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  1. Nothing wrong with this video aside from the improper title. The distinction between n,n-DMT and 5-MeO-DMT is clearly established during the conversation. Both men are articulate and interesting to listen to.
  2. @ground What you are trying to say is that objectivity itself does not exist. Which is true because objectivity is a human concept. Both subjectivity and objectivity must collapse. But don't confuse mathematical nothing and Mu. In spirituality we use the word "nothing" because it's the closest we can use. It's the blank sheet of paper on which everything lies. Aka Consciousness.
  3. @ground All things are limitless, including human arrogance. Plug 30 mg buddy, and we shall see how you feel about existence.
  4. Reality is Being aware of itself. You can call it a mind but that's probably a bit too specific. It's rather a giand field of awareness. And all the things that you think are not aware, like a rock, are actually aware of themselves through you. You watching a rock is the rock watching itself. Of course language is fragmented and schematic, but you get the idea.
  5. Had it twice. It's like being turned off. Zero sensory input. Literal Nothing.
  6. As a whole, a 5-MeO-DMT experience is much more than an a baseline, day-to-day Enlightenment state. What it shares with Enlightenment is : No subject/object. Much more stronger than average sense of existence (mindfulness). Full immersion in the present moment. Comprehension of the infinite nature of reality. However this is a compound that enduces a sensory overload so intense that one can't tell the difference between space and time on it. Functioning, moving or speaking is impossible while under the effects of 5-MeO. It's 100% complete non-duality.
  7. @GabeN Plugging is not reported to be painful, and is probably much more comfortable than snorting. Although there's always a solid chance to experience difficult body loads with 5-MeO, no matter the route of administration. I hope it turns out well for you. Good luck.
  8. It's somewhat embarrassing to watch. This type of provocative, pseudo-wise behaviour just reinforces the cliché that spirituality is for lunatics. There's a right time & place to mention stuff like that. Coming off as a douche publicly doesn't help anyone.
  9. @nowimhere Oxalate, fumarate and HCl are all salt forms yes. On a side note, don't snort 5-MeO. It really burns a lot (speaking from experience.)
  10. Thanks for the plugging tutorial Leo! https://www.actualized.org/insights/how-to-plug-psychedelics
  11. I know that there are 6 fingers on your profile picture.
  12. @Matt23 Probably yes. Especially when smoked, it's a matter of seconds before you expand into godhood.
  13. @GabeN A breakthrough happens when you realize that everything that happened in the Universe, and everything that happened in your life, only did so for you to experience the said moment.