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  1. What if this, what if that, blablabla... You're wasting time. Either look for yourself or don't.
  2. Lateralus by Tool is easily one of the most extraordinary records of all time. And it's very spiritual.
  3. I love metal but your song is a bit soft for my taste.
  4. Mother of God. That's genuinely pretty great, I was caught off-guard by the production. Lyrics fucking ended me, well especially the Leo part. Thanks for creating this bro.
  5. Because why the fuck not?
  6. @Serotoninluv Wow man that's hardcore. I can barely move an arm past 20 mg. Respect.
  7. That's 5 for you, baby. Thanks for the report!
  8. It sounds like you have a somewhat wrong idea of what being present means. Or you do it wrong. What you'll learn is that eventually being present enhances by large margins your appreciation of life, including chores or mundane tasks, but also and especially activities you enjoy doing. Everything gets better with better consciousness. By the tone of your post, it appears to me that you might have some issues with your emotions and desires taking over the serene mindset you're supposed to look after. Don't worry, just relax. Tap into the present moment as often as you can, because by doing so you will tap into actual eternity, which is always a great thing to have by your side.
  9. There is also the possibility that he will never reveal it. After all it's supposed to be stronger than 5-MeO, which is quite crazy when you think about it. "Too much non-duality" might turn out to be counter-productive or even dangerous to some degree. Maybe the experience is unbearable.
  10. It's good to have you back, Leo! Correct me if I'm wrong, but among all the different ways to reach Enlightenment, it appears to me that your favorite one is psychedelics. I know that you advocate for a multi-approach path with meditation, yoga, etc., but do you think that psychedelics alone could, eventually, do the trick?
  11. Well, I don't need one because you already posted a text tutorial on this thread, but I thought that a video would be a solid additional resource. You could show us the items you use, your weighing technique, how you actually move 5-MeO from A to B (which I found is an art of its own), how you dissolve it, etc. It's always nice to have a visual representation of the process. Of course I don't expect you to post it on YouTube, that's definitely not for everyone, but I think on your blog with a link on this topic, it would fit in just fine. Oh and a psychedelics course? Great news!
  12. Leo, when can we expect a tutorial video for rectal administration? I believe you mentioned it in your blog video.
  13. Loved your last video Leo! Since you're more at ease with 5-MeO now... maybe one day you should consider giving a shot to a really big dose, like what I did. Of course that's a serious choice to make, and I know how you feel about big doses... But as you said... the rabbit hole is infinitely deep! And it feels incredible. Again, maybe """small""" doses are good for you. But try a huge one like I did one day. There's a point where it feels like the awakening itself awakens. Take care of you my man, & keep up with the great content.