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  1. That is very interesting to me because I do consume a large amount of porn in my life... After reading the link that Scholar posted, I can definitely see how this is affecting me deeply. As for the root cause, I have had my issue before I even started to view porn which is strange. I don't doubt for a second that excessive porn use is contributing to this though. Thanks for that share.
  2. Maybe I just need to wait longer and continue being mindful of this as you said. I highly doubt it's my actual brain chemistry, as I was fine interacting with people and just generally being social when I was a bit younger. It's like some kind of specific event in my life triggered it or something.
  3. Thanks for the advice so far guys! I appreciate it a lot. This is something that deep down I do believe I can control, however difficult it may be. I'm just not really sure which would be the best way to do so at this point. I already have a mediation habit (5 months so far) and I have been practicing mindfulness throughout my days too. I have been able to become aware of when I have a lot of emotions, especially my "meltdowns". I've been trying for a while to feel deep into these emotions, and I can really feel them in my body as I become aware during the moment. However, I haven't found a permanent solution overall for this issue. Also, I have considered medication for this, but I've never gone through with it.
  4. Hello. I have had this issue for a while and it has been bothering me constantly for years so I thought that I would post about it here and maybe get some advice! So, my issue is basically this: When I interact with people and socialise or something along those lines, I panic, feel extremely anxious and I blush intensely. This has been happening for probably around 8 or so years (I'm 18 currently, by the way.) I'm not entirely sure what caused this issue to start, but I may be able to trace it back to when I was bullied at school as this was around the same time. I think about this a lot in my life, and I have been thinking about it for years as I try to stop it from happening so that I can just interact and socialise with people like a regular person. As an example, when faced with any social situation I react by panicking, becoming very anxious and then completely going into some kind of meltdown mode where I just sweat and blush as if I am ill or something. I think I care a lot about what people are thinking of me, and this situation usually proves it. It's got to the point now where I simply avoid every interaction with people that I possibly can out of fear that I will blush in front of them. It's kind of crazy, I know... I would appreciate any bits of advice you guys may be able to offer me! Thanks.
  5. Hey, I am an 18 year old guy from the UK and I have this issue... So, I am a music student (In college) and soon to be moving on to University (maybe). I sing and play guitar, which I have been doing for about 4 years consistently, and I joined a music college because I strongly feel (or used to feel) that this was what I want to do in my life. My problem is that I have been slowly losing my previous love for music as of late, which worries me because I was pretty convinced for the past 4 years that I wanted to make a career out of it. I'm pretty confused actually, since I have been really been focusing on music and nothing else, making me think that this was what I want to do with my life. I'm not sure why I have lost my passion for it all of sudden. I know I'm fairly young, and I'm worried that I may have to do something else and fast, just so I don't piss away my life. As for doing other things, in all honesty, my only passion is for playing guitar, singing and performing right now. I guess that having only those things can be good, so I can just focus on them, but it also leaves me in this predicament... Any advice? And thanks.