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  1. I have been lately realizing the often overlooked necessity of health fundamentals for all aspects of life Fact: a lot of us don't sleep optimally Our body needs sleep. Not just any kind of sleep, but high quality, rejuvenating sleep. Sleep deprivation, which most of us have to a certain extent, has various negative effects on our lives Including: lack of focus, memory problems, difficulty learning, physical suffering, weakness, slow recovery etc If you feel extreme discomfort from being tired == probably you really need to transform your sleep, although it could possibly be a health issue Sleep and rest is especially important for self actualizers - we learn a lot of new information, work on our behavior, think, contemplate. Sleep is responsible, among other things, for memory processing and consolidation Naps are super effective for relieving physical and mental fatigue and 'getting' new information holistically Sleep is super important! It really is! If you want to significantly boost your results in life, your mood, your learning, your health, really consider researching sleep and sleep improvement/ hacking Seriously guys, this is some powerful stuff! What do you all think?
  2. Try NLP. It has specific techniques to eliminate phobias
  3. Yeah the comments on YouTube sort of convinced me. Maybe I am just very gullible..
  4. @MM1988 source?
  5. It's pretty late already and Leo hasn't uploaded. There were some comments on YouTube stating he passed away in a car crash. Are these trolls? Anyone has more info?
  6. The sleep schedule thing is something I am also currently dealing with . Right now I'm unemployed, and have been going to sleep sometimes even at 6am. It's pretty ridiculous, since I'm very aware of the consequences. But I'm starting at my new job soon, so hopefully this issue will sort itself out .... Well anyways, good luck!
  7. Lately I've been really enjoying being in the park. Doing whatever I am pulled towards - sitting or lying on the grass, watching the birds and ants, sitting by the pond...And generally savoring every moment. No hurry, no purpose. Letting go of everything, forgetting the concept of time..
  8. @SMC there are plenty of things to do. When you read or watch a video, do the exercises. set goals, review them every day, and take action consistently. Journal, plan, review your life (what is working, what isn't working). Do visualizations and affirmations. Contemplate. Practice specific skills you want to develop.
  9. @Colin glad it helped
  10. Thanks!
  11. @Colin I answer honestly. Sometimes I answer "no", as in - I don't allow myself to let go, or I don't allow myself to feel this emotion. According to the book it doesn't really matter if you answer yes/no/maybe. in my experience even if I answer "no" it still produces the effect of letting go bit by bit. After a few cycles of questions about the emotion/feeling/resistance you will eventually let go enough that you can start answering "yes"
  12. @Colin currently I am in the process of reading the book, but I already started applying the method. Whenever I recognize any negative emotion/ resistance to doing something/physical suffering/boredom/apathy etc., I go through the 5 questions: 1. what is my NOW feeling? 2. could I allow myself to feel it? could I allow myself to let go? would I let go? when? I go through this process multiple times. With each question I answer I feel better and better, and I repeat the process multiple times. A lot of times after I release the emotion I start smiling because of the feeling of relief. What I noticed is that this process not only works for alleviating the current emotions, but also the future emotional reactions in similar situations. I use it many times a day, and I feel it improved my quality of life dramatically I would suggest reading the book though, because it goes really in depth, with lots of explanations, inspiring examples, exercises.. Also from I I have read so far it goes much deeper, and you can use it to create even more life transforming inner changes
  13. One method which is super effective for emotional issues is the Sedona Method. This method is about managing negative emotions by 'releasing' them/ 'letting them go' It literally revolutionized my life. I have less anxiety, anger, annoyance etc. I would really encourage you to buy their book, it's super valuable! As a disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this company in any way, the only reason I recommended it is because it worked for me
  14. One of the things you can do, which can be helpful, is notice beliefs in the moment of their creation (so not by being introspective, but rather accessing them through thought awareness). Be mindful of how you label people. situations, activities, events, yourself, what is possible/impossible etc. So you basically stay mindful of your thoughts. Let's say you notice yourself saying "This person is X" or "This how X works" or "I will never do X". Some of these thoughts, when repeated many times, become beliefs. Some of these thoughts are reflections of existing beliefs. So you can catch yourself thinking those and note "This isn't necessarily true, this is my interpretation". Once you start doing it consistently you will see your relationship to your thoughts change, so you don't take them as absolute truth. Of course don't do it all the time, just make sure you do it occasionally, especially for thoughts which seem significant, or whenever you remember to just my 2 cents
  15. I would suggest doing the sentence completion exercises according to Nathaniel Branden's guidelines - this means doing the 5 week programs. The thing is, you can't come up with all the answers for the sentence completion exercises in one go. This wouldn't be as comprehensive and as effective. You gotta spread it out, so you can find all the juicy answers (each day you have experiences that shows you more possible answers to the exercises) It's actually pretty fun once you get into it. This is a very valuable resource, so I would suggest going according to the guidelines the author intended I guarantee you, this will definitely revolutionise your life. just make it a very active process and have a strong intention for increasing your self esteem