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  1. With lysergamides? Big fat yes. Pretty much during the whole trip. Music gets me in synchronicity with the movement of Being. (Not to mention it's also wildly more enjoyable...)
  2. A masterful piece of music, almost certainly about spiritual matters.
  3. @Zorka Because psychedelics don't show anything else except YOU. Psychedelics are mirrors. Denying what you experience on psychedelics is like denying yourself. Or all reality for that matter. Also, did you notice that you are doubting altered states of consciousness, but not the sober state? Why is that? What tells that you're not already deluded in sober state? Ultimately what you'll realize is that no state is false or true. There's just consciousness, and consciousness can manifest in an infinite variety of states and forms. They're all equal. The critical thing to understand is that when we use psychedelics, it's not to focus on effects (such as hallucinations etc.), but on the thing in which those effects take place. The substance, awareness.
  4. @Zorka Psychedelics exist exactly for that very reason. They can show you a glimpse of the Absolute, a temporary Awakening, and with the memory of that, your doubts would no longer be. Something powerful like 5-MeO-DMT is capable of erasing all doubts for the rest of your life. It's not an accident that the vast majority of people who experienced it have surprisingly similar reports. Although they all come from a materialistic, rationalistic paradigm.
  5. @How to be wise In a sense, you're right. I see what you mean. Of course it's not just infinite, or absolutely infinite, or anything else. It's way more than that. But there's no better word in language, so we use what we have. It's a non-issue. Just semantics.
  6. You can't get out. That's the whole beauty of it. Walk your path.
  7. @khalifa You're probably having an ego backlash. This is normal and to be expected. It is not uncommon after 5-MeO, some experience it for days, some even for weeks. Just wait it out and take care of you in the meantime. Try to ease your restless mind by focusing on something else. Stay stoic and appreciate the moment how it presents itself. Weather changes. It will fade away. If it gets really bad, you can also use benzos for a few days.
  8. @khalifa Small doses are difficult. More difficult all in all than large ones. Typically, with something like 15 mg you take enough to torment the ego, but not to the point of shutting it down completely. That's the whole problem of sub-breakthrough doses for many people. The closer you get to it, the more you suffer; but if you don't cross the line completely, you just end up with a bad trip and a lot of unnecessary misery. 'been there. I understand your decision, but know that 5-MeO didn't show you it's true face this time. Try something like 25-30 mg if you ever decide to try again. It will be totally overwhelming at first, but you'll definitely get what you're looking for.
  9. Music. Especially bands like Tool. You'll thank me later. Try AL-LAD. It's an LSD analog that lasts 6-8 hours. I prefer it to LSD now.
  10. Did it 2 years ago for the last time. Only now I feel like going back. Time for another breakthrough. Might try smoking it this time.
  11. Why did God subject himself to (fake) suffering while he could have created realities where he is constantly on an MDMA-like high? (By the way, I know the answer but I'd like your take on it.)
  12. @Leo Gura I will go on record and say that the depth of your "dream trip" can also be reached on psychedelics. In fact I experienced something very similar myself on 40 mg of 5-MeO (if you remember .) No distinction between anything. No memory of a self. No memory of time, nor space. No comprehension of what it even means to exist. Only raw Being. Screaming to itself that It is. I'm convinced this onion has no bottom. It has many more things in store if we dare to reach far enough. Try "hero doses" on tryptamines one day. I'm sure you can handle it. I think even you could be surprised by what's left to experience. Anyways, thanks for the video.
  13. There are no problems in the world. Once Enlightenment happens, it becomes clear that there is nothing to fix.