiosity is piqued. Maybe a bigger extract would've got you closer to a breakthrough?
  14. There's no real alternative to 5-MeO-DMT, it's a unique psychedelic and it's power is unparalleled. Abnormally high doses of LSD are not safe nor recommended, mainly because it lasts 8-10 hours which could potentially leave one with serious long-term mental complications in case of a bad trip. Only very experimented users should venture into that kind of dosages.
  15. @Outer Quit spamming the same lazy unelaborated line on every single topic. You're making this forum a junkyard.