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  1. @Dimi Out of the various 5-MeO's I'd guess 5-MeO-MALT is the most interesting one comparing to 5-MeO-DMT. There's a small account on it it I refer to in this thread. Also dig around reddit. Some say it's even more powerful than 5-MeO-DMT (I doubt it - although I've only tried smaller doses of it yet). But just the fact that it gets compared to 5-MeO-DMT intensity wise says something. It's more visual so maybe it's easier to get lost in but who knows before more feedback gets out on it from people that have also tried 5-MeO-DMT.
  2. Put the substance on the stone. Heat the stone from the side with a torch lighter. The material will melt into the stone. Now load the stone into a glass pipe or bong of your choice. To vaporize it heat up from a distance nearly touching the stone while inhaling. Use a three flame torch lighter or a big one and use it from a distance rather one with a small flame. 5-MeO-DMT can take a bit more heat than DMT so it's quite easy not to burn it. Quite easy with DMT also but you have to take a bit more care. Just take care for anyone going with this method coming from a meth pipe, sandwich method etc. - it's very efficient and everything gets vaporized so be careful of dose..
  3. I have tried maybe 7-8 devices for 5-MeO-DMT (and DMT). My favorite is a Health Stone. It vaporizes fast. It can be pre-loaded. It fits in whatever 18 mm glass pipe or bong you like. It can vaporize a lot of material in one hit (mostly relevant with DMT).
  4. @Corpus Solid dosage recommendations and good advice.. @Goodpeace Try a Health Stone and you will see why glass pipes are not very efficient..
  5. People react VERY differently to 5meo. And it can easily change for the same person from time to time. I have yelled like a motherfucker without being aware of it. And I've seen people making a lot of noise out of the blue. So yes, it can definitely happen. 5meo is much more unpredictable than DMT.. You most likely burnt it. You could buy a Health Stone for your bong or make something like it with some chore boy like material and heat with a torch lighter from a distance not touching the substance itself. 5 mg can be VERY powerful if you manage to vape it efficiently. And 10 mg can easily be a breakthrough. So starting at 10 mg is a bit much that is if you don't wanna go for a potential breakthrough right off the bat.
  6. @khalifa Sometimes people will give you advice coming from their own limited experiences. If they had only good experiences with 5meo they can be quite biased. "Take a higher dose" and judging that if you're not gonna do it again it's a mistake. This kind of advice could very well work but it doesn't need to be the best for everyone. People react very differently to 5-MeO-DMT and for some it causes a lot of problems and trauma. (Check out "Darkness Shining Wild" or personal reports on the international Bufo group on Facebook). The assumption that if you just "let go" you will be fine seems to prevail in the community a lot (mostly coming from people that didn't have serious after effects). However sometimes people end up places with 5-MeO-DMT where the concept of "letting go" doesn't really exist. I've had one of those experiences. I still come back to 5-MeO-DMT because for me it's worth it and personally for most people I think it's worth the risk because the potential to experience consciousness in its basic non-dual form is just beyond amazing and achieving that through mediation alone is a very rare occurrence. However some people do get some serious problems to deal with after 5-MeO-DMT, panic attacks, sleep problems, alienation etc. So my advice would be to take your reluctance to go further seriously since you already got advice from the other side of the spectrum. Maybe consider to work with other substances for some time. Having a trusted friend you are able to call in the middle of the night if needed can also be a good thing There's a group on Facebook that deals with after effects if you should be interested.
  7. @SunnyNewDay Try a low/medium dose of shrooms/4-AcO-DMT with a good friend. That's a great way to get into it..
  8. @Serotoninluv It's the same at whatever temp as long as you don't pyrolyse/combust it. It's quite normal to vaporize it at low temps since people will use same device/technique as with DMT just with a slightly higher temp. So if you put in 10-15mg at your temp setting and vape it in one go it'll definitely take you places.. And people are having issues because everyone reacts very different to it? Even with good vape technique you can get nausea and when you start to climb dosage no one knows the effects... What device are you using?
  9. @Serotoninluv How are you vaping, which device? "I went into zones with vaping to plugging." What do you mean? "the inefficiency is not an issue for me." - What do you mean? Vaping is more efficient than plugging.. "Yet I think there are also positives with vaping at low temp. No more worrying about dosage" - I'm perplexed. Vaping at a low temp doesn't make worrying about dosage obsolete? If it vapes it vapes and you can break through.
  10. That's crazy expensive. The area you are looking for is the internet
  11. 5meo is nothing to play with when dealing with trauma. 5meo can be traumatic for some people in itself. And some people are not forced to see their true nature at all they just get a really hard experience. Some suffer a lot months after and need counseling etc, a few people suffer even longer than that. Your intention is good but 5meo can be a risky substance. Your brother is much better off integrating into normal reality, build up a healthy day to day life. Natural and synth is essentialy the same.
  12. I wouldn't touch 5meo with a stick being in the middle of dealing with trauma and illusions.
  13. @kiwua, it can be confusing sometimes, for some people. You're not explaining much though.. Try again?