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  1. Plugging for me is fucking dreadful. The feeling of a giant beast crawling under the floor coming to take me away is creepy beyond creepy. I've had nausea with it also - something I don't get from smoking (vaping). I'm sure one can hit the spot with it but I haven't found it yet. I'd much rather vape it and get hit by a train and bam I'm there..
  2. I had no concept of sitting down/lying down. As said, usually I'm very functional in my 5-MeO-DMT trips but this was very different. And I have seen others suddenly getting unsuspected effects in a trip although they were experienced. If you try to smoke it or go upwards with the dose I'm pretty sure you could get a sense of the sometimes very unpredictable nature of 5-MeO-DMT.
  3. @OBEler I went completely berzerk - it was full on Hulk-mode. I could easily have killed myself since I had no concept of fear or pain. I couldn't have prepared for it - yes if I had been in a locked room with no windows to break maybe.. Yes it was smoked..
  4. @OBEler As said I've done it quite a few times alone and I'd do it alone again. I have felt quite safe and very functional on my 5-MeO-DMT trips. But then suddenly I had a trip where I completely lost control and I was very lucky that other people or police didn't get involved. And that was from two small doses. I have seen a few people doing it that had several pretty calm experiences and then at a certain dose they just went full on bananas. So my point is that you just never know. And if you haven't done the first trip with a sitter you don't have ANY clue how you will react. And before even considering doing it solo I'd say it's very wise to do 3-5 trips with a sitter to get some experience.
  5. It's borderline crazy to do it alone. However some people like crazy. James Oroc have some solid arguments for doing it solo (watch the panel discussion). Those arguments don't make it safer in any way though but everyone must decide for themselves of course. I have done it alone quite a few times and felt safe. The suddenly - boom - then it got out of hand. You never know. I'd still do it alone. But I'd still recommend everyone to have a sitter the first time AT LEAST and even after that it's arguably safer.
  6. @Spiral Wizard Well in Dzogchen there's a saying "short moments repeated many times". Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche: "The training in recognizing mind essence is this: short moments repeated many times. There is no other way. A short duration guarantees it is actually the authentic mind essence, by itself. Repeating this recognition many times ensures that we will get used to it." So there might be some truth to it as a principle. As far as tripping goes and 5meo. If you don't get to a place where you can recognize mind essence/non-dual awareness sober then 5meo can still hold a lot of value but the nut is far from cracked, no? How many people can shift into non-dual awareness sober? Very very few as far as I can tell. And the psychedelic/5meo community doesn't seem too promising in that regard - unfortunately. It would be great if it was easier.
  7. @OBEler@ (sorry for tagging you can't untag) (As Leo says also) - that article is loaded with BS and assumptions. I could even respect the things mentioned if it was specified as an opinion but being stated as facts it just comes out quite stupid.
  8. This. There's no reason for using an inferior vaping device to get a less intense experience - other than if you don't care it's wasteful. You might as well use an efficient device and then just use smaller doses ( @Forestluv) @Leo Gura Have you tried vaping? I agree that plugging has many advantages and it's cool that you advocate it - it would just be even more interesting/balanced if you have some experience with vaping as ROA.
  9. @OBEler Oh right ? - vaping was mentioned earlier so I didn't know which ROA was referred to.
  10. 5 mg can be pretty intense if vaporized effectively..
  11. I've had one crap HCl batch. Otherwise a few equally potent freebase batches. I'd always go for freebase. Seems easier to convert if needed with some vinegar or citric acid than the other way around.
  12. @Leo Gura Simple oil/meth pipe is definitely not what works best. I have experimented with maybe 10 different methods for vaping 5-MeO-DMT (and DMT) and a Health Stone for example is definitely a step up compared to a oil/meth pipe. It pretty much functions like "The Machine" - the DIY pipe that's pretty popular for DMT (for a reason) - the Health Stone just have some advantages: the substance doesn't creep to the sides when heated as can happen with a machine and it's much easier to load, clean and handle. The substance has a lot of surface area to sit on and the convection heat quickly vaporizes it. For DMT it's important to vaporize as much material as fast as possible as you know and the Health Stone is good for exactly that. And if the method is good enough for easy breakthrough with DMT it's a good indicator it will be good with 5-MeO-DMT. For solo traveling a DT V4 with titanium (or SiC just don't use the quartz) cup is excellent - no need to play with open fire and quite stealth and portable. Cup atomizers have really developed over the last few years and the DT V4 is a proof of that. Also a glass banger is good. And to have a quartz cup insert you can preload and dump in it is also a pretty neat method. I like the two other methods mentioned better though. Last mention is direct e-mesh vaping. It's probably the most effective of everything. You can vape massive amounts of a given substance very very quickly. However it's a bit finicky to mess with and you'd probably have to be into electronic vaporizers or like to tinker to get it to work nicely. But when it does it's VERY effective. So if you wanna vape massive amounts of a-PVP in one second (lol, I haven't tried that myself) this is the method.
  13. @cobalto You don't find the vapor to be harsh? When I experimented with light bulb vaporizing (tried a few ready made) I found the smoke to be quite harsh if I tried to vaporize to collect the vapor in the bulb before inhaling due to the lack of airflow. Inhaling while heating made it better but then other methods proved to be better: a Health Stone that can vaporize a lot of material very quickly from convection heat. And the DT V4 (with titanium cup) that has very good air flow and safety profile for that matter. However gathering the vapor in a chamber before inhaling is quite appealing although it seems a bit tricky to do without the added harshness to the vapor if not doing it gravity bong style. Or maybe an Infinity Waterfall?
  14. @Javfly33 I don't remember if I have written about it in this thread. But I was gone before I exhaled. Felt like jumping into a nuclear reactor. Never had I imagined anything could be that intense. It was completely overwhelming, disorienting and fear in its purest form. While I was experiencing this my body was moving in waves in symmetrical patterns (Martin Ball talks about this) and I was screaming like a mofo (my friend told me it was VERY loud). Suddenly I kinda gave up apparently and I came to myself sitting on my knees. I looked at my friend and he was me - not a part of me - but me. I didn't know how I had ended up there and only remembered smoking 5meo after a little while. Waves of euphoria and love came with such a intensity that it felt impossible to contain. I was kinda shouting and grabbing my friend several times out of euphoria and I saw that I loved him so ridiculously much that I would kill myself a 1000 times out of that love. And it was obvious to me that we were "one thing" and it seemed logical that my friend would experience precisely that too since that was the only thing going on - (although I knew that he didn't). Then after some time the layers of the the personality formed again slowly and I was surprised to se how I talked, moved and so on. It was like seeing this for the first time and I saw all the layers forming between me and my friend and how it couldn't be any different. And even though the separation seemed sad it was still made of love/us. Very contradicting but made perfect sense. Then back to pretty much baseline after maybe 20-30 minutes.