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  1. @Leo Gura R i p to however wanted to drink that ??
  2. @Leo Gura Cantttt wait. Really looking forward to it. Thanks for all you have done tho leo. You have really been a... supreme force on this planet and i feel like u chnaged so many lives. Although i may still be lost u have definitely helped me in such a impactful way. Thanks for that. Not thanks will ever be enough tho, No gratitude will ever be enough either. But thanks. Thanks. Stay blessed. Hope you make it to enlightenment.
  3. I was told by a "wise person" or so i feel like he was wise that eveyone has their own journey/path.
  4. @thehero I was in a dark place. Not to long ago. I feel like im doing better now. I would say count your blessings. Be grateful for your suffering. Be grateful you can even be grateful cause whos to says that you even had any control over you even being grateful in the first place? "Everything will be alright, everything is alright" some words i always counted on. I think youll be ok. I think you can get through this. Be easy bro.
  5. The journey is now right here right now.? //Innerchangable
  6. This answers a lot for me. It makes sense now.
  7. @zunnyman A smart phone can be essential for survival now a days you know that right?
  8. @MM1988 Im not reading this time is money bro.
  9. @Dan Arnautu Didnt read your post at all but my saying is... how could you let you words on your screen define who you are?
  10. @MM1988 Haaa If 1+1=2... Why cant 1+1=5?
  11. Does one still need to meditate daily after one becomes enlightened?
  12. @ajasatya Im be honest. I feel like it made me smarter and more aware. Idk.
  13. Thoughts? Meditating while high, could it help with consciousness work?
  14. Yes. Im thinking the same. I been different lately. You right. ? ??Bro im thinking in the same lines. Honestly. Same. I just journal and its like i journal deep things about myself or whatever. Its like thoughts that normally dont get out when im sober get out and this is a huge break for me cause i always found it hard to let the things that go on in my mind be let out.
  15. @How to be wise This is probably a wrong mindset to be having. Watch leos video on Number one Rule for Acing Life. But i get what your saying tho and i think the advice that he gave was delagating your subconscious mind to do all the heavy lifting. We all have limited will power. Once a habit becomes subconscious not much will power is need to keep that habit alive. Correct me if im wrong tho.
  16. Yea you can. It just depends on the type of meditation youll be doing.