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  1. Thank you. Good to know
  2. Can 5-meo go out of date? I have some HCI that I bought 2 years ago. It changed the color even. Is it safe to do it?
  3. Am I the only one who shares the art here? Lol
  4. @Adilbek Very brave you went straight for 5-MeO without even trying other psychedelics. Have fun and update us more on how it goes
  5. @Gladius I'm in the same situation! Working at the job that is not related to my LP. But it kinda motivates me to work on my LP even harder so I can get out of this job.
  6. Probably the best video we've done! Enjoy the chill vibes
  7. Our new "super spiritual" creation
  8. My beautiful creation as a DJ mix with visuals.
  9. @VioletFlame Well done! Love your voice. Nice jazzy vibe !
  10. @Serotoninluv Thank you! Cool you noticed
  11. Hey guys! Wanted to share with you my passion that I've been working for a few month now. We are building an audio/visual YouTube channel called LeakyBliss that connects to spirituality, awareness, nature, beauty, humor, and all those funky things about life :). We just released the new 1 hour mix with visuals. Great for tripping, chilling, relaxing or just having as a background for any party. Everything is nicely flows to the music. Open for any feedback