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  1. Hi @Leo Gura In your video about 5-MeO, you said that you snorted the substance. Have you tried vaporizing it ever since? If so, which ROA do you prefer and why? I speaked about this with Martin Ball, he said it's better to smoke it for spiritual work, because the onset is much faster and the ego doesn't have time to resist. I was curious to know your views on that.
  2. @FirstglimpseOMG Thank you very much for this awesome TR!
  3. Thanks to everyone for the useful information. What kind of damage can occur when overusing MDMA? Can it have a consequence on memory, intelligence, etc. ? @Leo Gura In your video about AL-LAD, you've explained that before the trip, you meditate to put yourself in a certain mindset. Do you do the same with MDMA and other products? Should I?
  4. Since this drug has been endorsed a few times by Martin Ball and Leo on their blogs, I was wondering how exactly it can help in a spiritual context. As far as I understand, it is not a psychedelic, and doesn't really change the way users think and perceive the world. It mostly seems to be used as a purely recreational substance. Can MDMA lead to insights, or is it just an emotional rush? I would like to know if there exists a method to use MDMA for self-growth, in terms of set & setting, preparation, dosage, and overall behaviour during the actual trip. Any detailed recommendation or thoughts would be highly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone! So I finally did it! About 15 mg of 5-MeO insufflated. Fortunately, it didn't burn at all, actually it has a pleasant smell/taste! However... I didn't have the experience I expected at all. I just had slight visuals, and lost most of the "feelings" of my body. Sounds were a little bit reverberating, and I felt a pretty strong nausea... And that's about it. No enlightenment. Overall a quite unpleasant 20 minutes. I'm pretty sure my snorting technique is awful, also I guess the dose wasn't big enough? When do you think I should give it another shot? In a week? Also, assuming I snort it a little bit better next time, how much should I add to the dose? I'm thinking of... maybe 20-25 mg? Thanks!
  6. Can't believe people are actually upvoting this nonsense...
  7. Thanks for the advices! Unfortunately I'm totally a noob when it comes to such things... I've seen that there are some well-rated scales on Amazon UK, under £30. @Neo Should I look for more expensive ones? If you know a good model, please tell.
  8. Greetings everyone! I'm looking for a precision scale to buy for my 5-MeO. However I'm not sure if I should look for a 0.01 or a 0.001 one. Because these get expensive quite fast! Do you think a 0.01 would be ok? I could mesure the biggest part (like 0.03 g for exemple) and then split it myself more or less... What kind of scale do you personnaly use? Thanks!!
  9. Age is quite an arbitrary threshold. Leo probably said 21 years old for legal reasons. However if you feel mature enough you can arguably take it before. You're the only one who can tell really. Just remember that you're probably not mature enough if you're still under 18... If that's your case you probably have more important things to do in your life that taking one the most powerful drugs that exist.
  10. Greetings everybody! I have a few other questions regarding the first uses of 5-MeO-DMT. - What would be a good dosage to start with? I am thinking of 16 mg via insufflation, 2 lines of 8 mg in each nostril (HCl form). What do you think of this dosage? - I've read that some 5-MeO is lost with this ROA. Do you have any tips for proper snorting? (head position, how deep I should snort it, etc.) - I've also read that snorting freebase causes burning pain in the nose, but what about the HCl form? Is it also painful? Great thanks for your help!
  11. Greetings, everybody! I have read this thread with great interest and am very thankful for all the information shared. However I still have a few newbie questions that haven't been covered there yet. Hopefully someone will help me out, I think it's important to know for beginners. Firstly, to people who bought their 5-MeO online: on average, what kind of prices to expect? I'm asking this because I am looking to purchase it and have already found several vendors, but all of them have very different prices. In order to avoid scams, I would like to know the price of the market so I can eliminate vendors with unsuitable prices. For exemple, I have found a seemingly serious site that offers 500 mg for about 80€. Is this reasonable to you?