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  1. Well you can't really blame him. He doesn't have the experience so how could he recommend it? But problem with teachers is that they just have to have an opinion they can't say I don't know. As for the distraction part I think any spiritual practise can be a distraction and again the teacher thinks his way is the better one. Psychedelics can at least help you see through this kind of bullshit.
  2. @Stenne It seems that your idea of what meditation should give you is upside down. The point of it is to create a separation between you and your drives. You observe your emotions and let them play out. And you get nothing in return. And it is this nothing you want to get comfortable with. The problem is that this nothing is unacceptable for the ego so it creates a lot of suffering as a defence mechanism and that's what you are dealing with. It seems to me that the problem is that you try to meditate to get some kind of advantage over everybody else but the point of it is to let go of the need to have the advantage and find peace of what is. That paradoxicaly will give you the advantage because you wont cling to succes and status but it is not a smooth procces and it takes time and self-searching. If you are interested more in immediate results then you should focus on those. Self-actualization is just a fancy word for having a good life and if it doesn't work for you then mybe you have the wrong idea of what good life means to you. What is it that you really want? It is not easy thing to answer because it is mostly our twisted ideas of the world that influence the answer. You have to go really deep with questioning to get the real answer. For example you can say "I want succes". But why do you want that? "So I have a lot of money". And why do you want that? "So I have the freedom to do whatever I want". See so what you really want is the freedom and not succes but if you chase the succes your whole life you might never get what you really want because succes doesn't nesesarly give freedom. It is just an idea people might have that they never question and they are unhappy in life. So again what is it that you really want? What it means for you to self-actualize?
  3. @Swagala Great work! Remember to properly integrate these experiences @molosku Don't underestimate weed. I had mystical experiences with weed that were on a similar level as LSD trips. In some aspects they were even deeper. It's just that not so many people used weed for spiritual awakenings that much so its hugely underestimated
  4. @ethanb121 I don't have anything more to say than I alredy did. Try the meditation with focus on the pressure while high for longer periods of time and see what it does to you. But as I said don't take it lightly. If possible aim for peace of mind over anything else. Don't push yourself too much with these things. It's not always rainbows and butterflies. That goes for any psychedelic use.
  5. @ethanb121 I have some experiece that might be of some use. I don't know much about the third eye except for my personal experience working with focus. I used to experiment with weed and meditation at the same time with surprising results. I would smoke and then focus on the pressure in my forehead. This pressure would intensify and/or transofrm and I would "follow" it and after about half an hour my perception changed quite considerably. All sorts of insights poured into my mind. My thoughts started to create complex structures that were comprehensible yet so alien. And when I say complex I mean "holy shit this changes everything I know" complex. It was quite something. It felt so nostalgic. Like returning home from a long journey. I was quite impressed. The interesting thing is that it was repeatable process. Every time I tried to do it it worked with varied intensity. I didn't pursuit it further because I had some personal things to take care of at the time. Now the way I did it was quite unintuitive. When I focused on the pressure I had to make sure not to try to direct it, manipulate it or try to intensify the pressure by any means by myself. This would disrupt the procces. I had to specifically pay attention to the pressure instead trying to get something out of it. This was really important. The only way I would get there was by letting go of the need to be there. This is quite paradoxical and hard to transcend but it seems it is the requirement. I tried to repeat the procces without the weed but with no results. Weed itself has many drawbacks and is hard to work with in any spiritual proccess. So take this story of mine more like an interesting anecdote than something you inspire yourself with. The built up pressure in your forehead can be really disruptive if not handled properly. If you have no experience with releseing it it can really hinder your ability to function in everyday life. And lastly I don't know if my experience has anything to do with the third eye there are just similarities with the region in question.
  6. @ROOBIO Ego backlashes are a good reminder of what you are deling with and gives you a good appreciation of true mastery. I would suggest to practise self love a little bit. It's okay to enjoy the little things in life. It is a part of us that doesn't need to be eliminated completely. And anyway if you try to brute force through it with sheer will power alone you will crack and it will get you behind much much more than where you are now. And remember when you go back to bad habits you don't have to go all pathologic about it. You can enjoy some alcohol, sugar and other without having it control your entire life.
  7. @Odysseus Dammit shoud've said that most of the comments and not all to cover my ass. Anyway when I investigate the comments more it seems that most of it is praise of Peterson which might be problematic if he has indeed bad influence. Then there are comments that thank him for changing their lifes for the better which also can be problematic if it means they fight people on the left. I just wanted to point out that it is not as dire as people make it out to be. But now I have a feeling that I am just defending him for the sake of winning an argument so I will stop and just leave it at the fact that he indeed seems to atract some portion of the alt-right and whether he is a bad or good influence on them will be open for me.
  8. @Odysseus Are you sure about that? I would argue the opposite. Go into his official channel and look into the comments under his videos and tell me people there are anything less than open-minded and loving. If you are refering to videos with titles "Peterson crushes ... !!!" then yes you find more negative comments there. But is it really representative of his followers or does it just appeal to anyone who wants to see people being crushed regardless of the person in the title?
  9. @RendHeaven Yes! Once you have an enemy you inevitably get into a situation where your "enemy" has a good point in some manner and you have to practice quite sophisticated mental gymnastics to still frame him as a bad guy so you can retain your integrity. And that leaves you stuck ignorant and unconscious. But unfortunately it is just too convinient for people to have enemies. It is too good of a tool for survival. Peterson is very guilty of that. When I think about it I have a lot of enemies. And I don't really mean people but more exactly "wrong" ideas. I am all into the "raising your conciousness to higher level" (I can thank Leo for that) but it makes me view "unconsciousness" as threatening. I am sure it makes me ignorant in some manner because it is me who decides what is conscious. And what do I know really. This has real imlications in the real world because now when I see China getting to the economical cealing it makes me wonder if western leaders will take notes on how to oppress free ideas just like they do in China for the sake of economic growth. Sounds like a question "When should you levave your teacher behind because you became more developetd than him/her". That seems like a good topic for a video don't you think?
  10. @Leo Gura I think using spiral dynamics to determine qualification of a person on any issue is very limitting. It assumes one can not have useful insight into the matter if he or she is lower on the spiral and it gives undeserved qualification for people in higher stages. Just look at many turquoise people around the world. How often happens that they create a cult following in which people are so mesmerized with them that they worhip them and then they get stuck. The fact they were higher on the spiral did not automatically mean they were the right influence on people in lower stages. I think the biggest problem of the green stage at the moment is that most people within it did not integrate lower stages well enough. This makes them demonize lower stages and they have a similar emotional reaction to those stages as those stages have an emotional reaction to the green stage. Also I would like to point out that Peteron openly says that he believes psychedelics create genuine mystical experiance that transcend our material world and if that doesn't help people to raise their conciousness then I don't know what will.
  11. @Leo Gura How can someone who says brains don't exist to be taken seriously? :)) I don't know much about PragerU their channel seems to be very much conservative. And I don't know if Peterson agrees with everythnig they post. I will be on the lookout. And you are right there are better resources than him. But how many of them resonate with so many people that are in stage blue or orange on the spiral? I think he plays an important role regarding their evelation into higher stages. But if you think he isn't really evelating them then I get it why you don't like him but I just don't see it. But I will consider you position further it is true that in the past he said some sketchy things (especially regarding his stance on feminism) that I didn't really pay attention into because I regard him as a conscious being who would never do any harm and we all know how that stance about any authority plays out in real life. It is just so long I took attention in anything he has been doing. I have just lost track.
  12. @Serotoninluv You make good points and I understand that less developed people consider more developed people threatening to their worldviews so they unconsciously lash out. But I think you consider Peterson less devoleped than he really is (I am posting a few videos of him regarding many "green" issuses to make a point). This is the problem I have with spiral dynamics arguments as a whole. It divides people into distinct categories that are hierarchical in nature. This might create a big blind spot for us because if we consider ourselves higher on the spiral we might unfairly dismiss that person on the spot without even considering anything he or she has to say. This model often serves as a convinient way for us to be just closed minded. And I think that is a shame because we might lose a lot of potentially deep wisdom from people lower on the spiral. We have to take a person to be something far more complex than something that we can easily label by a color. This is also why I think this model shouldn't be taught in schools because it will only serve as a way for people to not really think about the arguments of anyone disagreeing with them and just make them dismiss people on the spot. If you took the time to watch these videos please tell me why isn't this person to be taken into account when you are after some insights regarding our society? Is he really so undevelopted and shifts people inevitably into alt-right? I know I selected very specific videos that reflect him in the right light (if obviously not please tell me I might be delusional). And I know you can find a lot of things he said that are not very intellectual but man who didn't say some stupid things throughout their lifes. We were just lucky the camera wasn't recording at the moment.
  13. The biggest problem I have with the debades around Jordan Peterson is how unnegotiable people tend to be arguing againts him. He is just an obstruction that needs to be trampled and ridiculed just as anyone who would even dare to think he could have a point so we can then focus on creating a more just society where everyone is respected as they deserve. Well except for the likes like Jordan Peterson because those people are deluded lunatics that just obstruct our endeavour of great society. What I am trying to say is that Peterson has many flaws and his views might not reflect what really is and should be but if we can't have a civil discussion about these issuses without name calling and belittling peoples opinions and insights how developed are we really? Are we really conscious and loving? Not in my opinion. And you can say I am low on the spiral and if I were to develop myself more I would see why you are right but that is just a petty belittling and it is the eqivalent of saying: "You are just stupid!".
  14. Jordan Peterson is one of the best spiritual leaders the Americas have right now.
  15. @Blake One of the reasons to aim to experience non-duality is to realize the absolute truth which has value in itself. This is an experience that is not permanent and people come back to their normal ego mind. Then they can reevaluate all their own dualities and make themself a more wholesome person in doing so. The problem arises when we aim for permanent nondual experience of the world. This is the problem of seeking enlightenment. We experience a nondual state of being that we classify as better than our normal dual experience. We create a separation between dual and nondual and since nonduality contains all of duality within itself it creates a conflict in our mind that it unresolvable in nature. If you are not fine with dualities you are creating a duality. I think enlightened beings are completely fine with duality because they can clearly see it is part of nonduality. But how they transcend to this kind of consciousness I have no idea.