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  1. I remember when I took LSD for the first time in my life. It was at the end of highschool and I didn't know anything about tripping. I thought it would be like getting drunk or something. Oh boy how wrong I was. It took me by suprise. All boundaries were melting and shifting. I disappeared out of existence and then appeared in it again. Time was on a repeat for eternity. There was no escape from the now. It was the most impactful thing I ever experienced. Then it stopped and I was at a party where I took it in the first place and all my friends were around me. They were talking about some ordinary stuff I didn't really care about. I went through the most intense experience of my life and I coundn't talk about it with anyone. No one would undestand what I went through and there were no words for what I experienced and I had to keep it for myself. So consider talking about it with someone afterwards. It is really a relief to share it with someone. And it is quite usefull I would say. It helps you ground yourself and get your act together.
  2. @jamsterX You can also say that the brain tricks you into thinking you are separeted ego and this is the real deal. You can also say that both points of view are correct and it depends on what your definition of the word correct is. Our brain evolved over millions of years through natural selection to have a very specific experience of life. This particular experience is not nesesarly correct it is just the most suitable for survival of the individual. This kind of experience of life was beneficial when we were close to animals and it was all about survival. Now human beings strive to make life something more that just that. If everybody saw that we are all one we would eradicate all evil doings of the ego. But something like that won't happen for a very long time and we are not certainly ready for that now either. But there can be a small minority of people that have this non-dual experience and this kind of people can make this world a little better place and incrementally prepare humanity for the fututure where everybody can make this non-dual experience real for themselves. You are completely free to make anything you want from this non-dual experience. So you might as well create a life that is a worth living.
  3. @Nihal217 It seems that you have experienced a lot of intense states of consciousness in a short time. The problem is that it takes a long time to process and integrate such experiences and if you over do it they might cause you more harm than good. If you are taking psychedelics consider to lay them off for a while. If you have a strong desire to escape this world and to achieve something like enlightenment and you want it as soon as posible for whatever cost it is a sign that your ego is on a rampage. It is a litte different from an ego that wants power, sex, fame or money. It is just that its goal is now more virtuous in its own eyes. I recommend approaching spirituality with a peace of mind. The kind of a mind that doesn't cling to ideas and its need to fulfill its goals whatever it costs so the chance of you going over your head is minimalized. You elevate your conciousness through discipline and a drop of humility and that needs patience and time. If you don't invest into these safety nets you just might crash and burn so watch out. Also to answer your first question these experiences are in my opinion very rare. People get taste of them mostly through psychedelics but soon after they do whatever they can to forget them and act as nothing has happened so they can live their normal lives.
  4. @Nihal217 You should consider building strong theoretical foundation if you want to progress deeper into consciousness work for many reasons. Firstly if you don't you might become a zen devil. Leo has interesting video about that. Secondly many mystical experiences may damage your functionality in everyday world so having some theoretical foundation to help you interpret those is extremely helpful because you don't have to reinvent the wheel. In spirituality there is a danger that you convince yourself that you are more developed than you really are and because of that your way of life might become pathological and you hurt yourself and others in the process. If you build strong theoretical foundation the probability of that happening se lessened. Hope that helps.
  5. @iamnotahumanbeing @Setty Also I should add that the disolution of boundaries happened a few times after that experience without the use of weed. Which was a big problem for me because I didn't know how far it can get and it generated a lot of anxiety within me. I was in fight or flight response those times. I think the biggest obstacle was my inability to handle strong emotional reactions to these kinds of experiences.
  6. @iamnotahumanbeing With weed I had my first, what I would call, sober mystical experience. The rules of my reality radically changed. The boundaries between me and others started to melt and I couldn't control it. There was no me and there was no other. Everything was moving in union. And I realized my life was a lie the whole time. Everything I strived for was a play with no substance and depth. But my identity was still there and I relized I could end everything right there, my whole life, the charade I have been playing on myself the whole time. Or atleast it felt like it. I don't think it is as simple as that to be honest. It felt like I have to go through hell and worse to get to the other side and I wasn't ready for that. I wasn't even planning for this experience it just happened. Then something started to drag me into it without my consent and that is the time I had a big ego backlash. I haven't done anything stupid but I got a lot fragmented afterwards. The next day everything was devoid of meaning. Nothing was important to me. Now it was not important to finnish school, to be a good person, to strive. I was so confused and empty. I didn't know what to do so I just did my routine. I worked hard to get back on track and make sense of what happened to me. And it worked and now I feel better than ever. I think this is the biggest problem with psychedelics. The fact that we are not equipped enough to handle such a strong experience. You get fragmented and you have to put yourself back together. Which can be really useful and beautiful if you can do it.
  7. @Leo Gura @iamnotahumanbeing I have experimented with weed as a tool for some time and maybe the fact that it isn't as direct as other psychedelics is its own advantage. With other stronger psychedelics everything is done for you and you just surrender to the experience. With weed you don't just get blasted away. Thanks to that you can experiment with meditation or self-inquiry and you can observe what works, what it does and how. The fact you have to actually do something before you see any results with it is super usefull because you can than use that knowledge for your everyday meditation. It is quite unique experience and it can get pretty deep too. Some states I had on weed combined with meditation were much stronger than some of my LSD trips. But it is true that I haven't tripped that much (three times) and I don't smoke weed anymore because the side effects were too noticeable and I am trying to finnish school without any hindrances.
  8. @PetarKa Why are you worrying about your free will? If the free will is an illuson your worrying will do nothing to change it. If there is free will then you don't need to be worrying. It is completely unnesesary for you to suffer this conundrum. The trip could help you tremendously or it could harm you. The question is how would you deal with a bad trip afterwards? Where would you go for help if it made things worse? What would be your refuge? Maybe answer that question first. I never had a bad trip (only uncomfortable ones) but I experienced many negative effect of psychedelics after the fact. And I think the worst thing about it was that I had to keep it a secret. I had to suffer in silence. There was no one I could talk to about it and share the pain with. After a while I found a therapist that specializes in psychedelics and it helped me tremendously. Just the fact I could tell someone what I was going through helped me.
  9. @Manjushri Maybe a therapist that specializes in psychedelics would help. You can open up to them about your experiences and they help you translate them into your everyday life. Also why do you call family norms unconsious? If you are lost in the psychedelic experience love and caring from your family and friends is the thing that can ground you to earth. Are you sure it isn't just your spiritual ego that thinks it knows better than it actually does? Maybe the simple and "unconscious" everyday life is the thing you need right now. You know, find beauty in the little and unimportant things and forget about the realm of psychedelic experience fow a while.
  10. JP threads have always so much action and excitement in them. I am fan of his work because he raises great points regarding your individual responsibility in your own life. And this point is critical and it is the reason he is so popular on the internet. He teaches people to stop feeling like a victim of life and instead take responsibility for it. This insight is something that is so important to understand and is hugely missing in the general knowledge of people. Most people here think people like him because of his views on traditional gender roles and tradition in general but I believe that it not the case. People here also like to project A LOT how he thinks and how his supporters think and are not really interested in understanding his views. You just demonize him. Do I see it wrong? I see it this way because when I talk about things he does right people just tell me I am cherrypicking a I should see my own bias. Yes I might be biased and I could do a better job adressing that but if you think you aren't biased on this matter you are just deluding yourself.
  11. @Lauritz Bewer If you have finals there is a good chance you spend a lot of time sitting over books and computer. Meditation is another sitting sesion you put on top of that. Maybe focus more on physical activity like jogging or swimming. During my finals these kind of activities help me a lot to deal with stress from too much learning.
  12. @Lauritz Bewer How long do you meditate? Maybe you are just pushing yourself too much. Also are you trying to get some kind of results from your meditation? Focusing on how badly or good you meditate might create some anxiety in you that gets amplified after a while.
  13. @Solace I belive human is a creature that strives for something constantly. That is basically human history in a nutshell. If you get rid of that you get rid of a human spirit as well. It is a great insight to see that the world is already perfect as it is but we can't forget that the pefection includes our striving for better too. We don't need to strive to be in a state where all striving is stopped. Unless it is the part of existence you want to explore of course.
  14. @Joseph Maynor Yeah it is very easy trap to fall into. You get the glimpse of the absolute but your mind immediately makes up something out of it and you start to believe your conception of it is the real deal.
  15. @Ingit Wel it is a unique experience. And most of the time the experience doesn't involve world crushing elements. That happens mostly if you aim for it or if you take too big of a dose. If you are going to do it do it focus on safety. Luckily psychedelics are safe for your psychical healthso you don't have to worry about that. But read some articles about it. To make sure you mental health is safe do them in a good and friendly enviroment with a trip sitter you trust. And read some trip reports so you know what to expect. There is a lot of them on this forum. If you are interested in the spiritual aspect of it then combine those substances with self inquiry or meditation. Leo made a great guide on self inquiry in the link below. If you do these exercises while tripping it is very likely you get the mystical experience everyone here is talking about.