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  1. Law of attraction - Either a lie or useless
    Law of attraction - Either a lie or useless

  2. The actual Strange loop that is actually here and now: A secret that Leo didn't even mention in his Paradox video ;)
    The actual Strange loop that is actually here and now: A secret that Leo didn't even mention in his Paradox video ;)
    Great video Leo, I liked it.... but.... ..........
    you didn't mention the MOST IMPORTANT THING ON THE TOPIC OF THE ULTIMATE PARADOX that uncovers the secret of the universe.
    You kinda grasped it but in this topic I will reveal the ACTUAL Strange loop that is the entire universe.
    This Strange Loop  is embedded in the entire universe, from the atoms to cells in your body, to the earth magnetic field, to the solar system, to the black hole at the center of the galaxy.  Even extraterrestrials made crop circles in the crop fields to communicate to us this important knowledge.  I think that will help you and a lot of people...
    So yea, you are a strange loop, but what strange loop exactly?
    The Torus field. 
    You are A Torus field. 
    You are A Torus field. 
    You are A Torus field. 
    I will not go into depth about it, I hope it's enough for me to give you this insight. I suggest and request that you make a video about it ASAP. I Will just post some introductory information for you to contemplate, check out and investigate further.

    Watch the movie Thrive (youtube).  @Leo Gura
    Playlist below (click on the right side menu to check more videos, Dan Winter is the real deal):
    Find more videos on youtube:

    here is the full movie Thrive:

  3. Being State
    Being State
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    Just sharing some food for thoughts
     experience in the now moment  consciousness that is residing here/now  fusion of the experiencer and the experienced which results simply as experience consciousness of the expansion and contraction of experience realization of existence of experience that can be experienced totality of the mind and body  DNA = light body  DNA turns inside out and you get a Soul True Self  no-self  essence that transcends  time and space  embodied realization that you are everything inside experience and outside experience     fusion of the dual and the non-dual  knowing Consciousness carries the accepted truths of the mind. 
    quality of consciousness = awareness of Self = awareness of the mind (a timeline, thought story, distinctions, illusions...)   and awareness of the body (feelings of the body, hearing, tasting, touching, seeing, smelling)  awareness of the content that makes up the totality that is experience  awareness of experience = awareness of consciousness  awareness of the dual or the non-dual experience (dual is not an experience) Awareness of the personal mind  Awareness of the universal mind discernment awareness of relativity unknowing Awareness of the layers(fields) of consciousness:
    Preconscious Conscious Subconscious Continuing conscious Subliminal conscious Super  conscious Radial Conscious   
    @DEV When you don't have any thought at all, that is when the Being - True Self - Consciousness awakens and the ego goes to sleep.
    You are being it right now, but when you are lost in the thought streams (beta brain waves), you lose the connection with (consciousness about)  your True Self and consciousness goes to sleep and ego operates.
    When you relax and activate the parasympathetic nervous system (by slowing the breathing down) consciousness awakens and the ego goes to sleep. 
    You can be aware and lose the  connection/ consciousness  of experience, because you are aware of the mind that is not present now, the mind abides in time, time is separated from experience that is now.